Warlord – Ch 75

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Warlord – Chapter 75

Leah wasn’t just simply a wife for Zero. She was his dream. She was overlapping with the girl from his dreams. So Zero lived in that dream as long as he looked at her.

However that dream was burst apart when the sharp dagger cut off Leah’s artery. Grief drowned down in his heart as Zero howled. It seemed as if something within him that was limiting his body broke off.

Zero squatted down and made a sudden bounce. He leaped up more than ten meters and directed his body towards Aaron.

More than dozen machine guns were aimed at Zero who was mid-air. The bullets sprayed out one after another. They expected his body to be torn off by the blasts. Zero’s made a small movement in the air and half of the bullets that were aimed at him couldn’t hit him. Less than 1/10th of the bullets reached his body.

Zero used his arms to protect his head and chest while the other parts of his body were exposed to bullets. The bullets tore apart his clothes but when they reached Zero’s skin a strange trembling was produced. Zero’s skin began to quiver in high frequency and greatly weakened the kinetic energy of the bullets. The bullets tore down his skin but couldn’t penetrate his muscles. All of them bounced out.

Bam~ Zero landed down in a squatting position. A wave blasted out and scattered around after his feet touched the ground.

Ding~ Ding~~

The crisp sounds of bullets that fell to the ground from Zero’s body echoed out. Aaron looked at Zero with fear. He immediately activated the force field, elemental armor and weapons. But he wasn’t feeling secure. Aaron saw that Zero looked more like a beast than a human.

A crazy beast!

Zero took a deep breath and exhaled. A white smoke came out from his teeth.

He screamed and jumped towards Aaron as if a javelin was thrown at Aaron. His hands reached out to grab the force field created by Aaron.

Aaron’s force field was much stronger than Ralph’s and it was kind of a high temperature barrier on its own. Zero fingers touched this barrier. His nails were torn up but his hands were like knives that still penetrated through the force field.

The fingernails couldn’t bear the pressure as they bent backwards and blood dripped from Zero’s fingers. Zero took a deep breath as both his arms pierced through the force field.

Aaron was stunned as the scene happening in front of him was violating all the conventional phenomenon that he was aware of. He had fire spear in his hand but he was motionless because of the shock.

An ordinary man had no way to break through the invisible force field with their hands. Moreover Zero didn’t have an element domain ability so Aaron couldn’t understand how Zero was able in piercing through the force field.

The force field began to destabilize. A hole was torn and Zero took the opportunity to use his gun to shot in. Aaron tried to stab Zero with his spear.

The spear was directed at Zero’s heart. But Zero caught the tip of the fire spear with his hand. The fire spear began to disintegrate as Zero’s hands came in contact with it. There were residual red flames left in Zero’s palm which was a proof of fire spear’s existence.

Aaron was shocked once more. He looked at Zero not as if he was looking at a human but an ancient beast.

Zero let go of Aaron and rushed at Karen. Hunter was surprised but instinctively stabbed his dagger towards Zero. However to Karen’s surprise he found himself flying out the same isntant. The most strange thing was that Karen was seeing his own spine!

The next moment Karen’s body fell by Aaron’s foot. The red haired man saw that Karen’s head had twisted for 180 degrees.

Soldier weren’t shooting at Zero because he was by Aaron.

Zero panted as he grabbed Leah.

Aaron turned around but he hesitated to stab at Zero with another fire spear. Moreover Zero’s gaze at him brought fear into his heart. The instant Aaron recovered his thoughts he heard the roars of the machine guns. He saw Zero getting away at a strange speed.

Aaron deactivated his elemental armor as Zero disappeared in the ruins. He felt as if his strength was dried up so he sat beside Karen’s corpse.

Aaron was clear about the message in Zero’s gaze. It was very clear to him what Zero wanted to say: “I’ll kill you at the next meeting!”

Aaron couldn’t help but wryly smile. He had lost the live specimen and the tracking expert of his team was dead. The most terrifying thing was that Zero was successful in burying a demon in his heart. Aaron had to get rid of it from his heart or else he would be really killed by Zero in their next meeting.

He stood up and decided to return back to Parker conglomerate’s headquarters. There were few people who were much more powerful than Aaron in the Parker conglomerate. Karen’s father was one of those few. Although Karen’s father was retired long ago but he should be happy to come back and get revenge for his son.

Black motorcycle moved like a lightning along the roads of the wilderness towards City of Wrath.

Zero had tied Leah behind his back. It seemed that because of Hans’s blood the wounds of Leah were kind of healing.

There is still a chance!

Zero decided that he only had one choice and that was Victor from the City of Wrath who should be able to cure Leah.

Lala was sitting on Zero’s shoulder. Zero hadn’t taken it in the morning but kept Lala by the motorcycle. Fortunately, Lala wasn’t stupid or greedy enough to eat the motorcycle as a snack. Otherwise Zero would have torn it to pieces. Lala was curiously looking at Leah’s eyes.

Lala was a little lost as it found that Leah wasn’t looking as usual. The faint outline of the City of Wrath was in front of their sight.

“Hold on!” Zero murmured.

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