Warlord – Ch 93

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Warlord – Chapter 93

Zero had no information about Red Wolf in his memories. However Zero got gist about Red Wolf’s background when he saw the iconic wolf tattoo on his chest.

Nevertheless, Zero had been in an unpleasant intimate contact with the Wolf Gang. That’s why he could understand the hatred of the man. However he didn’t have any reason to fight with Red Wolf. He didn’t mind killing Red Wolf but he understood that the circumstances didn’t permit for a long battle. Right now, safety of Monica made Zero not to be wasteful with time.

Zero quickly put colt behind his back as his hands stretched out to grab M500 revolvers. M500 were much practical in close combat in comparison to colt.

Red Wolf pulled back the giant hammer and roared like a beast as he rushed at towards Zero. Zero didn’t plan to face Red Wolf head on so he began to retreat.

Zero was going back by completely ignoring Red Wolf’s anger and hatred. This made Red Wolf act more violent. Red Wolf used his body to crash through all obstacles rather than being agile and nimble like Zero.

Zero jumped through the window of a house to inside. Red Wolf raised his hammer to crash the place. At the same time his chest was revealed.

At this moment of exposure, Zero’s toes hit the ground and his body turned around.

He began to shoot from M500 one bullet after another.

Torrent of bullets hit Red wolf’s chest. Normally, Red Wolf didn’t care about pistols. His main ability was fourth-order wolf transformation but he had third-order strength and defense enhancement abilities to. Third-order defense enhancement was good to ignore threats from any revolver or pistol. But the air fluctuation made by the .50 bullets made Red Wolf realize that they were no ordinary bullets.

Red Wolf ramped down the giant hammer and used all the muscles from his waist up to get the enough momentum and energy to make the giant hammer dance like whirlwind.

Zero jumped out of the window and landed on ground. He felt the whirlwind burst and crash the walls behind him.

Zero heard Behemoth’s roar about 200 meters away from his location. The silver stripes on his right eye expanded and the horizon narrowed in Zero’s eyes. He was looking at a SUV.

Monica who had fainted was caught in Zero’s vision.

Red Wolf stopped moving his hammer. About ten .50 bullets hit his body and everything came to halt. He looked around but saw that Zero had disappeared.

Endless anger gushed out from Red Wolf’s heart. Zero’s disregard was the biggest provocation for him. Red Wolf never wanted to kill a man more than Zero. At the same time he heard the sound of a motorcycle engine roar from behind. A member of the gang stopped the motorcycle.

“Boss, the city’s garrison intervened!” the man shouted.

Red Wolf grabbed the man by his neck and threw him off the motorcycle. He sat on it and twisted the throttle of the motorcycle to the maximum. He was heading towards the direction of the entrance.

The moment the garrison of the Titan City intervened the Wolf Gang began to retreat. Almost all the members of the official garrison had third-order mutation domain abilities. Although there were about 100 people in the official garrison but their battle strength was equal to 1000s of conventional forces. If they were caught in a circle then at best Red Wolf would be able to get out from the encirclement.

Few SUVs loaded with children were already at the entrance of the city. Ghost Fox’s eyes fell on them as he cussed out. However he didn’t have time to think for more when he heard the roar of the monsters and machine gun spraying bullets at it.

Ghost Fox turned to look back. He almost peed himself because of the fear.

Ordinary automatic rifles or machine guns couldn’t delay Behemoth for a moment as it tried to catch up. Only grenades and heavy artillery could make the beast slightly stop. But the beast was acting very crazy. It was using its front limbs to cover its head and chest as it rushed towards Ghost Fox’s SUV like a mad man.

Ghost Fox felt agitated when he saw Behemoth lift off once more. Fortunately, elevator was in sight. They would be safe as long as SUV drive through the next 100 meters and entered the elevator. Ghost Fox’s lips curled up into smile but at the same time he felt the shock from the back of the SUV. About five lights flashed out and the rear wheels of the SUV got scrapped. The SUV bumped up and down few times and bounced. Ghost Fox looked back to see Behemoth rush over.

Ghost Fox almost fainted because of fear. All the way he thought that monster’s rage was directed at him. Unexpectedly, the beast reached out and grabbed one of the girls into its arm. The members of the gang were using machine guns as they aimed and shot at Behemoth.

Behemoth’s body hit the ground and because of friction lots of its feathers broke off. However, it didn’t let go of Monica as it protected her well.

Nevertheless, Behemoth wasn’t aware that the most dangerous member of the gang was silently approaching it.

Red Wolf looked at the SUV that bounced up. He saw about 7 or 8 children fell around. It would be very late to capture these children once again. If they acted so the city garrison wouldn’t let them retreat in ease. Red Wolf was already angry so he planned to vent out all of his anger on the beast in front of him. He let loose the giant hammer and began to twist it using the chain. Red Wolf was aiming at the monster’s head!

Red Wolf was going to throw the hammer when he felt an unspeakable sense of danger. The next instant he felt a huge impact on the hammer and his motorcycles fiercely swung to the left. The motorcycle made a spin but Red Wolf used his feet to stop it by force.

At the same time the shot made from the sniper echoed from the distance.

Red Wolf’s face turned purple in anger as he looked at the bullet embedded in the giant hammer. He looked towards a house on the west side which was about a kilometer away from him. He saw Zero’s figure on top of the tall tower.

Red Wolf bitterly stared at Zero. But he was aware that there was not much of a time left. He turned the motorcycle and left.

Zero went down from the tower.

He didn’t know the reason but Behemoth had acted as Monica’s protector and saved her. He knew that he owed the monster. That’s why he used his chance to hit the hammer and save Behemoth. It was a fair trade!

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