Warlord – Ch 8

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Warlord – Chapter 8

Zero didn’t panic knowing that they were moving towards the trap of the zombies. An emotion couldn’t turn the tide of the battle. He would be able to see a glimmer of life in case of calm.

Zero put away the pistol and walked towards the door. He heard Mary cry out from behind. He turned back.

Mary knelt by the corpse. She was chewing meat. The blood and pieces of flesh overflowed down from her mouth as if she was a beast.

Her eyes were dark red. She looked like an evil spirit. Their eyes connected. The next instant Mary uttered a ‘wow’ sound and spat out everything from her mouth. George would be shocked if he saw the scene. Because never a zombie has spat out food from its mouth. It was like sun rising from the west.

There was a trace of pain on Mary’s face. On one side her hand was trying to grab the flesh and meat from the ground. On the other side she was trying to suppress herself. She hissed out and Zero was unable to understand whether it was a call of laugh or cry. She walked towards sheriff Smith’s corpse.

She stretched her hand to touch the skeleton. The red light in her eyes slowly faded away.

The next instant she turned around.

Zero expected her to attack him so he was already aiming the big black muzzle of M500 at Mary. He knew that within that distance he would be able to kill her off easily.

But Mary didn’t rush at him instead opened and closed her mouth as if trying to say something to him. But the sounds that were made in her throat were unintelligible like ‘ho..ho..yeah..’ Mary was upset and kicked the shelves on the side of the cabinet in madness.

She raised her head and looked at Zero once more. She couldn’t utter words but she was able to make her lips move the way words would sound.

Zero couldn’t understand the words as the sounds were still unintelligible however the shape of her mouth made it clear for him.

Mary wanted to say ‘Kill me’.

Mary nodded as Zero uttered the words. She looked at sheriff’s body as sadness flashed through her eyes.

Even if she had become a monster Mary still held onto her old love. This kind of love weighted more than any gorgeous words and touched Zero’s feelings.

“Alright.” Zero put away the pistol and pulled out his dagger as he approached Mary.

Mary closed her eyes with a smile.

In a blink of an eye the cold dagger stabbed in between her eyebrows.

Her brain was destroyed. Mary’s body went down and lay down next to sheriff’s skeleton.

Zero dragged the corpses of two men out of the room and sealed it with debris.

The room would be the tomb of Mary and her lover so they shouldn’t be disturbed in their sleep.

Zero took a deep breath and walked towards the darkness. His steps were very light like the wind. He was like a wandering ghost that moved along the passage. He detected a figure at the corner.

It was another zombie which laid on the ground. It sensed the smell and raised its mouth. However a dagger was stabbed into its mouth followed by a strong hand holding onto its chin. Kacha~ A clear sound echoed. The body of the zombie was weak so it couldn’t respond on time.

Zero gentle put the corpse of the zombie onto the ground. He was worried about what he saw. This zombies were clearly sentinel! He decided to send them a signal but then changed his mind. There were going to more zombies…

And there wasn’t much time.

George’s line of sight fell onto the words ‘Antibiotic medicine storage room.’ George gestured towards Carl and Tony. They went separately to right and left as they aimed their guns. Carl made a ‘safe signal’ after a few seconds. George was the one to enter the room.

George gestured with his fingers. Carl and Tony nodded knowing that George would be their lookout in the process. George was the first to enter the room. He walked to stand in front of the row of boxes of antibiotics.
George took out his backpack and put all the medicine into it by sweeping the medicine like whirlwind. They needed ordinary medicine such as penicillin but they didn’t know if there is any in inventory.

George walked into the room and found a place at the back where variety of medicine were mixed together. He couldn’t distinguish them. He looked back and forth and finally saw a medicine box at the corner.

At the same time something flashed by the corner of his eye.

George turned around in a flash and squatted as he aimed the gun towards the direction. The movements were as fast as the flowing clouds which resulted because of long-term rigorous training. George was always brutal when it came down to training. In fact such training would often be able to get unexpected results in situations such as this.

George was quick to react but there was nothing where the muzzle was directed at. He stood and quickly went towards the place. George saw that there was the window and a passage behind it but nothing alive.

George thought that he was mistaken because of stress. However at the same time a silhouette stood up from the window and reached out towards his neck.

George’s body moved faster than his head.

He made a step back and supported his body as his toes pressed onto the ground. His body flied back. At the same time he lifted the sub-machine gun. Flames spat out from the muffler towards the face of the zombie outside the window. In an instant there were few holes on its head as the lifeless body of the zombie fell to the ground.

At the same time George swiftly rolled and stood up.

He carefully walked to the side of the window as he looked at the zombie.

It was time for the zombies to sleep. But in reality it was awake. It was contrary to the common sense. George thought of a possibility.

Did the zombies in the hospital were aware of their arrival?

Moreover he suddenly remembered the warning by Zero. He felt that the kid might be right. The danger lurking in the hospital might be beyond his imagination and expectations. George turned back to inform Carl and Tony. They had to evacuate as soon as possible. But at the same time he heard a weak voice. George looked out of the window.

There was a figure which was hanging upside down on the ceiling. Through the help of the infrared equipment George was able to see the figure of the man. It shouted but no sound echoed. George knew that zombies communicated in low frequencies and this one was calling other zombies!

George cursed in his heart as he turned and ran.

George shouted as loud as he can while retreating: “Retreat! Retreat! Damn it! It’s a trap!”

Zombies were aware of their arrival. Moreover George and others didn’t encounter any obstruction while they came to the deep parts of the hospital. The zombies didn’t attack them intentionally to induce them to move deeper.

George found it unreasonable! When did the zombies got smart enough to arrange traps?

Naturally, it wasn’t time to study the wisdom of zombies. The relevant experts should research the subject.

George sprinted at a speed 10 meters per second. In the blink of an eye he reached the door. Carl and Tony had been pushing the door since hearing his voice. However the door was blocked!

Before George could do anything he heard an abnormal sound from the direction of the window. He turned to see a figure rush into the medicine room. The hands and feet of the figure was like an animal. It run very fast and showed different postures. Isn’t it a zombie?

Tony ‘sprayed’ the figure before George’s order. The figure tried to flee but was shot by Tony while it was on air. It’s body fell to the ground.

Tony gasped in tension.

At the same time more voices echoed from the window. George sighed. He knew that all three of them will be killed in the medicine room.

He took a deep breath: “Find a shelter and save as many bullets as you can. We have to take as many as we can with us even if we will die!”

Dozens of figures rushed into the room. Some climbed onto the ceiling while the others walked.

Carl and Tony accurately fired. They achieved maximum lethality as they calculated the angles of fire. The zombies were killed one by one as two machine guns tore the medicine storage room apart.

However more zombies and monsters came in. They issued strange screams as they rushed into the medicine room. A zombie with red eyes rushed at them. It didn’t stop even when its body was sprayed with bullets.

George was anxious as the number of zombies and monsters in the basement of the hospital was far more than the numbers shown in the data. They should be living in the school! George was confused whether the group had migrated or did so on purpose.

The former option was normal. However the latter version made his scalp go numb. Moreover he swayed towards the second possibility because of the ‘traps’ made by the zombies. Most probably the zombies that encountered the team six month ago had expected humans to visit once more. So they had abandoned the school to hide in the hospital. They had waited for quite a while to wait for the fresh food!

The machine gun in his hand shot bullets one after another. The small sparks that resonated after the bullets were shot illuminated George’s face. There was shock and fear expressed on it.

At the same time the sounds of heavy footsteps echoed from behind the door. In addition it seemed as if an iron was wiping the ground. The attack on three of them stopped. The zombies and monsters seemed to be afraid of the sound from behind the door. A strange sound echoed as the zombies went back and revealed an open space.

At the same time a sharp iron stabbed through the door and pierced Carl’s chest!

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