Warlord – Ch 90

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Warlord – Chapter 90

The attack began in an instant. A grenade was thrown into the crowd in the city square. The people were too excited by the show and couldn’t react when the explosion happened. The sounds of the explosions overshadowed the excited roars of the men. At the same time, 25 grenades were thrown from four different sides. In the first moments of the attack at least ten people were wounded while four or five people were killed on spot.

Campbell immediately jumped down from the stage as he saw the battle happening in the city square. As soon as the merchant’s feet touched the ground few more grenades were thrown into the crowd. The sounds of machine guns spraying the bullets echoed out.

Campbell retreated while Arctic Fox mercenaries covered him. He shouted as he looked towards the Behemoth on the stage: “Get it!”

“I’m afraid we can’t.” Bart shouted out. They didn’t think that there will be an attack in the Titan City so they hadn’t brought any machine guns with them. At beast, they had an automatic pistol on them: “The firepower of the enemy is too violent. We can take you away… As for the monster… Let it be.”

Campbell was angry as his face turned green. He had about 1000 dollars in his pocket but loss of Behemoth meant disaster for him. He calculated that he would get a 6 digit compensation from the Dark Council for the sale of the beast.

However, the grenade explosions and sounds of the machine guns told Campbell that he couldn’t save the loss.

The residents of the titan City were quick in fighting back. The men with mutation ability switched as soon as possible. A large bear appeared in the city square. It had thick skin and flesh so ordinary bullets couldn’t injure it. IT didn’t care about bullets as it rushed towards the Wolf Gang.

Another tiger appeared which rushed towards the Wolf Gang. It was very flexible so at least a third-order sniper was needed to hit the tiger. However, Wolf Gang used grenades to attack the beasts. Tiger didn’t have the defense as the bear had so it was the first to fall down.

As for the people without the abilities they were the first to withdraw from the city square. They were unarmed so there was no point in fighting against the Wolf Gang.

The Wolf Gang had already prepared for such a situation. They had SUVs on the sides which had high-speed 25MM large-caliber machine guns ready for this moment. This special machine guns could fire at 2000 bullets per minute and even the transformed bear’s defense was flawed.


The bullets hit bear from its body and head. The transformed bear died on spot and fell to ground. It transformed back to human form.

Red Wolf checked the clock at his hand. He knew that the chaos in the city square won’t last long. The transformed citizens didn’t form an effective tactic against them. But soon the official forces of the Titan city would arrive. Red Wolf didn’t want to test their strength.

“You better hurry Ghost Fox…Hurry…” Red Wolf whispered.

Behemoth used its sturdy arms to block its head and chest. The humans that had captured it had used much stronger machine guns and grenades than the ones used now. Although the firepower of these weapons weren’t enough to kill Behemoth but it felt the pain in its body.

By luck, the torrents of bullets that were fired by the Wolf Gang hit the arm thick chains that were tying the Behemoth down to ground. The monster issued a roar as it was surprised to get its freedom.

Red Wolf’s eyes narrowed as he looked towards the direction of the roar. The wolf gang members directed the muzzles of their machine guns towards the beast as they aimed at Behemoth.

The heavy artillery fire bombarded the monster’s body. Behemoth roared up as it felt the faster and stronger bullets hit its body. It’s wings stretched out as Behemoth flew into the sky. It went out of the shooting range of the machine guns.

The large caliber bullets had strong firepower but the machine guns were meant for fixed-point suppression. They weren’t good in adjusting towards a monster that flew and changed its trajectory quickly. Soon, they found out that the monster was as flexible as eagle in the air so it was hard for them to catch up with Behemoth.

Behemoth roared in air. It used its mouth to grab the spikes from joints of its front limbs as take them out. It felt an unimaginable pain but it was nothing in comparison to freedom!

It flew around the city square as Behemoth had restored its freedom. It’s eyes narrowed when Behemoth detected Arctic Fox mercenaries and Campbell who were rushing towards the Ares Hotel.

Behemoth had vowed that it would eat the bot-bellied merchant the moment it had a chance. Now the opportunity was in front of its eyes.

Red Wolf didn’t intend to intercept Behemoth as it seemed that ordinary fire couldn’t take down the monster. Moreover he knew that even if he switched his genes it wouldn’t be worth to fight against the terrifying beast.

As a result, Behemoth smoothly left the city square. It flew towards the direction Campbell and team was leaving at. The buildings and towers that were on its way were crashed one by one as Behemoth choose a straight line to get Campbell as soon as it could. The sound of broken bricks and wood attracted Campbell and mercenaries attention.

Bart shouted out when he saw Behemoth coming after them: “Spread out! Look for cover!”

The targets began to respond to Behemoth’s movement but it had nothing to fear. It had gained its freedom so the fragile humans simply didn’t have chance to stop it from getting revenge.

Behemoth’s ears slightly moved when it was close to Campbell. It heard the scream of a girl. The sound was mixed with other voices. Behemoth concentrated on girl’s voice. The image of the Monica appeared in beast’s mind.

The girl was in danger!

Behemoth changed its trajectory as it roared and flew towards the Ares Hotel!

That was the location where Monica stayed!

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