Warlord – Ch 99

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Warlord – Chapter 99

The icy cold water sprayed down from the sprinkler. It fell on Zero’s body as if it was a rainfall.

Zero’s body was well proportioned even in this turbulent era. He appeared slim but this seemingly week body could come up explosive strength. Zero closed his eyes and concentrated on his body as the water droplets fell on his body.

The muscles under his skin shivered and quivered in a specific rhythm. Every drop of water that fell on his body were rebounded because of vibration and fell to the ground. It looked like the water flew over Zero’s body but it didn’t as the speed of the muscle tremors were ten times or faster. It meant that Zero’s body was very sensitive to the outside world. Moreover this happened without Zero’s recognition. His body automatically responded to all the external simulations.

At present, the muscles in his body were like a biological armor and could be used as a defense system.

Zero exposed helpless smile.

Not all human beings had such a body. Even the high-level ability users from the combat domain couldn’t achieve such a defense mechanism. It wasn’t just about combat domain but other domains too. Zero had only fifth-order agility enhancement and most people used it for escape rather than having a battle.

Zero thought about golden right eye and the biological armor of his body. He could only think about the word – transformation. He tried to remember vague memories in his brain but everything was empty. He felt as if he was not born normally but through a test tube and nutrition like they describe in science fiction works.

Zero knew that he had slept in the hibernation capsule for 50 years because of the records in the capsule. However, what made him think more about his past was that even with the current technology in genetics that the current world had no one could create someone like Zero. Is it possible that people in the old era could accomplish that?

All the clues and evidence referred to only one name – Halson!

The brief shower was over.

It was very extravagant to bathe in this turbulent era. Colonies such as Remit and Phoenix which had independent water cycle system could provide such extravagances. It was very costly to have shower but Zero was willing to occasionally do it.

Zero came out of the bathroom to the hotel room. Monica was holding onto Lala and leaning against window. She looked at the rigorous architecture of the Phoenix colony.

She turned around the moment she heard the movement.

Zero wasn’t wearing anything but only his waist was covered with a towel. Monica spoke in a shy tone: “Zero, you are good looking.”

Zero felt that ‘good-looking’ wasn’t the exact word to describe his body. He knew that his body was strange and there were hidden secrets in it. The most important one right now was the ability to absorb. After the battle with butcher Zero gained defense and strength enhancement abilities. After killing Hans his healing had accelerated.

All those abilities were the powers of the individuals killed by Zero. By some means Zero’s body was able to reproduce their abilities. Although he couldn’t copy it by 100% but it was already a very terrifying conclusion that he could copy everything.

Zero knew that he could absorb the abilities of others through blood. For example, Leah’s cells were transformed by Hans’s blood and they were devouring her. However, Zero was slightly different. Zero wasn’t affected by the same problem. Instead his own cells were able to copy each other at a fast rate. Zero was a science idiot, but he was aware that this kind of absorption and reproduction ability meant complex genetic cracking, copying and series of other abilities to copy the abilities of others. He believed that large companies and organizations, including Dark Council, would be interested in checking his body if this secret was made public.

Zero quickly put on clothes. He wasn’t wearing tactical armor but a set of casual clothes. This way he looked more comfortable and friendly to the people of the Phoenix. He used a patch to cover his right eye.

“I will go out, there is bread and water. I have paid enough money so you can also take a bath.” Zero said and left.

Monica nodded but didn’t ask where Zero was planning to go. She was a smart child and knew that people kept some secrets to them. She would never ask Zero about his secrets. In case, he wanted to tell her then she was willing to listen and keep those secrets.

Zero went to Phoenix’s information center to check about the name “Halson”. In addition, he had to prepare supplies for two people. Food and water were necessary but he had to get some medicine to be used as first aid. Zero hoped that Monica would stay in Phoenix. Death Ridge was a very dangerous place for children like her. But, Monica wasn’t willing to stay and the most important reason for her to travel the continent was finding her mother.

Zero didn’t want to interfere with Monica because of her dedication to her cause.

Monica ate the slice of bread. She used her tongue to clean the bread crumbs that had fallen to the table. Waste of food was unimaginable in this turbulent age.

She drank clean water and laid on bed. She thought of Zero. If not for him then Monica was going to live a life worse than a dog’s. Moreover, she got the opportunity to get back her mother. She was willing to use her body for return to Zero. But Zero gave the vibe of a brother to her.

Monica was moved when Zero told that she was his daughter in the wilderness. Perhaps, Zero was going to be her temporary father until she found her mother.

Monica packed the things on the table and looked at Lala: “Should we go and take bath?”

Lala was strange today. Usually during the darkness the small listless beast would go back to fun loving creature. However, it still looked tired. She put Lala back on bed.

Monica ran into the bathroom. It was a rare thing in the wilderness. She didn’t want to waste this rare opportunity so she filled the bathtub with water and took off her clothes.

Monica wasn’t an adult but there were two bulges on her chest. Her slender legs were sign of the beauty she would become in the future.

She went into the bathtub. The temperature was mild and Monica drowned her body inside the water. She was immersed in warm and clean water. However, she didn’t know that in the dark room a green light was exuding from diamond shaped part of Lala’s forehead.

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