Warlord – Ch 70

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Warlord – Chapter 70

Aaron was very fast. Actually he wasn’t slower than Zero if they sprinted on a straight line. However his movement was a bit rough on curves. Zero understood his difference with Aaron as he was an expert sniper.

Zero was on seventh floor as he quietly watched Aaron approach the street. A dark red force field was around Aaron’s body as the youth moved. Moreover a burning road appeared behind him as Aaron moved.

Aaron was an element domain ability user!

Zero knew that it wasn’t easy decision to provoke an element domain ability user. He had experienced a battle with Ralph and knew how futile the bullets were against their force field. Moreover, the red haired man looked more difficult opponent than Ralph.

Fire and Thunder(lightning) elements were the most destructive ones of the element domain. Zero felt quite a headache regardless of the rank order of Aaron’s ability.

There was a bandage wrapped on Zero’s left arm’s wrist. He had disinfected the wound.


He silently put a armor-piercing bullet into Colt and looked at Aaron. Zero wasn’t intending to shoot at the moment.

A wolf would always patiently wait for its prey to make mistake before biting the prey’s throat. Zero was waiting for that opportunity or chance so that he can take Aaron in surprise.

Aaron came to stop in front of a building that was seriously damaged. He looked at the top floor of the building which had collapse. Aaron calculated that it was the location from where the Zero had used to attack his group. He speculated that the shot was made from the 10th floor of the building. The floor was perfect to aim at their camp and there were no obstacle in the middle between the floor and their camp. In short it seemed like an excellent position for a sniper to use.

Aaron prayed that Zero didn’t leave his position. He was planning to give a lifetime lesson to Zero before absorbing him to his group.

Although Aaron and Ralph were at the same level in their elemental ability but there was a big difference between their physical constitution and skills. Aaron quickly used the broken fire ladder, fences, air conditioner boxes and other things to climb up through the outer wall of the building. He looked like a dark red gecko if you looked at him from far away.

Aaron slowly opened the window and went inside. There was a corridor. On the left side of the corridor there was a door. Aaron could hear slight sound of breathing coming from behind the door. Although it was very weak but it couldn’t be hidden from Aaron’s ears. He had gone through harsh training in Crimson Knight training camp and had learned basic reconnaissance skills.

Aaron directly kicked the door and went inside. He wasn’t not a person who followed the codex or creed of a knight. However when he knew that his strength was much more powerful than his opponent Aaron never felt need for tricks.

His opponent would remember him for long if he used simple, direct and terrifying strength. Aaron wanted to put fear into Zero’s heart. This way Zero was going to faithfully follow him like the other soldiers.

However, the moment he went into the room some shadows rushed at his head. Aaron waved his hand and the red fire hit the shadows. At the same time he felt his body get wet. It was as if some kind of sticky liquid splashed onto him. It was clear to Aaron that it was fresh blood judging from the color and smell of the liquid.

Aaron was surprised for a moment.

Grunt~~ A sound of swallowing echoed from the room. Aaron couldn’t see the surroundings because of the darkness but he was certain that Zero wasn’t the source of the sound but a bloodthirsty creature.

Aaron’s team had chosen to make their camp at the southwest of the ruins. They stayed at the edge of the city. Aaron had sensed the existence of many dangerous creatures in the city. That’s why he didn’t dare to go deep into the ruins as he felt invisible danger.

The rate and degree of evolution of the creatures was much faster than mankind in this turbulent age. Dark Council was the leader of humans in the continent. However the continent was broad and wide with numerous forbidden and unknown areas. In those places creatures existed that was beyond the imagination of humankind and there were some which didn’t even appear in database of the Dark Council.

Aaron and his team was just passing by and weren’t willing to disturb the existences in the abyss of the ruins. However, it seemed that he had become a prey in the eyes of the creatures of the ruin. It was because of the blood that was on Aaron’s body.

Aaron suddenly understood that he had fallen into Zero’s trap.

Few humanoid shadows climbed over from the ceiling and wall towards Aaron. Aaron didn’t move as flames wrapped around him as the center and rotated towards the surrounding enemies. Few creatures were burned to death in an instant.

The survivors became fireballs because of the high temperature of the flames.

In addition a group of creatures flew towards Aaron as if they were a dark cloud and tried to cover Aaron. They were blood bats.

The blood bats didn’t differ from ordinary bats in terms of appearance. However they were two pairs of little eyes on their heads which was enough to distinguish them from ordinary bats. In addition, this small monsters had evolved like snakes. They had venom in their bodies. Once they bit their prey then the venom would be diffused into the body of the prey through the glands. It was enough to kill a prey in three seconds.

The blood bats didn’t gain anything but strong venom through the evolution. Their venom is so strong that even a bear can’t withstand it. Aaron wasn’t planning to test the venom of blood bats on his body. He raised his hands towards the group of bats. An invisible field condensed and flew over bats. Their bodies began to burn. In a moment the ceiling was covered in a fire cloud. The burning bodies of the blood bats floated down the room.

Aaron was surprised to see two shadow killers coming from the other side of the room. He frowned for a moment then rushed out of the door. He ran towards the window at the end of the corridor.

It was stupid and unwise for him to fight against shadow killers in a narrow place. Aaron wouldn’t be able to defend himself against the swift and terrifying attacks of shadow killer. He knew that shadow killers were the main course of the trap while blood bats were just appetizers before the meal.

Aaron knew that if he got to an open area both shadow killers wouldn’t be his opponent.

His face slightly changed when he was about to reach out to the window. Aaron’s feet nailed to the ground and his body abruptly stopped the movement.

Bang~ The frame of the window crashed and burst into pieces. The sound of the gun fire echoed from a far.

Aaron knew that if he didn’t stop then it wouldn’t be the window but him who would be blown apart!

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  1. having so much strength is bad for the brain, you won’t make it work anymore. that is why most martial experts are so dumb

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