Warlord – Ch 71

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Warlord – Chapter 71

“What a pity.”

Zero took away the colt and left his hiding point. He went for the next position.

The trap on the first location was carefully designed for Aaron.

Zero had observed Aaron’s team and had concluded that Dark Council’s strength shouldn’t be taken lightly. He had seen the efficient and practical equipment. Moreover, he confirmed that Aaron had followers who were second or third-order ability users. He knew that the opposite side was strong.

However it didn’t mean that enemy was without a weakness. The biggest weakness that the group had was Aaron himself.

Zero found out that Aaron always occupied his own corner in the camp. Even the other ability users maintained their distance from him. It was a proof of Aaron’s arrogance and reliance in his own strength. Such an individual may be very strong but they would have very poor understanding of team work.

In this group, Aaron was the king while others were his soldiers.

As a result, Zero formed a plan regarding Aaron in his mind.

Zero was sensitive to creatures of the ruin more than Aaron. He couldn’t explain how but he clearly felt the greedy and dangerous creatures hiding in every corner of the city. There were even some in the vicinity of Aaron’s camp. However those creatures didn’t attack Aaron’s team because they were afraid of the strength of the team. However when an individual left the team then the creatures wouldn’t scruple around.

Moreover, more strong the individual was more sweeter the taste of their flesh was.

Zero had quietly retreated after completing the required observation of the team. In addition, his vision wasn’t limited to a distance so he had observed Aaron’s team from afar. He didn’t want to be found out by Aaron’s team tracking and tracing experts.

Zero went into the ruins and used his own blood to attract bloodthirsty creatures in the building. Zero was planning to kill Aaron in the building. He had killed a soldier from Aaron’s team as a first move. He knew that Aaron wouldn’t tolerate such a practice and would go after him all alone.

Zero knew that the soldiers would stay in camp if king wanted to move. So they wouldn’t dare to intervene between Aaron and Zero unless Aaron ordered them to act. Zero knew that Aaron’s pride would be a factor in killing him.

He had used his own blood to make a simple and effective trap in the building. The monsters were attracted to his blood and they would see Aaron as their prey after his blood would drench on Aaron’s body. It would stimulate the instincts of the monsters. Moreover, he had prepared those two shadow killers on purpose too. He knew that Aaron wouldn’t be willing to fight with them in the narrow area. So Aaron would have single choice for escape.

That was to escape from the building through the window and fight against those two monsters in the open space. Therefore, Zero was waiting for Aaron to get close to the window.

The only problem was that Zero couldn’t calculate Aaron’s sensitivity to danger.

The plan had failed but Zero wasn’t frustrated.

Aaron had lose his best chance to escape the building because of the sniper shot. The flexible and gile shadow killers were behind him but maintaining a safe distance. Aaron understood that even if he jumped out of the window he would be attack by shadow killers at that point.

He couldn’t jump out at first so he had to kill both shadow killers in the narrow corridor.

However, it was much more harder than his first choice which was to jump out at the first chance.

Shadow killers like zombies belonged to mutation of humans. However they had different route of evolution than zombies. Shadow killers maintained 70% of the human form. However instinct wise they were close to animals.

Their bodies were all black. Even their hair, nails and other parts. Only the eyes of the shadow killers were full white. Their arms were very long and were similar to limbs of beasts which reached the ground. There were crystals on the joints of their shoulders, elbows and knees. These crystals were the organs which supplied shadow killers with energy. Scholars had dissected these crystals and were successful in extracting the bio-energy from them. However the surface of those crystals were as hard as steel. Although the crystals seemed like glass but they were able to withstand high temperatures and strong acids. As a result, the strategy of breaking the crystals to stop shadow killers didn’t work.

Shadow killers used their arms as weapons. Their disproportionate giant palms were able to assemble and split according to their needs. It was like a giant scissors used by shadow killers. Shadow killers were able to cut off armored vehicles with their scissors. In addition, shadow killers were as agile as human with fourth-order agility enhancement. The scissors and speed made shadow killers very deadly creatures.

Both shadow killers looked at Aaron. Their hands split from the middle and a layer of flesh generated and covered the split. In addition, armor-like material wrapped around their palms. This bio-armor was used for defense to a certain degree and for sharpnening the edge of their scissors.

Both monsters began to close the distance between Aaron and them as the crisp sounds of scissors echoed out.

Aaron took a deep breath and red light began to cover his feet. A spear and shield made out of fire mobilized in his hand. Additionally, Aaron’s chest, shoulders, legs and arms were covered by armor made out of fire.

Elemental armor was a complicated use of the force field. The force field was invisible to the naked eye. The elemental armor was compression of that force field into weapons and armor. The ability to use elemental armor depended on the strength of ability user. Aaron knew that there were high-level element domain ability users in Crimson Knights who were able to use elemental cannons.

Although Aaron hadn’t reached the level where he could use his ability to that extent but at present situation his elemental armor and weapons would play a great role in the battle against two shadow killers.

Moreover, every Crimson Knight had a specific combat arts designed for them. Aaron wasn’t an exception!

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  1. “Moreover, more strong the individual was more sweeter the taste of their flesh was.”
    Moreover, the stronger the individual, sweeter was the taste of their flesh.

    2 or less syllabes adjectives get -er in comparative while 3 or more get the more.

    Thanks for translation

  2. how do they improve their abillities? and how to gain abilities?

    I wonder if Zero will ever form a team he can trust… dean failed to have one…

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