Warlord – Ch 7

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Warlord – Chapter 7

Zero didn’t turn back, but rolled towards the police man’s corpse. After two consecutive rolls, he quickly adjusted his posture and turned towards the door.

Zero saw long pale legs covered with black and dark red skin. According to his judgement from the wind brought out by the kick the strength of the kick was hundreds of pounds. He would feel very uncomfortable if he were to be hit by the kick.

The dark shadow swept, and he couldn’t check the attacker. Zero used the machine gun to buffer the shadow temporarily. However, the shadow was able to hit Zero. His body flew out and knocked over three or four shelves before falling to the ground.

The muscles on his back adjusted moments before hitting the ground. They stretched first to maintain the flexibility of the muscles. The muscles rebounded as his body made short contact with the ground. His body raised up for a centimetre or so, but it was able to unload approximately 60% of the strength because of the shock absorption.

It was done unconsciously, so Zero didn’t even notice anything. Instead, Zero’s attention was focused on the graceful body.

She was more than 180cm tall. Her grey like hair was like a waterfall that fell down her shoulders. Her mouth was open as her pink tongue stretched out as she gently licked her lips. The collar of her white dress was half open. He was able to see semicircles held up.

The length of the clothing was about 10cm over her knees. The pair of slender legs would attract the attention of any male.

There was no doubt that the girl was a beauty when she was alive. There were black and dark red patches all over her skin because of deformation. No sane man would be interested in her at this point.

She opened her mouth and screamed before throwing a cupboard towards Zero. Zero rolled sideways to avoid the cupboard. His body was numb, but he still acted calmly.

Bang! The cupboard hit the ground. However, Zero was safe and sound. But the moment he stopped, he felt a strong wind pressure him from above. Zero saw a body sitting on top of him.

The fingers of the zombie rushed towards Zero like the call of death. He lifted the sub-machine gun to hit the claws of the devil. Both sides were engaged in the most primitive wrestling. Zero felt the delicate arms of the opponent, which had the power of a Tyrannosaurus. He was exhausted. Zero tried to direct the machine gun towards the enemy, but the pressure of the zombie was much more than he could overcome. Moreover, he was in an uncomfortable position. There was a creature which constantly shook that sat on top of him. There was an abnormal physiological phenomenon that rose up because of the two lower bodies touching each other.

Pleasure and death together! The contradictory feeling made Zero feel terrified.

His golden eye shrank, and strength burst out from nowhere. Zero swept the hands of the zombie with the machine gun. But he couldn’t bounce the body of the enemy. In order to fix it, he had to put more pressure than the weight of the enemy. Zero felt that he was out of options.

No matter how beautiful the other side was before the infection, he didn’t have much of a choice. Zero wasn’t going to pity her. Because of the wrestling, the machine gun was deformed. There was a possibility that it would misfire if he shot now. The shells and shrapnel would embed in Zero’s body taking away his life.

Zero was surprised and distracted for a moment. The hands of the zombie grabbed onto the machine gun. She bent the barrel of the machine gun. So even if the machine gun were intact, he wouldn’t be able to shoot any bullets!

He made a prompt decision. Zero let go of the machine gun and took the M500 that he got off the sheriff. He pointed it towards the zombie.

The room was silent. Moreover, no sound of firing echoed. Zero had forgotten that there were no bullets in the pistol.

The zombie threw away the machine gun and turned to the left to destroy the M500. However, the zombie stopped acting as it held onto the cold barrel of the revolver.

Her eyes fell on the gun and turned her head to look at the corpse of the sheriff. She stood up and left.

Zero couldn’t explain the scene with a proper reasoning. However, he saw a name brand on corpse’s clothing. It was written ‘Mary’.

The name coincided with the inscription on the left side of the gun. Zero couldn’t believe, but it seems that the zombie that was squatting by the sheriff’s corpse was his love.

George said that the zombies couldn’t keep the memories from their life. Then how was he going to explain this situation? Unless…

Zero thought of a possibility that shocked his mind.

The door of the room was opened once more. Two zombies entered the room. They seemed to be attracted to the room because of the movement. However, the zombies cringed back as they saw Mary. Both of the zombies had a strong physique, and they were wearing tattered clothes that belonged to security guards. One of them had a lame leg. The other one had deformation on his head. His right eye was squeezed out.

Both of them issued screams. Mary stood up and issued another scream.

The zombies looked at Mary with fear, but it seemed that they were unwilling to let go of Zero.

Mary suddenly grabbed one of the zombies.

She looked at the neck of the lame zombie.

Her fingers pierced through his neck and brutally pulled out flesh from both sides. The sound of flesh being torn echoed. Mary abruptly pulled off his head.

Mary threw away the head that she broke from the body. The body of the zombie twitched before falling.

The other zombie seemed to be excited because of the crazy scene. He rushed towards the Mary. He had a small build for a male, but the strength wasn’t small. Mary grabbed the waist of the zombie and lifted it up. It was like she was carrying something as light as paper. She threw the body of the zombie into the wall.

Mary bent and leaped over as the zombie struggled to get up.

It was a similar scene. However, this time Mary wasn’t attacking zero, but the other zombie. Mary’s claws were like a knife which ripped the body of the zombie. The internal organs were thrown out. The zombie stopped moving after a few moments. However, Mary didn’t stop. She continued to dig out the organs of the zombie. She looked like the description of the devil from hell.

Zero’s eyelids twitched. The medicine room had turned into the Asura’s hell! The ground was covered with broken bones, flesh and blood. The rotten internal organs were aware. The scene was brutal enough to make a veteran soldier puke. Zero also felt discomfort in his stomach, but there was nothing to puke out.

Mary didn’t stand up after killing the zombie. She began to put the flesh of the zombie into her mouth. The sound of her chewing the flesh made Zero’s scalp tingle.

The possibility that Zero had speculated about was confirmed.


The zombies were evolving! He had come to this conclusion after seeing the three zombies.

Mary didn’t continue to kill him after seeing the gun of the sheriff. IT meant that she could access her memories. Moreover, the roars that happened between them seemed to be some kind of communication! They had a different language. Also, the other two zombies feared Mary. It showed that the zombie had begun to form upper and lower classes.

Language, communication, class … It was proof that the zombies were evolving in a direction. Zero knew that they had formed some kind of social structure.

More importantly, he saw that these monsters had wisdom. The crisis he felt when they entered the basement… It was a trap made by the zombies to hunt them!

The previous team from the six months ago had suffered an attack. They had visited the hospital to get the medicine, but at the time the zombies were at school! Did they transfer from the school to the hospital and waited for the next humans?

Zero came to a stop by sheriff’s side. He took the ammunition from his body and put ten bullets into the drums of these revolvers.

Zero knew that the battle between the humans and zombies were planned and carried out by them much before they had come to this damned place. Unfortunately, except him, the others had no idea what they were going to face!


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    1. FUTURE WIFU WILL BE A ZOMBIE!! LoL hahaha just kidding but I think after I read this chapter something awakens inside me ;p

  1. There’s only one thing bothering me. In 50 years, nobody has discovered the zombies’ potential of evolution and in two days our MC found it out.

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