Warlord – Ch 88

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Warlord – Chapter 88

Editor: DeathSaint

Behemoth opened its eyes as soon as it heard Campbell’s voice. It turned up its head and roared. It’s claws began to scratch the cage.

Monica was scared by Behemoth’s action. She went backwards in fear. Bart looked at the mercenary: “Why did you let her in?”

Zero was also there. Bart grabbed Monica by her shoulder and pushed her towards Zero. He spoke in a harsh tone: “Listen, if she is really your daughter then you should make sure that she doesn’t trouble us!”

Zero didn’t answer to Bart. He just nodded and took Monica with him. Monica turned back to look at the whip in Bart’s hand. Campbell was shouting while a dozen of slaves were pushing the cage onto a truck.

“What are they going to do?” Monica asked.

Zero didn’t ask for the reason why Monica was in the warehouse. He quietly answered: “It’s for the show. Campbell is taking the monster into the city square for a performance. The show will last for two days.”

Monica turned quiet. She knew what show meant. It wasn’t like the old era where so called stars would earn lots of money. Monica had also performed. She had danced for the men in the pub. Most of the time she got beaten at the end of the performance.

Monica was aware that Behemoth’s show wouldn’t be pleasant.

The truck went out of the warehouse and Monica saw that the monster was looking at her.

“Do you want to help him?” Zero asked.

Monica slowly shook her head: “No! I can’t even help myself.”

She looked up at him: “We aren’t saviors, are we?”

“We are not…” Zero nodded: “But I can take you to watch your new friend’s show.”

“I don’t want to go.” Monica continued: “I’m sleepy… I want to sleep.”

“Let’s go back to the room.” Zero told to her. He wasn’t worried about Campbell’s safety in Titan City so he took Monica’s hand and they went to the hotel.

But Zero didn’t know that this time it would be totally different. Danger was brewing in the wilderness.

Eyes with a variety of colors looked towards the direction of Titan City. It was night time. All those monsters felt a danger in that direction. These monsters had keen insight regarding perception of danger. It was this sense that made them survive in the wilderness.

Modified SUVs were travelling along the broken road. There were assault rifles and machine guns placed on them. There were many men on the cars and motorcycles.

The hair of these adult men was dyed in different colors. Their faces, ears, noses even the lips had piercings. All of them had the tattoo of a wolf on different parts of their bodies. As a result of living on the surface for many years they had variations on their skins.

From afar they looked like a group of evil spirits that had crouched out from the hell. In fact, they were a group of wolves.

The Wolf Gang!

A sturdy man was riding a heavy motorcycle in front of the group. The tires of the motorcycle were unusually large. They were the same size as those of cars. A wolf head made out of metal was embedded in front of the motorcycle. Beams of light exuded from the eyes of the wolf head. It was the lighting source for the motorcycle.

The rider was very impatient. He was constantly accelerating the motorcycle as he pushed the throttle to the maximum. The pair of iron exhausts under his feet were cast red because of the heat.

The rider was wearing a black jacket but his skin was exposed. He had a huge tattoo of a wolf head on his chest. Because of the broken road the motorcycle bumped up and down. The rider’s chest went up and down too. The muscles on his chest trembled giving a vibe as if the wolf (tattoo) was alive.

He had long red hair. The rider looked like a rock artist from the old era. It looked like his head had burst in red flames from a afar.

Red wolf was the leader of the Wolf Gang. At the same time he was a fourth-order ability user. His ability was from the mutation domain. Red wolf could easily rewrite his genes in a short time and transform into a giant wolf the size of a buffalo.

Red wolf was impatiently looking at the distance. The faint outline of the radio station was visible to his eyes.

“Boss, is it possible that Mad Dog would trick us?” A man came up from the group. He was unusually think for a member of Wolf Gang. However faint fire flickered in his pair of eyes from time to time.

The man was called Ghost. He was Red Wolf’s right hand man and also a second-order ability user. His ability was from perception domain. He didn’t have a strong ability but normal people were vulnerable to him.

Red Wolf slowly shook his head as he said in cold tone: “I’ll make a real mad dog out of him if he dares to play around with me.”

At the same time the radio station began to arise. Red Wolf smiled as he shouted: “Listen to me! Our goal is the children! You can kill the adults but be careful with the children. We will be able to sell them for ten thousand in the black market. If you guys mess this up then I will personally make sure that you will live the rest of your lives with your balls!”

The members of the Wolf Gang roared as Red Wolf stopped talking. They run the engines of motorcycles, SUVs and cars as they headed towards Titan City.


At the moment, the inhabitants of Titan City were attracted by the wonderful show at the city square. No one was aware that the devil lurking in the wilderness was about to quietly enter their city.

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