Warlord – Ch 85

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Warlord – Chapter 85

Vader looked at the black motorcycle. A youth was riding it. The youth was from the yellow race and in his early twenties. However the contours of his face were unusually clear. Especially the eyes of the youth which were covered with goggles gave a mysterious feeling to him.

There was a girl who was around 12-13 sitting behind the youth. Her long silver hair made her look unforgettable. There was a fluffy round creature on top of the girl’s head. Vader had seen lots of creatures but couldn’t understand what this one was.

Vader saw that the rider, silver haired girl and the mysterious creature made up a strange picture. No matter how you thought about it this combination didn’t seem simple.

The youth spoke in a slow but cold tone: “Is this how you deal with your saviors?”

The cigarette fell of from Bart’s mouth: “Are you the one who killed the red wolf?”

Zero silently nodded as he looked at the middle-aged man. It seemed as if killing the red wolf was not a big matter to Zero.

The expression on Bart’s face turned into an excitement.

The SUVs were docked in a v-shape. There was an open space in between where the bonfire was. The flames were reflected on the surrounding space.

Campbell looked at the youth. He wasn’t an ability user but his eyes were very keen when it came to value the people. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to find commercial value and make profits by selling beasts. Right now, he was looking at Zero as if he was looking at a beast.

Zero felt uncomfortable when Campbell looked at him.

He had killed the red wolf so that he could use the caravan as a camouflage when they entered a base. However, after seeing the potbellied Campbell he decided to leave. He felt as if Campbell was looking at him as if looking at an item or commodity.

Zero wasn’t willing to become an item or lap dog.

“You can’t just go away.” Campbell reacted when he saw them try to leave. He stood up: “Wait, sir.”

Zero asked: “Why? Do you want to sell us as slaves?”

“Of course, no.” Campbell smiled: “Why would I? You are a good sniper and I love talented people. I don’t know where you are heading to but if you guys don’t have a specific target then why don’t you travel with my caravan. I think Bart would love to see a master sniper like you with us and I will pay a satisfactory salary.”

Zero looked at him: “I’m heading over to Great Blue mountains and I wouldn’t mind earning extra money on side.”

“Let’s have a short but happy journey!” Campbell laughed. He decided that he will use his tongue to change Zero’s mind to make him his personal guard as long as Zero didn’t leave now. Moreover, even if he failed to make Zero his own personal bodyguard then at least Campbell would have an excellent sniper by his side until he reached the city of the Eternal Night.

Campbell looked at him and laughed: “My question is going to be a bit out of nowhere. But would you tell me where exactly are you going? I have lots of friends and I can help you out.”

It was another trick used by Campbell. It was a cruel method to sway people but it was tested by time.

Zero’s answer made Campbell’s laugh go dry.

“I’m going to kill someone. So your help won’t be necessary.”

Zero and Monica went away to make their tent for rest.

Campbell’s smile was stiffened as he thought about Zero’s answer.

“He is joking… Definitely joking… There are many untouchables over there… ” Campbell was comforting himself.

The caravan continued to travel the next morning. Monica was sitting by Campbell in the SUV. It was Zero’s decision as SUV was much comfortable than the motorcycle. Monica didn’t like the fat merchant. However she didn’t object Zero’s order. Zero was her god.

It wasn’t anything special for a young and powerful warrior to keep a young slave by his side in this turbulent era. Campbell was drooling over the delicate and beautiful Monica. He hoped to buy Monica from Zero if he had agreed.

However, Zero’s answer had made Campbell’s heart sink down.

“She is my daughter. I’ll have to use my gun in case anyone makes a move on her. ” Zero had coldly responded to Campbell’s question about buying Monica.

Campbell had looked at Zero then at Monica. He didn’t believe that Zero could have daughter as big as Monica. However Campbell had swallowed down his saliva when Zero’s hand moved to the M500 on his waist.

Monica sat by the seat next to Campbell. Zero who was driving his motorcycle would turn to look back at them once in a while.

Nevertheless, Monica was a child. She began to look around after sitting in the car for a long time. The most interested thing that had attracted Monica was the “good” that was carried in the double-size wagon behind the SUV. It seemed that the ‘thing’ in the wagon was huge. But the wagon was covered by a thick waterproof cloth and Monica’s could see through it.

However, it didn’t mean that Monica couldn’t see what was inside. Occasionally wind would blow and it would set off the cloth from the corner. Monica saw a big cage and a huge shadow lying in it. The monster inside turned its eyes towards Monica as if feeling her look at it. Monica saw a pair of large gray eyes that seemed to look that of lizard’s.

The cloth covered down and Monica recovered her eyes.

That simple glimpse was enough to make her understand that there was a monster inside the cage. The eyes of the monster were full of fury, anger and a bit of sadness.

“What is that?” Monica looked at Campbell.

“What?” Campbell was puzzled. But then he looked at the direction where Monica was staring at. He laughed in a proud manner: “That’s my baby. I call it Behemoth.”

“Behemoth?” Monica didn’t know what the name referred to.

“I gave it the name. It’s from the Old Testament. The name refers to the world’s strongest beast.” Campbell continued: “Have you heard of southwest? It’s a place where no man have yet to step. Behemoth comes from there. It’s a savage monster from the southwest of the earth. Its brutal, bloodthirsty and likes to eat girls like you.”

Campbell laughed as he was trying to scare Monica.

Monica stubbornly looked at Campbell as she raised her head. Campbell didn’t see any trace of panic on her face.

“I was kidding.”

Monica turned to look at the cage. She whispered in a low tone: “Behemoth… Can’t you find your way back to home like me?”

The beast’s huge eyes turned as it looked at the silhouette of Monica that was visible through the cloth. After a long while it slowly closed its eyes.

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  1. I assume the Behemoth is an evolved Komodo Dragon. Zero has a bird that chews on metal and Monica has a dragon. Things are definitely getting interesting.

    1. I’m pretty sure Lala’s a moth. Lala had a larval stage, and she also eats metal. Just like how moth eats cloth.

  2. i really dont like any one the famale charcters on this story i skiped all the way here and theres is another one i’m droping this

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