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Hi All,

We unfortunately have to go on a short hiatus for this week. Wildhammer is on Business trip to Espana this week, visiting Barcelona and Madrid (how I envy him!) and I have a paid project which has a rather short deadline, so I can’t spare any effort on Wiro’s adventure this week. We’ll surely be back next week!

I’m planning to launch my Patreon after I finished all the owed chapter. Once I have enough Patrons in hand, I will put Wiro as my top priority, ensuring all the chapters out on time and even adding more chaps in the weekly ones (as you know, I have each a little patriarch and matriarch, and Wildhammer as well has a little matriarch in his clan here at home, so a bit of extra cash from any source would surely help)! Please do support me and my translations when that comes

With highest regards,

Fatty Kindsword

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