Warlord – Ch 84

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Warlord – Chapter 84


Sparks of fire burned out as torrents of bullets were shot at mutated wolves. The body of the mutated wolves weren’t strong to resist the bullets. There were dozens of mutated wolves that died as moments passed. But their companions rushed out by stepping onto the corpses of mutated wolves to continue to attack the caravan’s line of defense.

It’s been almost half an hour that the battle had begun. The machine guns in the hands of the soldiers were hot. More terrifying thing that the caravan faced was that the ammunition was being consumed at an alarming late. Although the Arctic Fox mercenaries used a ladder type attack formation in order to ensure the suppression of wolves and endurance of soldiers but the physical strength of the soldiers were declining too. Gradually, even the experienced veterans would show negligence at such a situation.

These small and seemingly insignificant negligence from their side would cost them their life.

Two soldiers who finished shooting had to go back to add ammunition under the cover of their comrades. It wasn’t known whether their nerves were too tight because of the unending waves of the wolves or anything else but they bowed down to take off the magazines of the machines guns to put on the new ammunition.

Few strong wolves rushed out at the same time, bit those two soldiers and threw them to the back.

The screams of soldiers echoed for few moments but wolves were like the sharks that were attracted to the blood. Dozens of wolves rushed towards those two unlucky soldiers and tore their bodies apart.

“Fuck me! When these wolves had become so tough?!”

Vader, the deputy of the Arctic Fox mercenaries, cursed out. The thirty-year old mercenary was shooting at wolves with his machine gun while shouting out. He was an ability user too. His ability was vision enhancement from the perception domain. It was similar to Zero’s line of sight but Vader’s vision was limited to a kilometer of distance. Moreover, at nights his vision would be much more limited. Although the vision enhancement was an auxiliary class ability but because of Vader’s first-order sniper ability he was able to effectively use 80% of his bullets.

The Arctic Fox mercenaries used the ladder attack formation but mutated wolves were using the same tactic too. In addition, the animals had much flexible, powerful and agile bodies in comparison to humans. The mercenaries had to directly shoot at the heads of the wolves or else it was hard to stop the movement of the wolves.

“They seem to be much clever than any mutated wolves we have seen till now!” Bart, the captain of the Arctic Foxes, shouted out. He was a man in his early forties who was in golden age of his life. His body was fit. Bart was full of energy. But Bart was more proud of his experience rather than his body. Under his leadership Arctic Fox mercenaries has shown only 10% error rate in the last ten years. It was the main reason why Campbell worked with them.

Bart was a fourth-order sniper specialization ability user. He was the captain of the team and the sniper.

“Vader, for the fucks sake! Find the one which controls these wolves or we will be finished!” Bart shouted out. Bart also believed that there was a wolf that was commanding these waves of mutated wolves. His eyes were keen too but Vader was much qualified with his visual enhancement to find the culprit that was controlling the mutated wolves.

It didn’t take long for Vader to find a strange wolf. It was one-third larger than the other wolves. Moreover it’s fur wasn’t black but red! This red wolf was standing at the rear of the mutated wolves and was using its paws to gesture. It seemed the wolf was signalling and commanding the others. Vader felt creepy as wisdom was something that shouldn’t appear on mutated wolves!

“Found it! Damn it captain! It seems the wolf has certain intelligence level. It’s in three o’clock direction, about 500 meters away!” Vader shouted.

Bart moved the muzzle of the rifle towards the direction described by the Vader. A strange wolf appeared in his sight. It was so different from the rest of mutated wolves that it was impossible to ignore it.

“Yeah! Baby, don’t move… I’ll deal with ya and we will rest… ” Bart whispered as he accurately aimed at the wolf.

Bart pulled the trigger as soon as he locked onto the red wolf’s head.

The red wolf bowed its head the moment Bart shot. The bullet hit the wolf’s thick back and only plowed out a deep wound.

“Bastard!” Bart cursed out as he knew that he had lost the best chance. The frightened wolf wouldn’t be standing like target for him to shoot again.

Bang~ At the same time as Bart was condemning and cursing at wolf another shot echoed. The red wolf’s head blew up. It’s brain was destroyed the same instant as its huge body fell to the ground.

A muffled gun fire echoed from far away.

The red wolf didn’t know where the bullet came from even at death.

The death of the red wolf led the army of wolves into a chaos. The army of wolves turned into ignorant beasts after the commander was lost. Arctic Fox mercenaries used this chance to kill about dozen or so wolves. The other mutated wolves quickly retreated as they saw that they wouldn’t be able to get anything out of this battle.

Bart was relieved as he watched the mutated wolves retreat. He reported to Campbell about the situation and turned back to smoke a cigarette with Vader.

“It seems we had a secret helper.” Vader looked at the darkness.

Bart nodded: “A very powerful sniper. I think that whoever it was he or she at least was about 1500 meters away from the red wolf.”

Vader thought that Bart exaggerated: “Boss, don’t you think that you heard the gun fire wrong?! It would be even very difficult to accurate hit a target in the day time let alone night.”

“That’s why I said that a very powerful sniper.” Bart continued in a bitter tone: “I’m a fourth-order sniper and at night my range is about only 800 meters. But that person was able to hit from 1500 meters…”

Vader found Bart’s words funny but didn’t laugh.

At the same time sound of a motorcycle echoed. A single light was seen in the darkness. The light gradually approached them. Bart winked at Vader and the latter threw away his cigarette. Vader called several soldiers and they directed the muzzles of their machine guns towards the light.

“Stop! Unless you want to turn into a kitchen sieve!” Vader shouted as he looked at the rider of the motorcycle.

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