Warlord – Ch 72

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Warlord – Chapter 72

Shadow killer attack Aaron but its attack was blocked by the shield made from flames. Aaron moved the shield and the spear in his hand stabbed forward to nail the shadow killer to the wall. The flame spear pierced through the monster’s heart.

The monster began to burn up from inside out as the flame spear penetrated its body. The high temperature flame released by the spear swallowed the monsters body. It took about 5 minutes to char the corpse of the monster.

The corridor was full of cracks and scorch marks. The ground and walls had all those traces left because of the fight between Aaron and two shadow killers.

Aaron’s uniform was torn. Before death a shadow killed had counterattacked and broke through the armor on his right arm. It even was able to cut off piece of flesh from Aaron’s arm. His handsome face was pale because of fatigue.

Aaron frowned as he looked at the scene. He understood that he had to re-examine the risk that Zero brought upon him. It was clear to Aaron that Zero had used huge pertinence in setting traps to get him into a narrow environment to fight against two shadow killers. Aaron was pondering if he should directly kill Zero instead of absorbing him to the team.

He understood that a strong soldier was a good thing. But it wasn’t fun when the dog would try to bite back at its owner. The intention to kill Zero for good was beginning to spread in his mind.

Aaron didn’t jump out form the window but used the stairs to go down. He was using elemental armor to protect his body as he went out of the building. Aaron knew that he had to be extra careful as Zero could shoot him at any point. Actually, he felt chill down his spine when he thought about Zero’s nature and accurate calculation.

It was quiet outside. The light exuding from the camp was dim as the place was pretty far away. Aaron thought that if he went back to the camp then it meant that he was bowing down to Zero. His pride and dignity didn’t allow him to act so. Moreover it meant that he would lose face in front of his team. In addition it could affect his position in the family and as a Crimson Knight.

Strength represented everything in this turbulent era!

Aaron looked around as his eyes checked the buildings. The images froze up in his mind as he tried to detect Zero’s location.

He wasn’t naïve to think that Zero would stay in the same position after shooting. It seemed that Zero was as cunning as a fox. Moreover, he knew that if Zero was able to shoot him back then most probably the other two shadow killers would have taken his life long ago.

Aaron assured himself that he would kill Zero.

However, it seemed that there was no living creature around the perimeter.

He heard a roar from distance and the ground began to slightly tremble after the roar. Aaron’s eyebrows wrinkled as he began to calculate the frequency of trembling and the creature which could do that. He knew that a creature which could cause such a shock has to be big and powerful enough to do so. Zero wouldn’t be able to do so as his body was light so it seems another creature was moving around.

Moreover, Aaron’s judgement told that the monster was approaching in his direction. The moment he came to this conclusion, a car scrap on his left side flew towards him.

Aaron didn’t move but a red light flashed in his eyes. The car exploded on mid-air. The fragments of the car wrapped in flames fall around but not a single piece hit Aaron’s body.

A giant carrying a huge sledgehammer by a chain appeared on Aaron’s line of sight. The head of the giant was covered with a triangular helmet. It was almost three meters tall. It was clear that the giant wasn’t born with the chain but it was pierced into its arm. Part of the giant looked like a hedgehog.

Two holes were on the triangular helmet. The spinning red eyes that could be seen through those holes stopped and fell on Aaron’s body.

“Butcher?” Aaron wasn’t surprised at the existence of the butcher. If there were zombies then it was normal for a butcher to appear. He was surprised because of the timing of its appearance. This coincidence let Aaron think of Zero once more.

Additionally, he felt the breathing sounds of different creatures in the neighborhood. There seemed to be zombies, shadow killer, iron teeth rats, scavengers… It seemed that Aaron was the target of all of them.

Anger burst out in his heart as Aaron shouted: “Zero, be a man! Come and fight me!”

Bang~ A bullet shot by his foot as soon as Aaron finished his speech.

It was obvious to Aaron what Zero meant. He wasn’t going to show up but Zero didn’t intend to leave. It seemed Zero was using monsters as cannon fodder to deal with Aaron while he hide in the shadows. Zero was going to act the moment Aaron showed a flaw. Aaron knew that the next bullet won’t hit ground but his body.

This threat was more dangerous that the monster that surrounded Aaron. His teeth clenched into each other in anger but he couldn’t find a way to bring out Zero.

The butcher, with its incredible hatred against the living, was the first to launch attack. It jumped up towards Aaron and waved its huge sledgehammer. It waved the sledgehammer towards Aaron.

Aaron wasn’t as naïve as to block butcher’s attack with his flame shield. It was much stronger than a shadow killer. He jumped sideways and the butcher’s sledgehammer hit the ground. Cracks appeared and exploded out the moment sledgehammer collided with the ground. Aaron stabbed the flame spear in his right hand towards butcher’s body. The giant turned into a fireball.

Aaron didn’t stop but moved the flame shield in his left hand. Shsh~ A sound of sharp friction echoed. The flame shield blocked the attack of the shadow killer.

More monsters began to pop up. Aaron clenched his teeth as he knew that a hard battle was waiting for him.


At the same time sounds of machine guns firing echoed. The bullets weren’t aimed at Aaron but towards the monsters around him. Aaron saw that his soldiers had arrived. He knew that he had lost face today.

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  1. Is it possible for fire to shield you against physical attacks?
    Strength represented everything huh… I wish Zero’s enemies will use their brains even a little

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