Warlord – Ch 98

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Warlord – Chapter 98

Zero checked the corpse in front of him.

It was a young soldier. There was a green helmet covering his head and the guy’s face was full of freckles. Zero estimated that the soldier wasn’t more than twenty years old.


The youth’s neck was almost bitten and torn in half. The muscles connecting the head to the body had been twisted into a strange angle. The bones in the neck were cracked and had stabbed out.

It seemed that soldier was caught by a sharp and huge object. Moreover there were claw marks and scars on his body.

Zero touched the soldier’s body and found out that the youth’s scapula and shoulder had been broken and almost crushed. It was caused by the impact of the blunt force that was used to pull the body up and down.

Zero imagined that the soldier’s body was bitten from the neck by a wolf and swang back and forth by hitting the ground.

Wolves would usually would use their sharp fangs to bite the neck of the prey, shake it and hit to ground to tear its body by the force of the impact. This method isn’t just used by wolves. Crocodiles and other species use such attacks too.

Zero immediately thought of the mutated wolves. However, neither zombies nor mutated wolves could use claws to make marks on armored vehicles. It seemed that the creatures that attacked the Phoenix army weren’t common mutants.

Mutated wolves didn’t have strength to leave such traces on the scene.

The notion of death shrouded the hearts of the people of the caravan. They understood that even the armed forces suffered at the hands of the creatures so they couldn’t imagine what would happen to them if they encountered the same species. Most of them looked towards Zero as probably he was the only one who could escape the claws of the creatures.

Campbell ordered the caravan to continue to move forward. He felt that he would feel secure after they entered the Phoenix colony.

The wrecks of armored cars and corpses of soldiers were all over the road.

Zero observed the situation. The latest corpse of a soldier they found was at least about 200 kilometers away from the Phoenix. It was clear to him that the creatures that attacked the army were smart enough to know where to attack.

Phoenix was a fortress city built behind a dam. The man-made dam from the old era was used as a defense barrier to protect the city from the various creatures. Moreover, Phoenix colony had about four surface-to-air missile defense systems in addition to high-speed heavy artillery. It was reasonable for the city to have such firepower because of its proximity to Death Ridge.

A huge coat of arms was engraved at the entrance of the city. Campbell told him that the former officers and citizens of the Merlin city were the ones who built Phoenix out of nothing. They hoped that this newly established fortress city would be like Phoenix who birthed out of ashes. It was the origin of the colony’s name.

Campbell and caravan were allowed to enter the city after a series of complex security checks which were used to determine the origin of the caravan.

Zero was driving his heavy motorcycle as he passed through the alloy gate of the dam. The dam was surrounded by mountains which was a natural barrier. The architectural style of the city was totally different from the City of Wrath. The streets were clean and straight. The houses, shops and other buildings were built according to a well-developed plan.

Phoenix was an urban style place with rigorous planning and accuracy. It reminded Zero of the army’s discipline.

There were lots of armored vehicles and soldiers shuttling in the city. However it seemed that public was accustomed to this.

There were checkpoints within the city but it seemed that those were set up in hurry. The equipment and personnel for the checkpoints weren’t in place. They saw many wounded people on the way. At the last checkpoint they saw a truck full of wounded soldiers which added a gloomy feeling to the city.

Campbell felt the discomforting atmosphere that was dormant in the city. Although Phoenix was a militarized city but they wouldn’t act this way normally. Moreover, it seemed that they were getting ready for a defense from some kind of an attack. Most of the residents weren’t on streets. It was only soldiers and the military vehicles.

At the third checkpoint a loud voice echoed: “Ain’t that Campbell? I haven’t seen you for half a year…and I thought you were dead!”

A middle-aged officer came out form the checkpoint. He had a short hair which made him look very energetic. However, there was fatigue in his eyes and actions. Campbell also jumped down from the SUV as officer approached the car: “George! Haven’t seen you for long time! You are still full of energy!”

“Bullshit! Have you gone blind? Don’t you see that I’m tired like a dog? What energy?” Officer replied in a rude tone.

Campbell laughed in an embarrassed manner: “It seems I’m tired and couldn’t see the strange state of your body.”

Campbell asked: “What is happening to the city? We saw lots of corpses belonging to soldiers on our way. You know that I am a merchant and I lack a lot in the courage department…”

George looked at Campbell: “Don’t worry! Those damned fenrir wolves won’t move into the city. However, just to let you know we aren’t extravagant enough to send special convoy to protect your highness in the wilderness…”

Campbell’s legs shivered when he heard the word ‘fenrir’: “Fenrir? Why would fenrir wolves come to vicinity of Phoenix? Aren’t they supposed to live in the frosty forests of the north?”

“You are asking me for an answer so who the heck should I ask?” George rolled his eyes.

George waved his hand and the soldiers let caravan go past the checkpoint without any hurdle. Campbell looked dejected after hearing the news about fenrir wolves. Zero had read records about the fenrir wolves. They were huge in shape and their strength and agility was top notch. In addition, they were able to use ice element ability by birth. So they were creatures that were natural born users of the element domain!

According to the general assessment the fenrir wolves were identified as risk level 3 monsters. It meant that they were equivalent to butcher in terms of risk. However, the difference between fenrir wolves and butchers was that the wolves lived in packs and attacked in packs. That was the main reason why Phoenix was in high alert! If the wolves attacked then they were going to face an incredible pressure.


P.S: Google fenrir for an enlightenment

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