Wiro Sableng Book 1 Chapter 11

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Hi All, Here’s Chapter 11. This chapter also concludes the week (Chapter 5/5)! Next week, we’ll see whether we can finish Book 1! Enjoy!

TL: Wildhammer Ed: Fatty Kindsword


Wiro Sableng Book

Who were those four bearded and dressed in black men? They called themselves the Four Beards of Sanggreng Cave, with Bergola Wungu as their leader. They were none other than the group of bandits who had been operating along the Cimandilu river and were notorious for their ferocity in the surrounding areas. Bergola Wungu was originally from a family of good standing whose father was killed by Kalingundil, the leader of bandits that operated around and established his hideout in Jatiwalu village.

After his father was murdered and his family was exterminated during the time Kalingundil and his three subordinates’ ferocity grew more severe in Jatiwalu then, the twenty-six-year-old Bergola Wungu left his native village with a sole determination to find a martial arts master who could teach martial arts and martial skills to him. He managed to learn from a master and then succeeded in enticing three men to follow him, thus Bergola Wungu began his activities along the Cimandilu river, becoming the leader of the dreaded bandit group.

And when he felt it was time for vengeance, then with his three lackeys, he went to Jatiwalu. When he arrived at Jatiwalu, however, Kalingundil and his men were not there. They went out of the village and no one knew their whereabouts. His house was empty and quiet. Bergola Wungu decided to wait until his nemesis returned. And until that day Kalingundil still had not appeared.

They sat in the restaurant in their former place. No one broke the silence for a long time. Bergola Wungu drank out his wine.

“I think that man might be one of Kalingundil’s minions…,” Ketut Ireng, the man sitting in front of Bergola Wungu, said.

Bergola Wungu put his bamboo glass on the table. He was thinking, if that was really one of Kalingundil’s minions, his desire to exact vengeance surely would not prevail. If Kalingundil’s men were that formidable, how could he confront Kalingundil himself! These past fifteen years was long enough to improve his martial skills. But if the might of Kalingundil’s men was as great as what he had just experienced, this was totally beyond Bergola Wungu’s estimation at all!

“Impossible …,” Bergola Wungu hissed. “It is impossible that the man was Kalingundil’s lackey! Again we are not quite sure if he was really human! And I remember that Kalingundil only had three minions! I know the looks of them all! ”

“But it is not impossible for these past dozen years that the number of his men has increased,” Seta Inging interrupted.

“I still don’t want to believe it…!” said Bergola Wungu. He waved his hand to the restaurant’s owner. “Come here!” He snapped.

Hunching over, the elderly man came anxiously.

“How many people are Kaligundil’s minions in total?”

“Only three persons, Sir. Only three…”

“Are they still the old ones…?”

The old man nodded.

“And not a single human here knows where they are going ?!”

“No one, Sir…”

“Aside from those four, who else live in that big house…?”

“No one, Sir…”

“I heard he has a wife…”

“She had passed away, Sir…”

“And also a daughter… Is she dead too?”


“Then where is she now?”

“This old man doesn’t know, Sir…”


“I really don’t know, Sir…”

“Just burn this lousy place down!” Ketut Ireng threatened.

The old man knelt, asking for mercy. “Please don’t, Sir …. I really don’t know. Please don’t burn this restaurant… Have mercy, Sir… Perhaps she also went with Kalingundil. She might…. might also stay at her aunt’s place… ”

“And where is her aunt’s place?”

“I don’t know, Sir…”

“You don’t know a damn thing!” Bergola Wungu snapped.

“You humans whose humanities have been stepped on by Kalingundil, extorted and stripped of all of your properties, killed and tortured, and you still protect those wretches!”

“We all hate and bear grudges against Kalingundil and his men, Sir. But we are weak people. We are powerless to resist them… ”

“You are not weak but stupid and coward!” Ketut Ireng scolded. Then he continued, “if in few more days we still cannot meet Kalingundil and his cockroaches, I will burn down his house, along with the whole village …!”

“Oh please don’t do that, Sir …. Please don’t. At least Sir must remember that this village used to be Sir’s hometown too…”

“Used to… but it was long time ago! ” said Bergola Wungu, ” but after my father was murdered and my family exterminated, this village is not my village anymore! The people in this village were silent and ignorant when my mother was ravished and dishonored, when my family was beheaded! Should I acknowledge this village as my hometown? To hell with this damned village! ”

Bergola Wungu slammed his bamboo glass on the table. The table was shattered, while the bamboo glass was split in half!

“It’s not that they are afraid, Sir, nor that they don’t want to help, but solely because they have no power. Kaligundil and his men are highly skilled experts…”

“Shut up!” scolded Bergola Wungu.

The old man was silent.

Ketut Ireng jumped in, “Do you know that long-haired youngster who was previously eating here?!”

“I don’t know, Sir. I really don’t know…”

“Just scram!” Bergola Wungu bellowed.

The old man quickly slipped by. Bergola Wungu and his three men soon left the restaurant without paying a single coin for what they had eaten and drunk!






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