Warlord – Ch 81

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Warlord – Chapter 81

“Sounds like a good deal to me.” Zero replied as he looked at Maestro. But everything Maestro talked about had to be done after he successfully attacked the Parker conglomerate.

Zero was considering to build his own company after getting quits with the Parker conglomerate. He didn’t consider going to war against large conglomerates but it was practical for him to aim at different companies. In this turbulent era the companies were far from friendly with each other.

Maestro shouted when he saw Zero try to leave: “Wait a moment Zero. I’ll give you a gift as we have reached an oral agreement.”

“Gift?” Zero was puzzled as he looked back at Maestro. He couldn’t think what Maestro was going to give to him.

Maestro told something to his goon and soon Monica was brought over.

Zero remembered that he had promised the girl to protect and teach her until she reached the age of 18. However he was busy with adapting to his new abilities after the battle with Aaron and hadn’t seen Monica.

Maestro pushed Monica towards Zero: “The girl is yours from now on.”

Maestro didn’t let Zero to talk as he raised his hand: “Girl came over to see me privately. She hoped that I can get her away from Johnson as she said that you were willing to be her protector. It was a good plan but it didn’t mean that you could easily take her away. Wilderness has its own rules…You wouldn’t be able to buy her with money even if you were willing to do so. So she came over to me and the price she wanted to pay was her body.”

Zero eyes exuded chill.

“Brother, don’t look at me like that.” Maestro laughed: “We are partners and I am not stupid enough to destroy the relationship between us because of a young girl. You can rest assured that I didn’t touch her. Moreover I had to kill Johnson so that he didn’t find you in the future for extra trouble.”

“This is the first law of the wilderness. The one with the strength is the boss. Actually there are no other rules!” Maestro said.

Zero nodded as he held onto Monica’s hand and left the pub.

Maestro’s man who was next to him whispered: “Boss, why are we so polite towards the mercenary?”

Maestro puffed out the smoke: “I’m polite towards the ones who can make Dark Council puke out the things that they had swallowed. Do you get me?”

The streets were quiet at nights. Occasionally a person or two would pass by. Zero and Monica walked side by side. Monica was surprisingly quiet. She was wearing a black trench coat which made her silver hair look more dazzling.

Zero had noticed that there were bloodstains on the coat. It seemed that Maestro had killed Johnson in front of Monica. A girl her age would be frightened if she had seen a murder in front of her in the old era. But Monica was quiet and calm.

Zero looked at Monica who was clutching her clothes with her hands. He sighed as he touched her little shoulder. The girl turned to look at her. Her body subconsciously trembled. Her eyes were watery and it seemed she was about to cry.

However she didn’t cry. She was much stronger than Zero imagined her to be. But according to Zero crying out in this situation wasn’t a bad thing.

Monica let go of Zero when they came to Victor’s clinic. She smiled: “Thanks Zero. I thought you didn’t want to take me with you.”

“I had promised you….” Zero looked at her: “It’s just the place where I’m heading over is very dangerous…you… ”

“I’ll go with you!” Monica continued: “Where is safe in this world?”

Zero couldn’t answer her question.

Victor whistled and winked at Zero when both of them entered the clinic. Zero wanted to punch Victor. “Was he into young girls?”

Monica asked the location of bathroom and turned to look at Zero: “I’ll prepare water.”

Monica went to second floor.

“She is a well-behaved child, isn’t she?” Victor lit up a cigar: “But in this shitty world such a child has to sell her body to pay her meals. I was planning to buy her back then but didn’t have money.”

Zero looked at him: “I won’t give her to you.”

Victor laughed: “Is she going with you?”

Zero nodded in confirmation.

“I had heard about Monica long time ago. She and her mother were brought to City of Wrath 7 years ago. Her mother was bought and taken away. She was sold to Johnson. Monica was forced to make money for Johnson at the age of ten.” Victor continued: “I had talked to her back then. She was a strong child who hoped to find her mother through her own efforts. Unfortunately, I had used all my money to redeem Catherine. Otherwise I was planning to buy her and adopt her as a daughter.”

Victor added in an embarrassed manner as he saw Zero look at him in silence: “Catherine couldn’t give birth to kids so I thought Monica would be a good daughter.”

Monica ran down the stairs and shouted: “Sire, the water is ready. You can take a bath.”

“Call me Zero.” Zero looked at her.

Monica nodded and ran upstairs. Zero looked at Victor: “Thanks for telling me that. I am more clear why the girl insists on traveling with me. Everything is for getting her mother back.”

Victor whispered as he looked at Zero: “Chicks always want to return to stay under the wings of chicken. Everyone has their own home. Where is yours Zero?”

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