Warlord – Ch 96

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Warlord – Chapter 96

The flames issued ‘zizi’ sounds as the fire burned in the fireplace of a room decorated in the style of the old era. There was a silver shield on top of the fireplace and two cross-style ancient swords at the bottom of the shield. Both swords and shield were extremely clean. The surface of the metal shield reflected the large bed opposite to the fireplace.

Three bodies were intertwined and entangled together. A man and two women were enjoying themselves as moans and groans echoed. The sounds of pain and pleasure resounded in the room. It seemed even the fire felt their passion.

Aaron grabbed the neck of the red haired woman and brutally entered her. The woman cried out and wanted to sit up but Aaron pressed her onto the bed.
The other woman was using her slender tongue to lick Aaron and red haired woman’s body with. The cold bumps stimulated both Aaron and the red haired woman.

Aaron shouted as he grabbed the other woman and dragged her over. There was no fear in the woman’s eyes as her looks revealed that she was happy to copulate with Aaron.

Aaron was happy to enjoy her too.

Aaron used such entertainment to forget the troubles surrounding him in this near-exile suspension period. His position in the family had declined but his identity and status as the first in line to succeed the head position was unshakeable.

In the last two months Aaron had played with lots of women. He would not touch the same woman second time. However, he felt very empty after each passionate night. He couldn’t forget the violent Zero he had seen back then. He couldn’t erase fear of Zero from his heart.

It made him very angry. No matter how you looked at it Aaron was much stronger than Zero. Last time they had absolute advantage in terms of strength and location but Zero was still able to kill Karen and take away Leah. It was a blow to Aaron and he wanted to forget that feeling of disgrace through a woman’s body.

Aaron felt a sense of accomplishment as he enjoyed the woman’s body. At the same time door was knocked.

“What happened?” Aaron shouted. His voice had anger mixed in it. No one would like to be disturbed when doing this kind of thing and Aaron was not an exception.

Servant’s voice echoed from behind the door: “Master Aaron, you have a call from Mr Lance.”

Aaron thought of Zero when he heard Bald Eagle’s name. He stood up from bed and shouted: “Take his call!”

“It’s on line #1” Servant respectfully said.

Aaron went to the corner of the room and took the phone from the wall. After a moment Bald Eagle’s voice echoed: “Master, there is news about Zero.”

“Did you kill him?” Aaron had great expectations.

“I’m sorry but when I reached City of Wrath he had already left the place. But I know where he is.” Bald Eagle took a deep breath and continued: “According to the information that I got the soldier is heading towards Great Blue mountains. His target is our headquarters.”

Aaron paused for a moment then shouted: “What do you mean? Are you saying that arrogant prick is coming to get me in Parker headquarters?”

“That’s it.”

Aaron’s face turned red in anger as he began to rapidly breath. He almost roared like a beast: “Kill him! Bald Eagle kill him no matter what method you use! We can’t let him appear in the Great Blue Mountains! Our family will lose face!”

“Rest assured, young master.”

Aaron’s body began to exude heat after he hang the phone. He breathed in and exhaled as if he was a raging beast. He went to the bed and screams of women resounded from the room.

Neither of those two women were able to see any men after that day.

Zero was driving his heavy motorcycle in the rugged wilderness without knowing that Bald Eagle was chasing after him in a rush. Campbell’s caravan was behind Zero. Zero looked at the SUVs that bounced up and down because of the rugged road. He couldn’t help but think about the situation fat Campbell was going through.

The highway that had to take them to their next location after the Titan City was in an irreparable state. Even the most tenacious weeds couldn’t grow in the area they were passing by. Zero saw the traces of a giant meteorite that had passed through the area.

The full width of the impact area was few kilometers while the length extended up to hundreds of kilometers. The area of impact was huge and at the end of it there was a bottomless pit. Strong radiation exuded out which affected the environment even until now. Even the most adaptable organisms and creatures stayed away from the pit that the meteorite had created.

They were not an exception. They went through the opposite direction to bypass the dangerous area. Their next foothold was Phoenix colony. It was the last human base in the southern coast of the continent. There were only mountains, canyons and jungles towards the north. It was area which was no less riskier than the area where meteorite had landed. The danger wasn’t from the strong radiation but variety of mutant creatures and wandering mobs.

The area was marked with a skull on the map. The place was called Death Ridge. Only companies such as Parker or Dark Council had strength to go through the Death Ridge without a problem. Moreover, because of the dangerous landscapes that were created after the Catastrophe the place wasn’t suitable for human settlement. As a result, because of unfavorable landscapes and mutant creatures the Death Ridge was a forbidden place for human beings.

Phoenix was near the Death Ridge. It was going to be the only supply point for the caravan. Zero was planning to separate from Campbell at Phoenix. He decided that it would be much more easy to avoid danger if he traveled with Monica.

Caravan went by the ruins of cities to bypass the crater created by the meteorite. Most of them were medium-sized towns and their scales were a bit larger than City of Wrath. However all of them had become ruins. The wind blew in this ruins like a trumpet issuing a ‘whining’ sound. The places were desolate of humans.

Caravan didn’t enter the ruins. Although they would be able to reach Phoenix in 1/3 of a time if they went straight through the ruins but common sense told them that there were lots of different creatures in the ruins which they didn’t want to face. Moreover, they could observe corpses hanging from the windows and bones scattered all over the place when they passed by the ruins.

Zero and caravan was passing from an edge of a city. “Merlin City” – the sign was hang in the entrance. Zero automatically marked the place in his memory. He knew that it was a dangerous place that he should avoid at all costs. Moreover, since they had left the City of Wrath and traveled by the coastline he had marked about 100 hundred such places.

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