Warlord – Ch 94

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Warlord – Chapter 94

Zero jumped down from the tower of the building. He carried Colt as he sprinted uphill towards the entrance.

Behemoth slowly let go of Monica. Because of the shock Monica was awake. She quickly ran towards Zero when she saw him appear.

Zero pushed Monica behind him as he thoughtfully looked at Behemoth.

The monster recognized Zero too. In its memory, there was no difference between Zero and Campbell. But Behemoth was aware that Zero had saved him. Actually Zero was the first man who helped it without a reason. The garrison was re-establishing order in the city when Zero and Behemoth looked at each other.

The losses were very serious because of the raid. In addition to the mess made in city square and buildings and blocks damaged by the battle, the most problematic thing was the children stolen by the Wolf gang. The children were the future of the world in any age. These children were the hope and future of the Titan city.

The Titan City was very angry and it seemed that they wouldn’t let go of Wolf Gang.

The garrison was going to come towards the entrance soon. Zero looked at the Behemoth: “If you can understand our language then act fast and take advantage of the situation. Leave now! Otherwise you will be staying by Campbell’s side until he sells you to your next master.”

Behemoth issued a low roar. Zero determined that the monster could understand the language of humanity. This made him very surprised. If the southwest of the continent was full of species with intellect then humanity could forget about controlling the world.

Behemoth looked at Monica then turned towards the direction of the entrance and flew up. It directly crashed through the gates and alloy doors got deformed. Zero smiled as he knew that Titan City would have to add costs for repairing the gates!

“Let’s go back to the hotel.” Zero looked at Monica.

Titan City had never been so lively. However this liveliness was thanks to the raid of the Wolf Gang. Campbell knew that he lost Behemoth without getting a penny in return. It made him hate the Wolf Gang to the bone. However the Wolf Gang was a group which he couldn’t handle on his own. That’s why Campbell had to swallow his anger.

Everything seemed to be over but the picture of the giant hammer flashed in Zero’s mind. He knew that the feud between him and the Red wolf won’t end just like that.

A strange visitor appeared in the pub of the City of the Wrath while raid occurred in the Titan City.

It was a black man with white hair. He was carrying a rifle. The rifle was more rugged than any common Falcon series rifle. It’s barrel was much larger than any normal rifle.

Bald Eagle had named his rifle ‘Wild Eagle’. The rifle was with him for many years. He had used it numerous times to end the lives of enemies and monsters. The next target Bald Eagle and the ‘Wild Eagle’ was Zero!

Bald Eagle was wearing a hat and knee-length coat. He had pulled his hat very low so that he didn’t attract the attention of the people. He saw by the bar and drank whisker. Bald Eagle took out and pressed a gold coin on the bar and pushed it towards bartender when the man gave him another glass of whisker.

It was a gold coin issued by the Parker conglomerate. In this turbulent era, only Dark Council and a number of large conglomerates issued gold coins.

The value of the gold coin was equal to 200 dollars.

It was very big amount of income for the bartender.

Bartender quietly put the gold coin into his pocket and whispered: “How may I help you sire?”

Bald Eagle took out a photo from his coat. There were lots of people in the picture and Zero was in the side. He moved the picture towards bartender: “I am looking for that man! I have heard that he had come to City of Wrath. Have you seen him?”

Bald Eagle took out another coin and moved it between his fingers as he played around with it. It was a hint to bartender. Bartender was going to get an additional reward as long as he provided accurate information.

Bartender carefully looked at the people in the picture: “He did stay in City of Wrath but I heard that he left.”


“I don’t know but that person might!” Bartender pointed towards a man who was sitting about five meters away from them.

It was victor who had come over to the bar for a drink.

Bald Eagle looked at Victor and pushed the coin towards bartender: “Gimme another bottle of whiskey.”

Bartender nodded and went to get a bottle.

Bald Eagle drank the whiskey as he quietly watched Victor. Bald Eagle stood up when he saw the doctor leave the pub.

Victor was a bit drunk but it didn’t prevent him from detecting the black man that was following him. Victor deliberately turned into a dark alley and gently took out his pistol.

A silhouette flashed and appeared in the alley. Victor raised pistol in his hand towards the figure.

Victor was about to say ‘don’t move’ but the other side’s reaction speed was faster than him. A rough palm caught Victor’s wrist and pressured it. Doctor couldn’t maintain his posture.


The next moment Victor saw the muzzle of his own pistol aiming at his own eyebrows.

“Are you going to let go of the pistol?”

Bald Eagle’s finger touched the trigger of the pistol. The corpse of Victor would be found later on as long as Bald Eagle pulled the trigger. Victor didn’t want to become the news of the City of Wrath so he obediently let go of the pistol. It fell to the ground.

“Who are you?”

Victor asked the question but the black man pressed his head and knocked towards the wall. Bald Eagle was confident in his abilities. He knew that this knock wouldn’t kill Victor but make sure that Victor remembered Bald Eagle for lifetime. Sure enough, blood oozed out from Victor’s forehead. His body was pulled back by the black man. Bald Eagle kicked hard at Victor’s belly.

Victor went speechless as pain spread from his stomach. He turned pale and collapsed to ground to bow in a state which looked like a shrimp.

Bald Eagle squatted down and grabbed Victor’s right hand. He took out Zero’s photo and pressed onto Victor’s index finger: “Where is he?”

“I don’t know him!” Victor smiled but next instant he screamed out!

Bald Eagle mercilessly crush the doctor’s finger. Victor’s index finger was broken as it bent down and touched the upper part of his hand. The severe pain almost made Victor faint out and lose consciousness.

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