Warlord – Ch 87

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Warlord – Chapter 87

Editor: DeathSaint

The cage was covered with a waterproof cloth. The warehouse was dimly lit so it wasn’t possible to see the shadow within the cage. However, a pair of gray beast pupils lit up within the shadows. At the same time a bolt of lightning popped up.

After a moment, everything calmed down. Behemoth directed its claw towards the piece of meat that had been thrown into the iron cage. It was charred in a moment and the smell floated in the cage after the lightning bolt surged out from its claw and hit it.

Behemoth used its claw to bring the meat closer to its nose. It sniffed the smell and the image of a giant steel rat popped up in its mind. This variation of giant rats lived underground. They used rotten corpses as their food. Their claws were harder than steel and sharper than knives. That’s why they were called steel rats. However, their meat wasn’t delicious. Moreover, because of eating radioactive material and corpses their meat had severe toxins.

But Behemoth didn’t care much about the toxins in the meat of the steel rat. It’s just the sour taste of the rat’s meat couldn’t bring its appetite.

Behemoth missed the unrestrained life that it had in its homeland.

Behemoth considered the southwest of the continent as a paradise,meanwhile humans considered it as a forbidden land. It was a land which belonged to animals and plants. All beings followed the rules of the jungle in the southwest until the Elk Town was rebuilt.

However, humans became increasingly active after the Elk Town was built. Because of this many young animals such as Behemoth didn’t go to gray area. But the rebellious blood flowing in the veins of Behemoth was one of the factors which didn’t let it stay idle. Behemoth was one of the most powerful species living in the southwest. The lightning was its weapon so it didn’t even think about fragile humans as a threat to its life.

Its arrogance brought it to gray area during one of the hunts. Behemoth didn’t immediately withdraw from the buffer zone back to the depth of the forbidden land. Instead, it got a greedy as Behemoth detected a group of humans. It wanted to change the taste of its meals.

As a result a conflict took place. Because of its sudden emergence, Behemoth was able to make this group of fragile humans suffer at first. The problem was that because of co-ordination and tools that Behemoth had never seen it couldn’t cope of with these fragile humans. It ultimately killed 11 humans but was captured.

Behemoth was locked into a giant cage. Steel spikes were pierced into the joints on its body. Because of it,Behemoth couldn’t freely use its body. In addition, the spikes would release high-voltage currents in case Behemoth wanted to go on a rage and do severe actions.

Behemoth could use lightning as a weapon but its body wasn’t resistant to high-voltage electricity. Behemoth had come to realize that it wouldn’t be able to go back to its home after several futile revolts. It remembered the words of the little girl… What would happen even if they let go of it? Would it be able to find the way back home?

Its breathing suddenly intensified as Behemoth remembered the past. Anger gushed out of its heart as it issued a muffled roar. It clutched the meat of the steel rat and shot it to the iron pillar of the cage. It attacked the cage with its claw. A spark flashed out. In addition, the cage trembled a bit. Overall nothing changed.

The cage looked very simple but it was made out of a special material. Even the electric claws of the Behemoth couldn’t leave scratches on it. Because of the intense movement the spikes on Behemoth’s joints released high-voltage electricity. It roared as its huge body fell down as electricity had paralyzed it.

It heavily panted as the high-voltage current had made its nerves respond in chaotic and slow manner. At the same time Behemoth heard sounds from afar.

The waterproof cloth was set off from the corner and the tender face of Monica appeared on Behemoth’s black pupils.

Behemoth remembered the girl. It would have used its electric claws to tear apart the beautiful little face of the girl if its body wasn’t temporarily paralyzed by the electricity. Behemoth hated humans. It didn’t matter whether it was that potbellied man or the beautiful girl in front of it. It would kill and devour them without a thought.

Monica looked at Behemoth while the monster stared at her.

Behemoth had a head which was similar to a lion’s head while its body was long and furry. There were a pair of wings similar to an eagle’s stretching out from Behemoth’s back. Unfortunate for the Behemoth it couldn’t majestically soar into the sky because of the cage.

Behemoth was meant to freely live in the wilderness as the king of the jungle. It wasn’t meant to be trapped in the cage.

Monica felt Behemoth’s mood. Back in the car she had felt that Behemoth shared a lot in common with her. However, now the feeling was more intense.

Monica stretched out her arm into the cage as she saw the painful look exposed in Behemoth’s eyes.

Behemoth issued a threatening growl from its throat. The meaning behind the growl was clear as it wanted to bite that arm and see the painful groans of the girl. It couldn’t move and the girl’s hand gently touched its face.

Monica began to sing in a sweet tone.

The lullaby that she sang seemed different. The rage and anger in Behemoth’s eyes faded away as it listened to the gentle voice. The song reminded Behemoth of its home. It would fly to the highest mountain to sit and listen to the winds.

Behemoth quieted down and even its eyes softened as it stared at Monica. It slowly closed its eyes. A drop of liquid appeared from the corner of its eyes and disappeared.

Behemoth felt that maybe not all humans were damned and disgusting.

At least the human girl in front of it wasn’t annoying.

The door of the warehouse was suddenly opened as the girl and monster enjoyed a rare moment of tranquility. Campbell’s voice echoed out: “Faster! Get it out! Hey girl! What the heck are you doing there?”

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