Warlord – Ch 68

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Warlord – Chapter 68

It was getting dark when Zero came back to the City of Wrath.

His body was covered in bloodstains. However most of the blood belonged to the members of the Wolf Gang.

Zero had used his and the enemy’s blood to pave the road out of the stadium like a red carpet. He didn’t have any ammunition left in shotgun and revolvers. Even the dagger had become blunt. At the end he was able to leave the stadium with the heavy motorcycle as he carried Catherine’s body away. As for the Wolf Gang, one-third of their members were killed.

Zero was injured. The most serious injury was the bullet that was stuck in his scapula. Half of his body felt numb as the nerves didn’t work properly. Most of the shots made by Wolf Gang was aimed at his thighs and chest. His vest was able to protect his upper body. As for the small wounds, they were healed by his regenerative ability. Zero had used dagger to pick out bullets that had pierced into his body. However there were locations on his body such as his shoulder(scapula) that he couldn’t reach out.

He used his willpower to pressure his body to bear the pain while he silently drove through the desolate wilderness.

Zero’s body was covered in blood. If it was the old era then the people would be afraid of him. However in this turbulent age people were used to such scenes so nobody cared about Zero when he entered City of Wrath. Zero drove his motorcycle directly to Victor’s clinic and stopped the engine.


Victor rushed out of the clinic as soon as he heard the motorcycle’s sound.

Victor looked at woman wrapped with sheets behind Zero. Victor’s body was trembling as he cryied and laughed at the same time. Zero carried Catherine as he walked to the door of the clinic. He didn’t know how would Victor react when he would hear about Catherine’s end.


At the moment, Victor was thinking that Catherine was in a deep sleep. Victor let Zero and pushed the door. He put ‘CLOSED’ sign on top of the door.

“She is…”

Zero put the woman’s corpse onto the sofa. Victor’s breathed got intensified as he saw Catherine stay silent for too long. He guessed what had happened.

“She is dead.” Zero took a deep breath and told the truth to Victor. He gave Catherine’s ring to him and told how Catherine was treated by the Wolf Gang.


At the same time Lala popped out of somewhere. It flied and stopped on his shoulder and began to shout ‘La~LaLa’ to his ear. Zero threw it aside.

There was a calm expression on Victor’s face. However his bloodshot eyes and trembling body betrayed his feelings. Zero believed that if Catherine didn’t wish the man to live he would have committed suicide by now.

“Live on?” Victor repeated words back and forth as he heard the story from Zero. He smiled: “Catherine… I can’t enjoy this world without you…But rest assured that I will live on because of your last request…”

Zero was relieved as he listened to Victor. If doctor wanted to die then Leah’s diseases couldn’t be cured.

However he found out that Leah didn’t seem to be in the clinic.

“Leah?” Zero asked.

Victor was startled as he raised his head: “I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect her… She was… taken away…”

The atmosphere in the clinic turned cold as Zero caught Victor from his collar but asked in a cold tone: “What has happened?”

Victor saw the calm look on Zero’s face. However he knew that Zero was horrified. He could help but admire Zero. If Victor was placed in Zero’s shoes he would be as calm as him.


Victor didn’t intent to hide anything as he said that Maestro came back with a black sedan and took away Leah. He told that the man sitting in the sedan was a member of the Dark Council.

Zero asked as soon as he heard the phrase black sedan: “Was that person young? Did he have red hair?”

“Have you ever seen him?” Victor asked.

Zero was silent as he nodded his head. He had seen the team in the wilderness when he left City of Wrath in the morning. It seems they were after Leah. But what would they do with Leah?

Is it because of Hans’s blood? Zero immediately thought about the possibility. At the end the only ‘value’ that Leah had should be Hans’s blood. Moreover it wasn’t difficult to guess why would Parker conglomerate and Dark Council would come after Leah. It had to be because of the accident in the Z7 base. Z7 base belonged to Parker conglomerate.


The name Parker conglomerate was noted down by Zero into his blacklist.

Zero turned to leave.

“Where are you going?” Victor called out to him.

“I’ll look for Maestro and find out where Dark Council is located.”There was no hesitation in Zero’s tone.

Victor said: “Although it may look very stupid to go after them but I won’t stop you. But before you leave let me take out the bullets from your body. Do you want to face forces of Dark Council as you are?”

Zero stopped to turn back: “How long it will take?”

“Up to half an hour.” Victor replied.

At night.

A heavy motorcycle left the City of Wrath. The rear red light of the motorcycle dragged out through the darkness of the night.

It seemed that Maestro was expecting Zero to come to look for him. So he told everything about movements of the Dark Council’s team to Zero. However, Maestro advised Zero let go of the woman. He had told him that he could get women who are much more beautiful than Leah.

“There are many types of women but one wife.” Zero had given him a simple answer.

Maestro shook his head: “The typical oriental complex.”

Zero knew that he was going to face very tough opponents. He understood what kind of power Dark Council was from the reaction on Victor and Maestro’s face. However he wasn’t going to retreat. He was like the proud lone wolf that would break his opponent’s neck to cut off them from life for once and all.
Even if he was left alone in this world with only his gun… He was going to face this cruel world on his own. He would never turn back!

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  1. I am already tired of reading novels where the story only revolves in saving the mc’s wife. I hope this novel is more than that. This is harem and i hope he will never need to save everyone of them.

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