Warlord – Ch 95

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Warlord – Chapter 95

Victor told everything he knew about Zero when Bald Eagle broke doctor’s third finger. Victor’s performance was beyond Bald Eagle’s expectations. In this era, no one would do such a thing to protect another. Bald Eagle thought about the word ‘friendship’ that he had long forgotten for the relationship between Zero and Victor.

However, Bald Eagle was aware that three fingers was a cost which was beyond friendship in this turbulent era. He hated the feeling that he got from Victor. Bald Eagle believed that Victor’s words wouldn’t describe the truth.

Victor told to Bald Eagle that Zero had decided to move to north and Zero’s purpose was to get quits with Parker Conglomerate. Bald Eagle was aware of the encounter between Zero and Aaron so he thought that Victor’s description was reasonable. But Bald Eagle’s intuition told him that Victor was concealing something.

“Listen, man.” Bald Eagle pulled out his dagger and put it on Victor’s neck: “I don’t like to get into trouble. I don’t want to kill in the City of Wrath so save yourself trouble and tell me the things that you have emitted until now.”

Victor barely squeezed out a smile: “It’s all what I know!”

Bald Eagle continued: “I have to kill you as I don’t want you to inform the soldier!”

Bald Eagle was bluffing. He was using the reasoning that anyone could sell information in this era to survive. That’s why Bald Eagle thought that Victor would spill everything because he would be worried about his life.

Maybe Victor told him everything but Bald Eagle would never know the answer to the question. However, at the same time he felt a cold pistol touch the back of his head.

Bald Eagle’s eyes narrowed. There was no doubt about the degree of sensitivity that Bald Eagle had as an expert sniper. Otherwise he would be able to survive the dangerous southwest of the continent. However he wasn’t able to detect the cold metal until the muzzle of the pistol touched his head. It showed that the other party was better than him.

“You aren’t allowed to kill at my city no matter who you are! Now, take your hand off from Mr. Victor.” It seemed as if the speaker had something in his mouth that made his words sound vague.

Bald Eagle released Victor and raised his hands so that not to cause misunderstanding of the other side. He slowly turned around to see a white man smoking a cigar.

“Hell man! I’ve been waiting for long.” Victor stood up and spoke in a tone as if he was scolding Maestro.

Maestro replied: “Do you expect me to follow you around? I am not your personal bodyguard!”

Even a deaf would know that there was some kind of friendship between the two. Bald Eagle coughed: “I don’t want to disturb both of you so I’ll take my leave.”

Maestro put back his pistol: “You can go but I don’t want to see you again in this city.”

Bald Eagle smiled: “No worries! I hope you won’t mind as I’ll be leaving the city immediately!”

“Please leave as long as you have your legs on you.” Maestro went sideways to open a way for Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle looked once more at Victor and put away his dagger. He went out of the alley and disappeared in the darkness of the night.

“I saved you once more.”

“I will write it down! The next time when you have a mutation then I’ll give you the knife to cut it off!” Victor grinned.

Maestro’s face turned white: “Foul mouth!”

Maestro walked Doctor to the clinic and handed him a cigarette on the way. Victor smoke to ease the pain coming off from his hand: “Why did you let him go? Did you turn good since last time I saw you?”

“Damn good!” Maestro spat and continued to talk: “It’s not that I don’t want to make a move on him but its just I can’t make a move. Parker conglomerate is behind the doctor. I think you understand what I mean my dear doctor Victor!”

Victor shook his head: “It seems that our soldier is in big trouble.”

“Nevertheless, I think I have made the right bet! Do you know that Remit colony also has been asking the news about the soldier?”


Maestro nodded: “Yes, that’s a relatively new colony. The man who was asking for the soldier is called Sean. He is the vice-chairman of Remit’s union and a big man there.”

“Why would he ask for the soldier?” Victor frowned.

“Because Zero has been in the Remit and has made a bit of trouble for the next master of the Parker Conglomerate. However Remit’s vice-chairman is playing a good game over here. It shows that the man is ambitious.” Maestro touched his chin and spoke: “Maybe I can do a few deals in the background with Sean because of Zero.”

Maestro shook his head as he saw that Victor was at a loss and couldn’t understand what he meant: “Remit has to do something big to rise if you put it in simple words. They need to win the attention of other large companies and conglomerates so that they put investment in Remit. Presently, I think Sean wants to pull down Parker conglomerate and Zero is the key!”

Maestro threw away the cigar: “I would secretly support Zero to finish Parker conglomerate if I was Sean. He can stand out and show off the relationship between the two in case Zero succeeds. Zero’s success means Remit’s success! On the contrary if Zero fails then Sean can stay outside as if he hadn’t done anything. Parker conglomerate can’t go after him as there is no real evidence!”

Maestro opened the clinics door while Victor shook his head: “I don’t understand. This seems so complicated to me.”

“Of course you won’t understand! It’s called politics!” Maestro laughed and turned to leave.

Victor went into the clinic. Maestro’s words still echoed in his head. He whispered: “Ambition? The moment desire loses the yoke… it will destroy others or…it will destroy the self…”

Victor took out a bottle of alcohol as he whispered philosophy. He drank a few mouthfuls then grabbed his broken fingers.

The doctor’s screams echoed out from the clinic the next moment.

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