Warlord – Ch 9

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Warlord – Chapter 9

The iron seemed like a huge machete that stabbed through the door. It’s front end was welded into a triangular. This exceptionally sharp weapon easily pierced through Carl’s back and stabbed out from his chest.

The blood spewed out from Carl’s body as if it was a fountain. He was short on breath as his eyes fell on George and Tony’s body. Eventually the light in his eyes disappeared as the machine gun in his hand dropped down…

The iron was taken back while Carl’s body hit the door. The iron tore through his flesh as it disappeared. Carl’s body lost support and fell to the ground. There was a hole in the door. A red eye looked through it into the medicine storage room.

George reacted. He roared and directed the machine gun at the door. Tony also joined him as he fired the machine gun. Both machine guns poured out bullets. Tony and George had forgotten about the group of zombies behind them. Surprisingly none of those zombies took the opportunity to attack them.

In about 30 seconds the magazines were empty. Both of them looked at the door. George felt that the thing behind the door wasn’t dead. The idea filled George’s heart with fear. What kind of creature could be behind the door that could withstand such a violent firepower?
A loud roar echoed behind the door almost at the same time as the machine guns stopped shooting. The sound reverberated within the basement.

A big palm pierced through the door and clenched it. It used force to pull it aside. The metal door which was 10 cm thick easily deformed.

After moments the side of the door was removed by the big hand and casually thorn aside.

A tall shadow hit the rest of the door. The door bolted off.

The shadow joined the room.

George and Tony retreated back few steps on instinct.

A three meter tall monster appeared in front of their eyes. It was a tall man who was wearing an iron helmet. The only thing they could see were two red eyes. There wasn’t any clothes on its upper body. All the muscle lines were clear. However there were hundreds of small holes on the body which was the result of Tony and George’s firing.

The bullets fell down from the body as the time went on. George couldn’t believe in his eyes. What kind of body defense did this monster have so that bullets couldn’t pierce through it?

The lower part of the giant’s body was covered in black cloth. There were blood stains al over it. It was holding onto a three meter long iron which was the weapon that it used to kill the Carl.

“Boss…isn’t this … isn’t this a butcher?” Tony whispered as he looked at the monster.

George was flabbergasted.

The butcher referred to the variant of a zombie.

They are usually very tall. Butchers often use huge weapons unlike the normal zombies. The weapons are normally very rough but good enough for violent head on fights. Moreover they are unreasonable violent. These variants have unexplained hatred towards the living beings. A butcher won’t stop until it slaughters the last living being in its sight.

According to the collected data and its analysis a butcher can compete with a third rate ability user. It meant that butcher was a high-risk monster and was assessed as a level three danger.

Two conventional machine guns couldn’t beat a level three monster. George’s heart sank as he looked at the butcher.

“ah ha ho hey …”

Series of strange sounds echoed from behind the butcher. George and Tony saw a male zombie walk out from behind the butcher. It was wearing a neat white uniform meant for doctors. The clothing it wore wasn’t contaminated by blood stains. The zombie’s hair was gentle combed. It looked like a person from an upper class from the old era.

The only thing that made it clear that this man was a monster were his two red eyes. It would be difficult to put this man together with those brutal zombies without looking at its eyes.

It seemed like the doctor was instructing butcher. The butcher nodded its head in obedience. How come a violent creature like butcher obeys the command of others?

The doctor shouted the next moment. The zombies that were far away and afraid of butcher step by step came forward to encircle George and Tony.

There was a satisfactory smile on doctor’s face when it saw the zombies obediently approach.

George saw that this one was the leader of the zombies. Even the butcher listened to its commands. Apparently the group of zombies have formed some form of social system. George had come to the same conclusion as Zero.

The butcher waved the iron in its hand as the doctor retreat.

George and Tony rolled to the sides as they pulled the machine guns. The bullets were like torrential rains that hit the butcher’s body. However the giant didn’t care much as it went towards George.

George was concentrated on butcher so he couldn’t see the ambiguous smile exposed on doctor’s face. George heart sank. It was obvious that the doctor was able to judge that George was the captain of the team!

The hard tiles cracked as the iron weapon hit the ground and deeply embedded into the ground.

George rolled once more towards the ride side of the butcher.

Butcher’s strength and defense were extraordinary but its head wasn’t working good. As a result its reaction and speed were very slow. It was an opportunity for George but the machine gun in his hand wasn’t lethal enough! It was more than enough to deal with ordinary zombies but it was not powerful enough to break through the physical defense of the butcher.

George felt bitter as it saw the bullets couldn’t even spill out a bit of blood.
Tony was also in a bitter struggle. Although this side wasn’t as powerful as butcher but his situation wasn’t optimistic. Tony used obstacles within the storage room as he used the guerilla warfare. However he was shooting with a stop and the bullets were running out.

The zombie dressed as the doctor stood by the door as it observed all of this. Suddenly it felt a cold metal point behind its head.

It didn’t have time to react. The last memory it had before death was the huge gunfire resounding at the back of its head.

The gunshots echoed as the elegant face of the zombie exploded to pieces. All the zombies, including the butcher, stopped to look at the direction of their leader.

The dazzling fire lit in the storage room followed by the gunshots.

The bottles full of alcohol were thrown into the storage room. The liquid spread on the ground as the bottle cracked. It was the most commonly used alcohol for disinfection. The hot flames spread…

Fire and light were the most annoying things for the zombies. The zombies that tried to attack Tony screamed as they ran back to avoid the soaring red flames.

Even the butcher covered its eyes by using its hand. At the same time George heard a voice echo from the door: “Come over!”

It was Zero!

Both, Tony and George took the opportunity to run towards the door. Zero was holding onto M500. George was surprised when he saw Zero.

It seemed that butcher was aware that prey was trying to escape. It roared as it dragged the iron weapon to strode in big steps towards the door. The three meter tall giant was like a tank that walked through the fire.

Zero lifted up his other hand. Two pistols aimed and fire at the butcher.

The deafening gunshots echoed as the bullets with force of 3517 joules hit the butcher’s body. They pierced its flesh and made the butcher to abruptly strop from the sprint. It’s body couldn’t compete with .50 bullet’s impact. It issued screams because of the injuries.

Nine bullets were shot. The last one hit the butcher’s shoulder and tore through it. The butcher couldn’t move its left arm.

Zero’s face had turned pale. He had used variety of shock absorption techniques while shooting. However as a result of continuous shooting he felt that the bones on his wrists were damaged.

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  1. or maybe sequel, 50 years have gone by after dudian become dark king. now undead and monsters are evolving too 😁

  2. bullets with force of 3517 joules > should either be a) ‘bullets with a force of 3517 > newton < b) bullets with 3517 joules of energy.

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