Warlord – Prologue

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Warlord – Prologue

“It is the best of times, it is the worst of times; it is the era of wisdom, it is the era of ignorance; it is the period of faith, it is the period of doubt; it is the season of light, it is the season of darkness; it is the spring of hope, it is the winter of despair; humanity has everything in front of them and nothing; people are going to reach the heavens, people are going straight to the hell.” – “Tale of Two Cities.”

2012, Sanya City, Hainan Island.

“Dad! Dad! Check this out!” A boy wearing a straw hat raised the conch shell in his hand in excitement as if he had found a treasure. The kid had an immature face. His dark black eyes were shining as he looked back at his father.

A big hand fell upon the straw hat. The shadow of the man covered the sight, and his appearance wasn’t visible.

The man laughed: “Good boy. You have picked up an incredible thing! Quick show it to your mother!”

“Ah!” The boy nodded as he ran through the beach.

The boy’s laughter echoed throughout the beach.

In an instant, a violent wind appeared without warning.

The strong wind blew the boy’s straw hat away into the air.

“Ah, my hat …” The boy looked up at the straw hat which flew into the sky.

He saw the grey clouds that were hovering in the sky covering the originally blue sky out of nowhere. The colour of sky had changed, and it seemed a storm was about to occur.

The child’s father, a tall, middle-aged man quickly rushed over and held the child’s hand. He looked at the direction of the umbrella and shouted: “Dear. It’s going to rain we should head back to the hotel…”

However, his words were abruptly interrupted by the kid: “Dad! Look there! What is that?”

The man raised his head towards the sky where the kid was pointing at. The grey clouds covering the sky seemed to have something red behind them.

The red object became bigger as it was getting closer to the grey clouds. The people who were watching the scene were disturbed.

The middle-aged man was about to comfort the boy when a big fireball smashed through the grey clouds. A huge hole appeared as the clouds rolled away. The observers were able to see a fireball approaching the earth.

“Dad! Is that a meteor?” The boy’s face was full of doubts. He had never seen a meteor before. It was his first time seeing such an enormous fireball.

The middle-aged man had forgotten to answer the question asked by the boy. His eyes followed the fireball as it fell into the sea. Boooom! After a moment a deafening sound echoed from the distance. The ground violently shook, and the people on the beach began to panic and scream. A strong earthquake overturned the ground.

“Quick!” The man roared as he grabbed onto the boy and ran back towards the hotel. He turned back to look as he heard the sound of waves and the screams of people.


It wasn’t known who was the first to shout out, but the word spread like a plague within the crowd. People panicked as the waves approached the beach. The whole place was thrown into chaos.

His father carried the boy but he looked back at the see because of curiosity. He found that the originally calm waves of the sea had turned into waves that were as high as dozens of meters.

Moreover, the boy was able to see the red blaze that was approaching them rapidly behind the waves.

The next moment light blasted and swept through the beach faster than a tsunami.

The boy’s body flew up. He had never felt his body so light, and so…hot!

The surface of his body was washed with heat. The boy wasn’t even able to say a word that his soul had already reached the kingdom of heaven. At the moment of his death, he only saw flames!

The flames burned everything in their path. The beach, tourists and buildings were instantly lit and burned to the ash.

I saw the distant sea occupied by the light as I looked down from the sky. The flames passed through the sea and sweated the whole of Sanya city. The once-famous tourist destination had become ruins in the blink of an eye.

Countless meteorites attacked China, Japan, US, Germany, France, African countries and all over the world on the same day. The continental plates changed because of the impact of the meteorites. Tsunamis were triggered, and monstrous floods swept through the globe. It was the Armageddon described in the biblical texts.

Later, that day was named as ‘The Day of the Catastrophe!’

The earth was full of large holes after the baptism of meteorite rain. Countless living beings died. The radiation generated by the explosions were much deadly. Once the prosperous surface of the earth had become a hell-like place, even after the floods receded.

The cruellest test of nature was applied for the ones who had to survive the catastrophe. The shadow of death had enveloped the whole earth!

A small part of living beings survived and lingered in the hell that earth had become. Fifty years passed quietly after the catastrophe. The ones who survived had undergone earth-shaking changes in their genes.

A new era enveloped the earth. However, no one knew how it would turn out…

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  1. First thing to pop in my head. Straw hat kid on beach: “I wanna be King of the Pirates”. Second, I cast “Meteor Swarm”. Third, bad pun “Earth’s become a Holy Planet”. Uhhh, lets just keep reading for now.

  2. Oh so this is the new novel madsnail said he’s going to take? On NU i already enjoyed the summary so it must be really good.
    Keep going mad

  3. I wonder why no Astrologists saw the meteors coming. I wonder if that even counts as a plot-hole appearing in the prologue…

    1. Even if they saw it coming they can’t do anything about it, so why bother panicking the population for no reason.

  4. Just a couple contextual fixes.
    1. “The radiation generated by the explosions were much deadly”, -> “The radiation generated by the explosions was (extremely/very) deadly”
    2. “Once the prosperous surface of the Earth had become a hell like place” -> ” The once prosperous surface of the Earth had become a hell like place” OR ” The prosperous surface of the Earth had become a hell like place”.

    Great work! Chapter is clearly understandable and these minor errors have no major effect on story. Just me knit-picking.

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