Warlord – Ch 91

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Warlord – Chapter 91

Zero moved the moment he heard the sound of first shot made in the city square.

Monica who was sleeping awakened. Zero gave her dagger and automatic pistol: “Hide in the room and don’t go out until I return. You got me?”

Monica nodded as she hid the dagger and pistol.

Zero grabbed the Colt as he jumped out of the window. The people on the balcony of the second floor were shocked when they heard the sounds of the gun shots. Zero appeared on the balcony and the next moment he was on top of the house on the opposite side. He was using berserker mode as he had strengthened his agility to fifth-order.

Fifth-order agility enhancement meant that he could reach the speed of 250 km per hour in a straight line. Zero seemed like a ghost as he appeared on roofs of various buildings or running vertically over the surface of walls. The gravity lost its meaning as he reached a certain critical speed. Zero quickly reached a place close to city square.

He saw the iconic tattoo of Wolf Gang on the people who were attacking the square. The chaos was nearing its end and the man who had transformed into bear had already died. The one who had transformed into tiger was having its last moments. It seemed that he wouldn’t last long.

Zero didn’t see Campbell in the square. It seems that Arctic Fox mercenaries have successfully evacuated the merchant. Zero was about to turn away to leave when his eyes caught the residents who were lying on the ground.

He bent down as the Colt was stretched out. Zero was squatting in a half-kneeling position on th ground.

Zero pulled the trigger of the Colt as he aimed the distant SUV where the heavy artillery was shooting from. The air fluctuated as the bullet left Colt’s muzzle.

The person on the SUV almost bounced up. The kinetic energy the bullet had was enough to kill a giant elephant. The man’s chest almost torn apart. The internal organs blew out and splashed onto the ground near the SUV.

The man’s body exploded out as the bullet in his body did its job. A shockwave was sent out that confused the Wolf Gang.

Zero felt satisfied by the inflammation of the bullets. He planned to enhance the grade of the explosive bullets so that he could make use of them in much better way. He used the Colt to make two more shots. Two more men who were using heavy machine guns exploded.

The people on the SUVs were living targets for Zero. The remaining two men didn’t dare to stay on top of the SUV. They rolled off and took cover behind the vehicle. The Wolf Gang members began to use their pistols and rifles as they shot towards Zero.

The range of the automatic rifles and pistols was limited so it was very easy for Zero to use the surroundings to hide himself. He wanted to continue to kill the enemies but he heard a faint cry from a distance. The sound was analyzed and compared with the data in his memories. In less than a second, Zero came to conclusion that it was Monica’s voice.

Zero put away the Colt. His body flashed and appeared tens of meters away. Zero rushed towards the hotel using the fifth-order agility enhancement. (he uses berserker mode to increase his agility)

Red Wolf looked at the man by him: “Is he that person?”

The man shouted: “Yea boss, its him! That’s the guy who came to our camp!”

“So he is the one who took away my toy…” Red Wolf asked.

Red Wolf started the engine of his motorcycle and shouted: “You guys evacuate as we had planned. The official garrison would be coming soon. Get together with Ghost Fox and don’t worry about me!”

The motorcycle rotated with a fierce movement and rushed out. In the blink of an eye, Red Wolf’s motorcycle was driving towards the direction Zero had left.

Monica heard the screams of children outside the hotel shortly after Zero left. The door of the room was knocked open before she could figure out what had happened outside. A man broke in and grinned as he looked towards Monica.

The results of her training with Zero showed up as Monica threw the sheet of the bed towards the man and rolled towards the side. At the same time she took out the pistol given by Zero.

The man was slightly surprised as the bed sheet was thrown at him.

Monica raised the pistol and fired at the man.

The man had developed a keen sense of danger because of the many years of life in the wilderness. He jumped away from the previous location as Monica fired the pistol.

The bullet hit the wall. The man also counterattacked. He used his pistol to shoot but it wasn’t a bullet that was shot. A shadow covered Monica’s body and tightly wrapped around her. It was a net.

Moreover it had little hooks all over it. The net got tighter as the prey struggled. In addition, those countless sharp little hooks would pierce the flesh of the prey. The moment Monica tried to struggle she felt nearly hundreds of small needles piercing her body. She couldn’t help but scream.

The man cursed as he walked towards Monica and kicked her in mouth. She lost consciousness for a moment as her body twisted like a shrimp’s. The man grabbed her and carried away from the room.

There was an SUV outside the hotel. The man threw Monica into the back of the SUV. There were four or five children who were captured there.

Ghost Fox was the one who was driving the SUV. He looked at the man: “Notify the others! It’s time to get the heck out of here!”

The man nodded as he grabbed the radio and sent instructions to other wolf gang members who were capturing children. A strange sharp wind blasted as the man finished calling others. A faint voice of a beast’s roar echoed too. The man raised his head as the roar was coming from air. He saw a huge beast fly and hit the top of the hotel and fall to stand in front of the SUV.

Dust floated around as a pair of beast eye lit up from within. Behemoth opened its wings and swept out. The wind blew the dust away. Behemoth roared as it slowly walked towards the SUV.

Ghost Fox saw a beast as big as a small hill in front of him!

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  1. Beast mode … Bite them to death save beauty and later on enjoy her 😂 tnx for the chapter 😉 6 star rating at fb realms (Wuxia Readers Group) 4000+ loose cultivator 😉 join our unrivaled sect in reading/writing/translating/editing of novels 😂

  2. Thanks for the chapters!(even though I did not read the past 10 or so chapters yet)

    Warlord sure recieves lots of love from Madsnail this past few weeks. Well Warlord can give lots chapters, she is still young unlike DK. LOL!

    I hope the plot is more than MC trying to save every member of his harem. I hate those weak female leads, they deserve to die. SHINE! DIE! LOL!

    1. this is frostmoon by the way. I reinstalled my chrome and then I forgot what email/gmail I used last time =p 😉

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