Warlord – Ch 78

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Warlord – Chapter 78

Lance was fifty years old. He was a black man. However they called him Bald Eagle because of the white hair he was born with. His nickname didn’t just refer to his appearance but also implied that he had sharp eyes like an eagle. He had natural keen insight which was one of the reasons why he was able to survive for last five years in the southwest of the continent.

He was a fifth-order sniper expert. Lance would be regarded as a master in ordinary organizations and conglomerates. But in the Elk Town the average level of an ability user was seventh-order which meant that Bald Eagle was weak in comparison to the rest. However most of those strong people died while Bald Eagle survived. It was because of the codex that Bald eagle lived with. He never did a work that was beyond his own ability.

Over the past five years Lance had walked each corner of the gray area within the southwest of the continent. This gray area covered tens of thousands of square kilometers of the area and was the buffer zone between the southwest of the continent and the Elk Town. The gray area was mapped but te adventurers didn’t seriously take into account the species and resources within this zone. Many people thought that the great wealth could be only acquired in the deeper areas.

Bald Eagle was aware that it would be very hard for him to survive in the gray area let alone if he went into deeper zones. As a result, he explored and stored valuable information about the monsters and resources within the gray area. He understood that he couldn’t bring those precious valuable things into Elk town on his on.

That’s why he chose another way to make money. He began to sell information in the pub. The facts proved that Bald Eagle was right. The gray area was much safer than the rest of unkown areas. The information provided by Bald Eagle made sure that the adventurers who bought from him could bring back more resources than if they went into deeper zones. After this the information in Bald Eagle’s hand become expensive.

Bald Eagle was able to save money close to 7 digits in the last half a month. He wasn’t going to use money for himself as the costs of his retirement were covered by the Parker conglomerate and was enough for him to spend a happy retirement. Bald Eagle was planning to invest in his son Karen.

Bald Eagle knew that fifth-order sniper specialization was his limit. However his son Karen had shown exceptionally rare talent in the field of perception. Right now Karen was working under the first successor of the Parker Conglomerate as a tracking expert. There was no doubt that Karen’s future would be much more ambitious than Bald Eagles. That was the main reason why Bald Eagle was working hard in the southwest trying to save every penny that he earned. He was planning to use money to medicine and formulas to improve Karen’s ability.

Bald Eagle was devoting his everything to Karen.

Bald Eagle had already sold the valuable information in his hand and there was no reason to stay in Elk town anymore. He was sitting the pub and ordered a good whiskey to commemorate his final sale.

He slowly sipped and tasted the amber liquid. At the same time a young soldier pushed the door of the pub and rushed towards him in panic. Bald Eagle had keen senses so his hand gentle fell to his waist where the Desert Eagle was kept. He normally use Falcon N-III but Bald Eagle didn’t carry the rifle on himself. He knew that Desert Eagle was more than enough to cope up with any scene.

“Mr. Lance …” Soldier was heavily breathing as he called out Bald Eagle’s name.

“I have sold out all what I knew. If you want information then find other businessmen. ”

“Mr Lance… I’m here on behalf of Lord Aaron.”

Bald Eagle turned to looked at the badge on soldier’s tactical suit. The soldier really belonged to Parker Conglomerate. However, he let go of the whisker as his heard jumped. Bald Eagle asked: “What has happened?”

Bald Eagle knew that Aaron would never send someone all the way to Elk town unless something has happened to his son Karen. Bald Eagle couldn’t come up with any other reason.

“Mr Lance, I’m sorry to be the one to relay you the news but Lord Aaron’s tracking expert, your son Karen, was killed in a mission two months ago!”


Bald Eagle roared up as he heard the news.

“What was the task? How Karen died? Was he killed by a monster?”

Bald Eagle perceived his son Karen as the continuation of his life and hopes. Bald Eagle was aware that there was no security in the wilderness. That’s why he was trying his best to make more money and enhance the abilities of Karen to ensure the boy’s safety. He would never think that his son would die so early.

“Mr. Karen was killed by a man named Zero. Here is the video.” Soldier brought up a tablet and showed the video.

The information that was seen by the Crimson Knight could be taken out in images from their brains. The ‘video’ shown by the soldier was the sight that Aaron had watched.

The brain and eyes could record at 5000 frames per second but they could barely capture Zero’s movement. The picture were recorded in blinks. The first moment Zero was facing Aaron the next moment he was infront of Karen. After that Bald Eagle’s son was thrown out like a doll and landed by Aaron’s feet. Karen’s head was twisted for 180 degrees.

Bald Eagle knew that everything happened in less than 5 seconds.

According to Bald Eagle, Zero must have at least sixth-order strength and agility enhancement to do such a feat. However Bald Eagle didn’t care much about the strength of his enemy. He would be able to kill enemies slightly stronger than him by using traps and rifle!

“Give me information about the man! Everything!”

The dense killing intent was reflected in Bald Eagle’s simple words.

Zero felt a burst of cold while he was thousands of kilometers away from Bald Eagle. He felt as if a rifle was aimed at him. He squatted down the same instant. He stood up after he confirmed that there was no sniper in two kilometer diameter.

He silently looked at southwest where thick radiation clouds were seen. Once in a while lightning burst through the clouds.

Rain and wind were approaching!

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