Warlord – Ch 86

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Warlord – Chapter 86

The caravan arrived at the Titan city by the noon. They passed through curved roads and ruins. The caravan reached a plain wilderness where only a simple radio station was kept. Zero didn’t think the location they were standing at was the entrance to the underground base if not for Campbell.

Titan City was totally different from Remit of City of Wrath as it was located directly under the wilderness. It was a unique colony.

Zero’s curiosity was raised by its name which was taken from the legends.

The station arose as an elevator which looked like a huge warehouse opened up to them after Campbell’s identity was confirmed through the radio. The cars and motorcycles in the caravan directly entered the large elevator. The elevator began to sink down as the radio station on top closed.

The merchants who traveled and traded within the continent had their own footholds all around. Titan City was one of Campbell’s footholds. He paid money to the base each year in exchange for the security of him and his cargo. It would be very hard to transport cargo for long distances in this turbulent age if not for such footholds.

The merchants didn’t mind paying the protection fee to the bases because they knew that it was worth it.

The elevator came to stop. Two large steel doors slowly separate and stretched back to left and right. Zero and others looked at the stunning city in front of them.

The Titan City wasn’t a futuristic underground city like Remit or any other. The founders of the Titan City had dug out a huge space under the ground. It had an original design that caught the attention of every single visitor.

There was a wide road that led from elevator to the bottom of the city. The houses within the city reminded the architectural design from the old medieval Europe. There was even a Gothic Church in the city square.

It seemed that the designer of the city were romanticists. There were four massive statues of Titans carved from rocks at the four edges of the city. The ‘arms’ of these giant rock sculptures stretched out towards the top of the base. It seemed as if these titans were the ones that were supporting the city.

All of them felt deeply shocked by the sight in front of their eyes. Even Campbell who had been to these city many times couldn’t stay silent and hide his admiration.

“I’m touched.” Campbell said: “This is the only city that deeply moves me every time I visit it. Titan is the only place where I can temporarily forget the cruelty of the wilderness. Unfortunately, there is no sky or sun. Otherwise this city would be the Garden of Eden in this damned world.”

Caravan drive through the road into the depths of the city. They passed through residential areas. Many children chased after the caravan. There were few courageous ones who even dared to reach out to lift the cloth covering the cage. However they run away in fear after sawing the ‘good’ inside the cage.

They passed through the curved road and reached the city square. It was paved with hollow gray bricks. The city square was intersection of the Titan City and divided the city into four areas. There was a circular pool in the middle of the square. There was a sculpture of a female in the middle of the pool. Campbell told them that it was the statue of goddess Athena.

“The men of this city were taught war since young age. As far as I know the original people who made this city had mutation domain abilities. So after two or three generations of reproduction more than half of the children born in the Titan city showed abilities from mutation domain.” Campbell explained as they went to hotel: “As a result every child above the age of ten would get a brutal military training. Those who fail will be thrown out from the barracks to live as ordinary civilians. They call it Spartan education! Mother fucking Sparta!”

The hotel where they were going to stay was called Ares. It was one of the few hotels in the Titan city. Campbell commanded the underlings to carefully move the ‘good’ into hotel’s warehouse. Afterwards they had to give food to the ‘good’. Campbell told them that if they don’t fill the beast’s belly in timely manner then he was going to throw them into cage as food. His threat wasn’t something that he couldn’t accomplish as he had mercenaries from the Arctic Fox.

Zero was a senior employee like Captain Bart temporarily employed by Campbell. As a result he didn’t have to do those rough jobs. Even the price for his room was paid by Campbell. Zero and Monica were going to share a small but independent suite. Although there was only one bed in the room but it was regarded as a luxury in this journey.

Campbell was planning to stay in the Titan City for two days. It seemed that he was planning to held an even in the city. No one cared what he was going to do as everyone was planning to have a good rest in this secure base.

Monica was also curious about the Titan City. She held onto Lala after the dinner to go to shopping. Campbell was proud as he patted his chest and gave the caravan’s badge to Monica. He guaranteed the safety of Monica as long as she showed the badge. Zero gave his dagger to Monica for “just in case” situation.

However, no one was aware that Monica wasn’t planning to go to shopping. In comparison to the Titan City there was the beast in the warehouse that had attracted her attention.

Mercenaries from the Arctic Fox were guarding the warehouse. They were aware of Zero who had joined their caravan. None of them were gentleman and Monica’s tender face was enough to wake up the animal inside them. However they didn’t forget Zero who claimed to be the girl’s father. The man was able to kill the wolf from 1500 meters away.

None of the mercenaries were interested in getting their heads blown up. They didn’t plan to let Monica inside the warehouse let alone see the cage. However Monica used a bit of sweet talk and was able to get inside.

She promised that she would come out in 10 minutes. Warehouse was dimly lit but the Behemoth who was staying in the huge cage was particularly eye-catching in this place.

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