Wiro Sableg Book 4 Chapter 11

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 11

SULTAN jumped to the side to dodge the streak of red light while Blue Veiled Goddess instead lifted both her hands and smashed them to the front. The thundering clash of two strike waves created a tremor that shook the world as if collapsing the earth!

Blue Veiled Goddess stood wobbling while her enemy that unleashed that previous strike, who was about to enter the cave, was pushed back out of the cave, hit by the Blue Veiled Goddess’ wind strike!

The person outside the cave who was about to enter the premise was none other than the Vice Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult. Behind him were a dozen other members tailing. In his rage, the Vice Head of Soul Snatching Devil roared, “Flying Knife and Soul Grasping Hand, you two are embarrassment, unable to handle just this little feisty bitch. I’ll handle and tame her!”

After saying so, the Soul Snatching Devil immediately performed the “Kicking Sky, Stumbling Cloud” technique! Not just that, he also quickly followed up with a wave of his red fan! It was truly a heart-shaking, exquisite combination of techniques!

(TL Note: Okay, so apparently the Cult’s name and this guy’s name are one and the same. Not really sure why that is so but just a heads up, don’t expect an answer, remember that this story was written back in the early 1970 using TYPEWRITER. So there’s no ctrl+f function back then)

Blue Veiled Goddess flashed in a blur. She opened her mouth and…


The Goddess burst out a bone-chilling streak of blue light from her mouth.

Soul Snatching Devil was badly startled. Not only the blue light dispersed his two attacks earlier, but his enemy’s attack still had the energy to carry on and attacked him.

“Blue Chariot Smoke” technique!” exclaimed Soul Snatching Devil. He abruptly jumped six spear distances upwards. As he reached the ground again, he had already unsheathed a red-bladed sword and then attacked while yelling an order, “Boys, what the hell are you all waiting for?” Once the order was out, all the members of Soul Snatching Devil Cult immediately lunged forward in groups. Sultan once again tried to move forward to help the Goddess, but every time he tried to move his body, each time as well the Blue Veiled Goddess pushed him back that he was incapable to actually do anything!

Blue Veiled Goddess really had an incredible offense and defense, yet his opponents were one too many, especially considering they were under the leadership of their Vice Head! After thirty blows passed, the Goddess started to be pushed back. She managed to kill two members of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult but the attacks from his enemies didn’t relent, instead increased in ferocity. Sultan started to inwardly felt anxious. With this kind of situation, the Goddess would definitely be unable to hold on for another ten exchanges or so, he thought. Thus, when the Blue Veiled Goddess was busy taking care of her enemies’ attacks, shrouded by streak of red sword lights, the Sultan quickly lunged forward. Sultan’s aid in the next five exchanges managed to trouble the strong enemies, but it slowly become useless. Together with the Goddess, the two of them were now once again on the backfoot!

Blue Veiled Goddess once more burst out her “Blue Chariot Smoke”, but the slashing wind from the red sword in the hand of Soul Snatching Devil Cult Vice Head mightily managed to disperse the formidable smoke!

“Feisty bitch! Now accept your death!” barked the Soul Snatching Devil. He signaled his men. Jointly, they lifted their right hands, ready to launch the “Soul Snatching” strikes. Even one “Soul Snatching” was already incredibly strong, now what would it be when twelve snatchings were done together? Its strength was already beyond imagination! Blue Veiled Goddess lifted her hands and spun her body like a propeller. Her mouth unceasingly bursted out blue smoke. In another blink of an eye, the twelve hands would be ready to snatch back her life!

In that intense situation suddenly a droning sound of thousands of bees were heard. Amongst the droning, there was a shrieking whistling sound, followed by a spun of white streak of light that was blinding to the eyes!

Three members of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult, including the Soul Grasping Hand screamed miserably and fell on the ground, bathing in their own blood. The streak of white light followed by the loud roar once again were brandished and Soul Snatching Devil Cult Vice Head and his men had to pull back their attacks and jumped to a corner.

“212 Fighter!” Sultan’s exclamation was heard when he recognized who the newcomer was. Blue Veiled Goddess herself looked at Wiro Sableng with a glimmering eyes. There seemed to be something hidden behind that looks. Soul Snatching Devil Vice Head and the other members instead looked at him with a bellyful of anger.

The 212 Fighter Wiro Sableng plastered a smile in his handsome face, while his right hand played around with the 212 Fire Dragon Axe. Seeing the 212 numbers written on the two blades of axe in the hand of the youngster, the Soul Snatching Devil Vice Head crossed his hands before his chest and said, “So it’s you who was titled the 212 Fighter huh?”

Wiro Sableng answered with nothing but a chuckle.

“Crazy boy, are you getting tired of living that you are now meddling other people’s business…?” asked the Soul Snatching Devil Vice Head

“Or perhaps you don’t know who you are facing with right now?” mocked the Flying Knife.

“Whoever you all are, you are nothing but worms and pigs with red robes and red veils!” 212 Fighter mocked back.

Flying Knife was furious. Without further ado, he threw a dozen of poisonous knives all at the same time towards 212 Fighter. Wiro Sableng brandished his Fire Dragon Axe 212 in a half circle and…

“Dang… dang… dang…”

All twelve flying knives were all broken in pieces. Flying Knife’s eyes bulged out in disbelief. He unwittingly took two steps back in fear.

“Flying Knife, get lost. Let me take this death seeking man to the gates of hell!”

Vice Head of the Soul Snatching Devil moved forward two steps. Sultan Hasanudding sent a voice transmission to warn the 212 Fighter, “Brother, be wary of him. He is unbelievably strong!”

Once the voice transmission was over, the Soul Snatching Devil Vice Head had already brandished his red sword to execute an incredible technique. This technique consisted of four slashes and four stabs altogether!

“Ah… just that kind of low level sword art and you rely on it” Wiro sableng jeered in response. The Fire Dragon Axe in his hand roared. Soul Snatching Devil Vice Head didn’t dare to let their weapons clashed. His heart trembled when he felt how the white light from his enemy’s weapon had badly restricted his own sword. The man in question said inwardly, “Fudge! I can at most hold on against this bastard for twenty five passes!” and he quickly turned his brain to overdrive to find ways to escape!

212 Fighter, knowing the intent from his enemy, unleashed a torrent of formidable attacks. The Vice Head of Soul Snatching Devil Cult lifted his red sword in front of him to block as he knew he had no chance to dodge the incoming attack.


And thus red sword of Soul Snatching Devil Vice Head was broken as the outcome! Cold sweat trickled down the forehead of this devilish human. His guts were all drowned in fear! He lifted his right hand up high to unleash the technique that he relied on the most, the “Soul Snatching” technique, and he shouted to what was left of his men.

“Don’t just stupidly stand there like a statue! Let’s take care of this damn dog together!”

The eight remaining members of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult roared loudly and shot forward together to execute the “Soul Snatching” technique!

“Wiro! Watch out! They are about to use their “Soul Snatching” technique!” shouted the Blue Veiled Goddess.

That the Goddess knowing his name was a big surprise for the 212 Fighter wiro Sableng! That surprise even made him losing his focus for a split second, but that split second was already enough for the Vice Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult and his men!


Blue Veiled Goddess screamed! Sultan himself paled when they heard 212 Fighter roared like a thunder. He lunged forward and the 212 Fire Dragon Axe whooshed through the air. Four miserable wails sounded, as if to break the ears of its listeners. Four members of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult dropped down on the floor with bodies almost split in half! 212 Fighter once more swung his Fire Dragon Axe 212 but alas, the Vice Head of Soul Snatching Devil Cult and the rest of his men had already gone, escaping from the cave.

212 Fighter stood dazedly. Sultan jumped forward and supported Wiro;s body. Under her veil, Blue Veiled Goddess bit her lip. Her sharp pair of eyes were closed. Wiro took a medicinal pill from under his clothes and he swallowed it quickly. Blue Veiled Goddess then stood up and both her hands were pressured on the shoulders of the 212 Fighter to channel her inner power to help heal the wounds that the youngster got. But in mere moments, the 212 Fighter groaned softly and fainted, losing his consciousness!

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