Warlord – Ch 89

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Warlord – Chapter 89

Zero stood up from the floor as soon as he felt the needles pierce his skin all over his body. He grabbed the revolvers from under the pillow.

Hotel room was extremely quiet. Monica and Lala were sleeping in bed. He heard sounds of applause and curses coming off from the direction of the city square. It seemed that Campbell’s show was quite popular.

Zero came to stop by the windowsill. There was a dangerous feeling floating in the air. He frowned as he couldn’t find out from where the feeling was echoing from.

However, Zero was very confident in his intuition. He put bullets into Colt’s chamber one by one.


A faint red light diffused from his hand and entered the bullet. It was as if red water flew into the bullet and then the bullet was put into the Colt’s chamber. It was the method that Zero used to explode the bullets. The bullet would explode the moment it hit the target.

Zero called this ability explosive bullets. He was currently a first-order fire element ability user and it was the only way he was able to use this ability. Although the power of the explosion was equal to one-third of the grenade’s but once it hit the target the effect of the bullet would be doubled.

He finished filling the chamber of the rifle and sat by the windowsill. He was looking at the Titan City that was lighted with artificial lighting. He quietly waited for the signs of the danger.

Campbell was happy.

Anyone who earned nearly a thousand dollars would be as happy as Campbell. In addition, he didn’t even sell any goods. He was earning money just by using Behemoth.

They had locked Behemoth in a wider and larger stage where it could move freely. The mercenaries of the Arctic Fox were given electric whips. They would hit the chains tied to Behemoth with the whips. The chains could conduct the electricity so Behemoth was constantly hit by electric shocks. However the whips didn’t release high-voltage currents so Behemoth’s body wasn’t paralyzed.

But it was enough to enrage the monster. It would run left and right in rage. Behemoth would roar at the inhabitants of the Titan and electricity would buzz out from its claws.

Women and children weren’t allowed into the show so only the male residents of the Titan City were participating in the show. They were serving beer and alcohol to the men.

Campbell was a man who wouldn’t let go of any opportunity where a money could be made. He was receiving a small fee for people to watch Behemoth’s performance. Afterwards, Campbell came up with another idea. That was, anyone who paid a fee could challenge Behemoth. Campbell would pay back ten times more in prize money if challenger could knock down Behemoth.

The people of the Titan city were advocates of the Spartan education for men. As a result there was a line where people rushed out to challenge Behemoth.

Most of the challengers had mutation domain abilities. Although they were second or third-order ability users and could turn to bears, leopards and other beasts but none of them could knock out Behemoth. In addition to increasing Campbell’s revenue they got scars from the electric claws of the Behemoth.

It was a crazy night and the city square had residents of the Titan city who itched to challenge Behemoth. The blood in their bodies were boiling as they waited to challenge the monster. However none of them found that the executives that had to protect the city that night were acting strange.

Cobbs was the man responsible for the defense of the Titan City. He liked to have wine, cigarettes and women. Actually he was no different from the other men in the Titan City. However, he was much quieter tonight. Actually, he was much quieter since Cobbs and his deputy Mad Dog came back from the wilderness few days ago.

Cobbs gave all the soldiers on duty a holiday tonight. There were only three people left who were operating the elevator platform that was used to life the entrance. A night off was a valuable time for the soldiers so all of them had cheered when Cobbs let them go. No one found that the eyes of the Cobbs were much muddy and gloomy than usual.

Cobbs looked at one of the soldiers after the others left: “Open the entrance.”

Soldier thought that he had heard it wrong: “What did you say?”

“I said to open the entrance!” Cobbs repeated once more.

All three soldiers looked at one another, the main one asked: “Boss, why would we open the entrance?”

Cobbs approached the soldier and put his hand on his shoulder.

A low voice echoed in soldier’s mind: “Open the entrance!”

The eyes of that soldier became turbid and muddy. He began to type instructions on the screen. The other soldiers stood up at the same time. Cobbs took out his gun and made two shots. The bullets hit the heads of those two soldiers. Their bodies fell down as they couldn’t even start the mutation of their bodies.

The radio station rose up. SUVs and motorcycles entered the elevator. The sirens were off as they successfully entered the elevator without a problem.

SUVs and motorcycle went out of the elevator. Red Wolf looked at the direction of the city square: “Listen clearly! We will create chaos in order to attract the attention of soldiers that are meant to protect the city. Ghost Fox you have 20 minutes! Get as many children from Titan city as you can in this time frame!”

“Alright, Boss.”

Ghost Fox made a thumbs up gesture. At the same, a thin man appeared at the doors of the elevator. He was wearing a uniform of the Titan City’s guards. The man licked lips with his tongue in excitement as he came close to Ghost Fox.

Ghost Fox threw a bag of money towards the man: “Mad Dog, you better run as far away as you can! Otherwise, the people of Titan City will find out that you had betrayed them and they will peel off your skin alive!”

Mad Dog had cooperated with Ghost Fox in the wilderness. At that time Ghost Fox had infused a bit of his soul into the mind of Cobbs. As a result they were able to control Cobbs and let the Wolf Gang into Titan City.


They were planning to sell the children to the businessmen in the black market. The children were going to be trained as good soldiers and used in civil wars in the other two continents.

Nakasu wasn’t the only continent. There were two others who were in civil war for a long time. The children from the Titan City could become very good soldiers which meant that they could be sold for good money. The ones without potentials were going to be sold as slaves. In short, Red Wolf knew that he was going to have a profitable trade.

The problem was that Titan City wasn’t on the wilderness but under it. Wolf Gang couldn’t come and leave as they wanted. Red Wolf planned for this for 6 months and finally found Mad Dog to cooperate with them. Tonight was going to be a big night for the Wolf Gang!

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  1. “Campbell was a man who wouldn’t let go of any opportunity where a money could be made. ”
    “Women and children weren’t allowed into the show”
    nice logic
    thanks for the chapter

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