Warlord – Ch 92

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Warlord – Chapter 92

“Damn it! What the heck is that?” Ghost Fox shouted out as he had never seen beast like Behemoth. He instinctively felt the danger as he looked at the unknown creature. Ghost Fox roared: “What the heck are you waiting for?! Fire! FIRE!”

The members of the gang who were responsible for capturing the children opened fire. The automatic machine guns were directed at Behemoth’s body. The bullets sprayed onto it.

Four or five men from the wolf gang spread around the street to fire at the Behemoth.

Behemoth didn’t stood still but instead crashed into the house close by to use it as cover. The unlock house collapsed as Behemoth passed through countless wood and bricks.

Behemoth rushed out from the other side and attack the gang members. The screams were echoed as a result. Blood sprayed out as bodies of the gang members bounced up and hit down.

At the same time Behemoth came out from the ruins of the house.

The street was silent. The members of the gang had even forgotten to shoot at the monster. They felt panic and fear as they faced the attack of the unknown beast. After all, unknown was the most terrifying thing to face.

“Heavy artillery! Damn it! Use that to shoot at this monster!” Ghost Fox shouted as he pressed the gas of the SUV. The SUV throttled up and drove past. The man who captured Monica jumped to the rear seat of the SUV.

He used the artillery to shoot at Behemoth. Numerous buildings were hit by the fire. Behemoth knew that it’s body couldn’t withstand the fire so it crashed into buildings once more.

The next moment, it broke through the wall of another building and appeared once more.

“Kill it!” Ghost Fox screamed.

The man turned the muzzle of the heavy machine gun towards Behemoth. 25MM bullets were firing at Behemoth. The monster used its front paws to protect its head while wounds appeared on its body.

The monster crashed into buildings once more. Ghost Fox was relieved to see the monster run away. However next moment he saw a blue light flash past. The same light passed by the heavy machine gun. Both the artillery and the man firing it were lifted up and sliced into two!

Ghost Fox looked in astonishment at the monster. “Vacuum cut!” Ghost Fox had heard about the ability which ignored the notion of distance and space! The attack could slice off a target at ease. He knew that if he wasted anymore time he would be a dead man. He acted decisively and turned the SUV towards the entrance of the Titan City.

The ability used by the Behemoth wasn’t vacuum cut which Ghost Fox thought. It used its electric claws to rub the air and resonate the ions to generate an ionic shock wave! The limit of the attack was 100 meters so it couldn’t attack Ghost Fox as the car had gotten away.

Behemoth opened its wings and flapped them to fly. However net flew out from the both sides of the street and caught its wings and feet. Behemoth’s huge body fell down as it roared up. It rolled few laps before coming to a stop.

By the time, the SUV was already out of monster’s sight.

Monica’s face appeared in front of its eyes. Behemoth used its claws to cut off the nets one after another. The monster stood up once more and issued a roar!

Zero was close to the hotel when Behemoth roared up. He was running vertically over the surface of the wall. He was reached the end of the wall when he bounced up and reached out towards a construction by the end of the street. Zero used it as a leverage to change direction. He was like a bird as he passed by the street.

Zero saw hotel at the other end of the street.

At the same time he felt needles piercing his skin. Danger! He didn’t have time to react when he felt something rub his body.

It was a simple attack but the impact made Zero deviate from the track. His body hit the house in front of him.

Zero stretched out his arms and legs. He was like a spider who felt onto the façade of the building. His body automatically guided the force from the impact to the wall. The cracks appeared on the top of the wall.

Zero’s eyes narrowed as he saw a shadow appear hundred meters away from it. He saw that it was a giant steel hammer. There was a thick iron chain linked to the end of the hammer.

He saw a strong arm by the other side of the chain.

Red Wolf’s arm!

Red Wolf was using his one arm to control the motorcycle while he used his other hand to control the giant hammer. He didn’t slow down the motorcycle instead he let it hit Zero while Red Wolf jumped form the motorcycle.

Zero felt the ferocious aura exuding from Red Wolf. He couldn’t breathed under the wind pressure from the giant hammer.

Zero bounced up like a ball as his body passed through the gap between the motorcycle and hammer.

At the same time he aimed Colt’s muzzle towards Red Wolf. He pulled the trigger as soon as Red Wolf was within his aim.

The bullet left the rifle. At the same moment it appeared in front of Red Wolf.

Red Wolf’s body slightly moved in the air and the bullet went past by his shoulder.

The bullet hit the wall of the building behind Red Wolf and blasted a hole.

The giant hammer hit the ground. Red Wolf fell to the ground and waved the giant hammer. The dust was swept away because of the air wave and he clearly saw Zero in front of him.

Zero had taken Catherine away! Now, he had plowed new hatred with Red Wolf because of the small flesh wound on his shoulder. Red Wolf laughed up. It was the laugh that originated from hatred!

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