Warlord – Ch 97

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Warlord – Chapter 97

Afternoon was the hottest time of the day. The sun rays would pass through the radiation clouds and burst the surface of the earth with high temperature. Even the protective clothing wasn’t enough to protect the body. In addition to Zero no one in the caravan could feel anything.

Monica put her back towards the spine of Zero. He still maintained body heat of room temperature even at such a time. Monica felt that she could at least decrease the heat in her body by leaning against Zero.

Lala was lying on top of Monica’s head. The body temperature of the beast was much lower than a human’s. It was mainly related to the habit of living in the underground for years. Right now, Monica was using it as a hat to protect herself from the heat.

They were almost half the way through Merlin city when Lala’s body suddenly stretched and it began to exude green light. Monica was aware of the difference so she subconsciously reached out to grab Lala.

The round eyes of the little beast were full of doubts. The diamond shaped structure on its forehead was exuding a green light. Monica saw the strange sight but after a moment the green light disappeared from Lala’s head.

“What happened?” Zero was aware of the movement behind his back.

Monica shook her head: “Nothing.”

It didn’t take long when the caravan went around the Merlin City and embarked on the road leading to Phoenix. The situation of the road had improved which made everyone to feel relief.

Monica whispered: “What is Behemoth doing right now?”

Zero didn’t reveal to Campbell about Behemoth’s run. As a result, Campbell only knew that Behemoth had been missing since the chaos in the Titan City. Zero answered after he listened to Monica: “It should go back home. It doesn’t belong in here.”

“Can it find its way back home?” Monica asked.

The car was silent as Zero didn’t reply because he didn’t know the answer to the question.
The caravan gradually left the Merlin city as a pair of eyes looked at it from a building within the Merlin city.

There was a tilt cross section on the 15th floor of the building which was used as an office in the old era. The broken sections of the building exposed cement and steel. You could see hexagonal black crystals on their surfaces. This kind of scars were numerous in the Merlin city.

The pair of eyes appeared on the 14th floor of the building. The shadow of the figure showed contours of a human body. The blade mantis which was on the opposite side was very envious of the creature.

Blade mantis was at least hundreds of times larger than its ancestors. It was as big as a wild mountain eagle. Its shell was green and had a metallic luster. Moreover, its shell was an extremely tough biological armor. Its arms were curved and could be used as blades. The inner part of those blades was full of dense and irregular teeth that were used by mantis to cut off its enemies.

Blade mantis preferred to live in high locations. It would normally prey on other beasts and even eat humans. But today, the blade mantis was planning to change its taste and eat the creature opposite to it.

It’s red eyes locked onto the target on the opposite floor. The wings on blade mantis’s spine unfolded and stretch out. It swept through the air and crashed through the window.

Roars of a beast echoed from the window. Blade mantis swirled inside the dark space while a lightning flashed.

The battle ended in less than a minute. The mutant creatures in the nearby buildings were concerned about the battle. The next moment corpse of the blade mantis was thrown out of the window.

The mantis’s body fell to the ground and a beast flew out from the building. None of the creatures had seen this specie in the Merlin city. The strange creature had lion’s head, eagle’s wings and its body was similar to a human’s.

The creatures retreated back to the deepest shadows in fear.

A pair of wise eyes was looking at the strange creature flying over the city. The owner of the eyes was a giant wolf size of a calf. It’s fur was colored white. The wolf exuded an aristocratic vibe. The giant white wolf was lying on the roof of the stadium’s gym. It looked back at the wolves that were active in the vicinity.

Although the other wolves didn’t look like the noble giant wolf but it seemed that they belonged to the same race.

The white wolf looked at the entrance of the stadium. Dozens of giant wolves which had gray, black or light brown fur came inside. They were carrying corpses of humans.

The corpses of humans would be used as food for the cubs. None of the wolves in the herd dared to break the rule set by Brian.

Zero saw an obstacle appear in front of his line of sight.

There were two armored combat vehicles and car. Moreover, there were more than a dozen corpses on the road. The coat of arms on the uniform of the soldiers and the cars belonged to Phoenix.

The caravan came to a stop because Campbell recognized the cars and soldiers belong to Phoenix. Obstacles like this appeared one after another and seemed to extend till the end of the road.

Zero took a look and saw that there were about 100 or more corpses lying on the road. There were deep traces on the armored vehicles. Only God know what kind of huge beast had attacked the Phoenix army.

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  1. “Giant wolf the size of a calf”.. I really hope that one day the author uses google and realizes that wolves are not nearly as small as they think that they are.

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