Warlord – Ch 80

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Warlord – Chapter 80

Radiation clouds had covered the sky in the evening and the earth was shrouded in red color. In the daytime, the high heat exuded from earth. However, in the evening, the earth turned as cold as polar temperatures.

The great temperature difference between day and night was normal in this new era.

Zero had worn tactical clothing and covered his body. He didn’t want his jade like skin to be exposed. Zero was in the cemetery of the City of Wrath.

The cemetery was surrounded by common wild flowers. Most part of their bodies had left the soil and their longs roots extended out. These longs roots tried to get into Zero’s body to absorb his blood as a nutrient. However they would shrink back each time they touched Zero’s body.

Everything had mutated after the Catastrophe from simple plants on the wilderness to the large life forms in the deep see. Including the human beings, every single specie was struggling to evolve and mutate in order to obtain the right to survive and continue to live in the world. Zero felt a fear from the tenacious wildflowers of the wilderness. How long humanity would last in this turbulent age?

This is not the end, is it?

Cemetery was as silent as if it was a ghost town. There were about dozen or so tombstones in the place. In fact, none of them were made of stones but planks and woods that were half a meter tall and a palm wide. The names of the dead were simply engraved on the wood. Only the nobles and rich could spend enough to have photos or sculptures of their loved ones posted on the tombstones.

A piece of plan was extravagant for civilians in this era where resources were lacking.

Because of relationship with Maestro, Zero had cremated Leah’s body and buried the ashed in the City of Wrath’s cemetery. However he hadn’t engraved her full name but letter ‘L’ in symbolic manner. He had decided to write down her full name if he couldn’t clone her in three years time.

Zero put the flowers on Leah’s tomb. He remembered Alice. She was the first woman to face tragedy because of Zero. He didn’t want to face the same thing with Leah. Victor had given him hope. Although it was a very slim hope but it was better than despair.

“Are you ready to leave?”

Victor’s voice echoed from behind. Doctor had brought two crosses. He put one on Leah’s tomb and the second one on Catherine’s tomb. Victor smiled: “God will bless them.”

“Thank you.” Zero said in a sincere tone: “I’ll leave tomorrow. Thanks for taking care of me. ”

Victor had provided place for Zero to eat, drink and sleep in the last two months. In addition, Victor had checked Zero on daily basis to confirm that his genes were stable. Zero had engraved this into his heart.

Victor waved his hand: “You have helped me alone so don’t be so polite.”

Zero looked at Victor and quietly retreated. He didn’t want to disturb Victor and his wife.

Zero came to the pub in the City of Wrath. He had to get the ammunition he had ordered. Tonight was the time when the ammunition will be delivered. The pub was still working as usual. However, in the last two months people had come to know Zero.

Although none of the residents were friendly with Zero but they would at least nod when they met him. However it won’t take long for them to forget Zero after he leaves the place. People were very forgetful in the turbulent age.

Maestro occupied the corner of the bar as usual. The surroundings around him were relatively quiet. Zero went past and sat next to Maestro.


Maestro pushed a glass towards Zero: “It’s a whiskey from the old era. Its not something that money can buy. It is from my private collection. Tonight is your farewell so drink to your heart.”

Zero wasn’t polite as he drained the cup.

There was a painful expression on Maestro’s face as he looked at Zero who drank the whiskey. It seemed that Maestro regretted giving the cup of whiskey to Zero. He took out a cigar and began to smoke. Moments after a person came with a travel bag. Maestro waved at the man and the person threw the bag in front of Zero.

“500 rounds of .50 bullets, 600 rifle bullets, 300 armor piercing bullets and total of 2000 standard bullets. 20 grenades and tactical watch.” Maestro slowly said as he pointed to the travel bag full of ammunition.

“How much?” Zero asked.

Maestro laughed and shook his head: “It’s just little gift from me.”

“We are not friends.”

Zero would accept gifts from friends like Victor. However he tried to think of Maestro as a businessman.

“Man, don’t be a snob.” Maestro puffed out the smoke of cigar: “I know that you are goind after the conglomerate. You want to get 8 million dollars from them. This is the most ambitious thing I have ever heard. Now, do you know how to make money? Do you know how to maximize your interests?”

Zero stared at Maestro in silence. He didn’t object Maestro which meant that he was willing to listen to him.


Maestro was aware of Zero’s temper: “Listen to your elder brother. In this shitty worl the best way to make money is through war! Look at Dark Council.. What do you think the Crimson Knights do? They go to southwest, to eastern island to the west of the kingdom of God…They even go to polars… But why? They go there to have wars..to seize resources…and earn money…”

Maestro drank whiskey and spoke in excited tone: “Of course, people like you and me can’t compare with them. I hope that you will be successful against Parker conglomerate. I believe that they will give you money too. But believe me it won’t be too much. They won’t have that much of cash even in the headquarters. They are spending a lot to maintain the operations of the conglomerate so they invest in various projects and bases. I assume you will get hundred thousand of cash or so… Of course, you can threaten them to hand over resources, weapons, medicine, ores and even bases… Now, can you turn that into money?”

Zero looked at Maestro as he knew where the man was going towards: “Do you mean that you can deal with those issues when I get them?”

Maestro nodded as he patted Zero’s shoulder: “That’s it, mate! I will be your agent. You will hand over everything to me and I will be the one responsible for turning them into money. I’ll charge a certain fee but I’ll provide you with free information. I have got lots of information about that conglomerate in my hand. I believe that you will find this mutually beneficial. You will find out that I am a very competent agent.”

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