Warlord – Ch 69

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Warlord – Chapter 69

Zero stopped the motorcycle.

He finally found the whereabouts of the team belonging to the Dark Council.

There were traces of armored vehicles passing by the damaged road. Not far from his current location the cars had turned into an open road which lead to an abandoned city. It wasn’t practical to sit in the car all night long so it seems the group has decided to rest in the abandoned city. Moreover it was a proof that the youth with the red hair was a self-sustaining person with enough power so that he wasn’t afraid of dangers of the abandoned city.

Their rest time meant that Zero could find an opportunity to save Leah.

The Dark council may be a very powerful organization but a sniper in the dark night was much terrible existence. The bullet shot in the darkness would show them its ferocious fangs. Zero was going to make sure that Dark Council would re-think their position about sniper career.

He ran the engine of the motorcycle and went into the ruins of the abandoned city.


Blue and white flame illuminated Leah’s face. The apparatus in front of her belonged to the top technology of the new era. A small alloy pot was placed on top of the stove. Level 4 pure drinking water filled the pot and frozen beef was placed into it. Stewed beef appeared in front of her eyes after three minutes.

Leah would have never imagined to see level 4 pure water which didn’t contain any radiation or fresh beef that was frozen. Right now a bowl of fragrant beef soup was placed in front of her. She could eat the delicious meal as long as she reached out.

Leah didn’t care about the meal but the identity of the people who took her away. Who are they?

Leah found out that the youth with short red hair was the leader of the group. He looked quite handsome and resembled young aristocrat from the old era. However, Leah felt the rich smell of blood floating from the man’s dark red robe which made her feel uncomfortable.

Leah had observed the excellent equipment that the team had. Even the ordinary soldiers were using latest firearms from the new era. These firearms were both lightweight and practical.

Leah didn’t see any weapons on the leader. He didn’t even carry a dagger. However Leah felt more danger from him than the rest. She felt that the youth was a walking weapon.

Aaron frowned who saw Leah facing the bowl of beef soup.

Leah didn’t act like the other women from the wilderness. She even dared to ask Aaron about the reason why they caught her.

Obviously, Aaron didn’t answer her. In his perspective, a captive was a captive. Talking to a captive was like wasting precious time.

Aaron knew that the girl had a protector. A mercenary called Zero. The mercenary license to Zero was granted by his own family. Aaron had red all the information about Zero. Aaron was proud and confident but it didn’t mean that he was arrogant. Aaron was taught about tactics when he became a Crimson Knight. He had to know all the threats that his opponent could put on him.

Aaron knew that in addition to butcher Zero had killed two years ago in the Silver Tree City he had killed large number of rock spiders, a lurker and a spider queen near Remit colony. The records of these feats weren’t in Zero’s smart chip. Aaron got this information based on data provided by Sean as well as ths sudden appearance of Queen’s Eyes in the black market at Remit.

It was enough to level up his license by one rank just by killing a spider queen. From Aaron’s perspective Zero had qualification to get a third level mercenary license at this point.

Moreover, he had learned about Zero’s character. There was 90 percent chance that he would come for Leah. It meant that Aaron was going to face an excellent sniper.

The battle near Essex Bridge hadn’t escaped Aaron’s eyes too. His tracking expert, Karen had found that Zero had killed a third-order element domain ability user. Two bullets had hit through the same trajectory and taken away the life of Ralph.
Karen had told that it meant that Zero had at least third order sniper specialization which wasn’t recorded in Zero’s smart chip.

It seemed that there were more secrets in Zero’s body. Aaron was interested in Zero and was looking forward to face him in a battle. Aaron wanted to absorb Zero into his team. A third-order sniping expert would increase the level of Aaron’s team for sure.

Aaron wasn’t considering about how to persuade Zero. He could provide Zero with girl who were hundred times beautiful than Leah. Aaron could provide Zero with excellent living conditions. These two things were enough to make a stubborn person into an obedient dog in the turbulent age.

Unfortunately, Aaron wasn’t aware that Zero wasn’t planing to be anybody’s lap dog.

The biochemical expert had given a positive result for Leah. Her body was carrying the blood of the ‘anarchist’. Moreover, the cells of the anarchist were invading and transforming girl’s genes. It was much more valuable than getting the blood sample of an anarchist. Aaron sent the information to the headquarters and got instructions that he must bring Leah back alive.

As a live specimen, Leah was going to be much more useful for in-depth research on the anarchist.

Aaron wasn’t feeling sleepy even if it was late night. However because of habit he was in his own tent. He was about to lay down when the muscles in his body tightened. It meant danger!

At the same time a scream echoed from outside followed by the reverberation of a single gun fire.

Aaron quickly went out of the tent and determined the location of the sniper. He rushed out using the second-order agility enhancement.

Aaron’s soldier was killed in front of him which meant that he was slapped in face. Aaron didn’t care whether Zero was going to join his team or not. Before that he was planning to give a memorable lesson to Zero.

The game of chase between a hunter and prey began under the moonlight. Only the ones who could see the future would know who is the ultimate hunter and who is the prey…

guess who?

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  1. the person in the left part of the book’s cover looked like a girl to me in novelupdates. I am hoping for a badass wifu in his harem 🙂

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