Warlord – Ch 82

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Warlord – Chapter 82

Zero left the City of Wrath at dawn with Monica and Lala. They had to pass through Great Blue Mountains and travel the distance of about 12,000 kilometers to reach the headquarters of the Parker conglomerate. Zero estimated that it would take them almost a month to reach there even if they traveled day and night in hurry. Moreover, they had to pass through dozens of bases, several canyons, lakes and even the abyss caused by the collision of previous two continent plates.

It was going to be unpleasant journey. In addition, Parker conglomerate won’t let him get to his destination in an easy manner. Zero knew that they had to enter bases along the way for supplies. He believed that Parker conglomerate will get the message about him in a short time. After all, as a large conglomerate, Parker had many companies and bases under their wings.

Zero wasn’t in hurry. He knew that to obtain the greatest benefit he had to impose fear into the hearts of upper echelon of the Parker conglomerate. In addition, he was aware that Aaron would send ability users from Parker family to deal with him. Zero’s plan was to crush all kinds of obstruction along the way to become a nightmare to Parker conglomerate.

It’s just Zero wasn’t aware that Aaron had already found Bald Eagle even before Zero had began his journey. The Elk Town was in an inconvenient place so it took very long time to establish communication with Bald Eagle. Otherwise Bald Eagle would have found Zero long before he left the City of Wrath.

Zero was planning to travel during day while rest at nights. Although ultraviolet sun rays were very strong in the daytime but it was relatively safer than night time. As a result he was reducing a lot of unnecessary variables and troubles.


Zero had purchased a set of protective clothing for Monica before leaving the city. They had first aid and medicine kits with them too. Zero was wearing protective clothing to cover up the unnaturally clean skin he had. Actually, even before going genetic shock Zero’s body was able to resist the radiation. After the genetic shock the resistance to radiation was comparable to some powerful monsters.

In the evening, Zero and Monica would choose an open terrain and make a camp to rest. He had learned about this from the diary of Ben Douglas. The old man had written that it was much smarter to spend the night in an open wilderness rather than in ruins. The ruins were hunting grounds of monsters at nights and those wandering creatures would be attracted to Zero and Monica’s blood and flesh.

Zero would pass his combat and survival knowledge to Monica before going to sleep. He had never been an instructor but Monica was a capable girl. She was like a dry sponge that desperately absorbed the knowledge passed by Zero like water.

Zero began to teach Monica actual combat as he didn’t want to recklessly pass her only theoretical knowledge. Zero was best at intelligence gathering and sniping. Occasionally he would teach Monica how to use dagger too. He found out that Monica had an amazing talent when it came to cold weapons.

After a few days of practice Zero saw that Monica was really good at close combat. Although Zero wasn’t a cold weapon expert but he knew the basics of the combat. Moreover Monica was just a 12-13 year old girl. He could only describe her as a genius.

Sometime, he saw Monica use variety of fancy moves while using the dagger. Those things made Zero more certain that Monica’s talent was in combat domain. Zero didn’t doubt that Monica would generate a cold weapon specialization if an opportunity for a genetic shock appeared. He remembered Su, the female swordsman. He thought that Su was more suitable to be Monica’s mentor than him.

Moreover, it would be more convenient for Monica to get along with Su as she was a woman.

He wondered where Su was right now. Was she trying to make money? Was she struggling to find her enemies? Who knew?

The soft beef stew was being cooked on the bonfire. The artificial seasoning was put on the soup. Zero didn’t know how to make this kind of meal. Moreover in normal days a tube of nutrients was enough for him to survive for two consecutive days. The beef stew was made by Monica. The girl’s talent in cooking was as good as her talent in cold weapons. She would be self-sufficient if she operated and managed a restaurant.

Of course, she had to reach adulthood first.

Zero silently ate from his bowl. Monica had assigned three quarters of beef stew to Zero while took a small bowl to herself. It was a rule in the wilderness. The largest part of the meal was given to strong males while women, children and elderly ate the least.

But a bowl of beef stew couldn’t provide more energy than a tube of nutrients. So Zero gave more than half of his meal to Monica. Monica was stunned because she had never seen anyone acting like Zero. Her eyes reddened as she knew how precious food was in this era.

She ate every drop of soup in the bowl. It was another sign which showed how much She loved life. The little girl was far stronger than other people when it came to survive in this ruthless world.

Colt was by Zero’s knee as he sat by the bonfire. Monica was hugging herself in the tent as she tried to sleep. Zero slept very little during the nights as his body was able to move on with little sleep. He was planning to have a good rest after they entered a base.

Zero seemed to be asleep but his ears were listening to every single movement in radius of one kilometer. His ears twitched as he heard echoes of weak gunfire, curses of men and roars of beasts from afar.


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