Warlord – Ch 67

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Warlord – Chapter 67

At the same time as the sound of the shoot echoed an ammunition box exploded. Severl members of the gang were blown up by the explosion. The shockwave of the explosion hit the broken shrapnel towards the people close by.

Zero didn’t check the effect of the fire. He put away the rifle and jumped downstairs. A safety rope was tied to his body. The other end of the rope was tied to the railing on the roof. In a moment Zero almost reached the ground. The rope fiercely pulled up his body for a few meters. Zero quickly cut off the rope with dagger and clutched to the outer wall. He was like a big gecko which crawled down the wall.

As soon as he landed he rushed out towards the eastern side of the stadium at 100 km per hour speed.

The base of the Wolf Gang was in case. The members ran around. Some helped to transfer the ammunition to other places while the others went to the opposite side to find the perpetrators. However they didn’t think that Zero would go in from opposite side.

The east side of the stadium usual had several guards. However because of attack and less staff they had to go to the western part of the stadium for help. Zero was like a nimble cat who went into the biggest house on the eastern part of the stadium. Catherine should be there if she wasn’t dead.

The door of the house that Zero had targeted to enter opened the moment he reached the place. A member of the wolf gang rushed out as he closed the zipper of his pant. Loud shouts were echoing from distance. The man rushed towards the western part of the stadium. The door slowly closed and Zero’s appeared from behind. Zero was able to move to the side and disappear because of his excellent abilities. However most of the wolf gang members were just savages who were like violent bears.

Zero went into the house. Low moan of a woman resounded from inside. It seems that the member was involved in pleasure before leaving the house. It was a very simple place without any decorations. There were a few simple furniture which seemed to be taken from the ruins.

There was a large bed. It seemed that two or three beds were brought together to make it. There was a woman whose hands were tied with rope to the sides of the bed. Her eyes were closed while there was an painful expression on her face. Her long brown hair was wet and tightly attached to her face.

There was a torn cloth that covered upper part of her body. She was wearing a long skirt but it was pulled all the way up exposing her long slender legs.

Eyes of the woman opened up as if she sensed Zero’s arrival. She was surprised to find that it was not a member of the gang but Zero.

She wanted to speak but Zero’s moved his finger towards his mouth. He made the gesture towards her, meaning to be silent.

“Catherine?” Zero asked.

There was doubt and surprise in the woman’s eyes. She nodded.

“Victor sent me to save you.”

Zero cut off the ropes while he spoke. The moment his hand came in contact with her body Zero felt a numb feeling in his fingertips. It meant high toxins. He reflexively retracted his hand as he looked at Catherine in surprise.

“You must leave…” Catherine said in a weak tone: “I am happy knowing that Victor hadn’t given up on me…I’m dying so you must leave. I can’t be saved. I was fed with strong radiative drug to excite me for those beasts to play around. Although it was a very small dose but after six months I can’t even move my body. I’m very sensitive than the normal time so they want to see the expression on me when they play around with me. I’ve lived like a cheap dog for the last six months. I can’t let Victor see this side… ”

Catherine spoke so much in one breath that she stopped to breathe. The blood that was mixed with her saliva outflow from the corner of her mouth. Zero was not a doctor but he knew that the vitality in Catherine’s body was like the oil in a lamp which had come to an end.

“Take this ring to the Victor.” Catherine looked at the small silver ring on her left hand: “Please tell him to live on… I will always…love him”

Zero took off the ring and put it in his pocket.

Catherine sighed and smiled: “Kill me now.”

Catherine was calm and looked as holy as an angel. Zero pull out the dagger from his legging but hesitated to move.

“You are helping a poor woman to finish this unfortunate life. It’s better to die rather than let those beasts to drug me and continue to humiliate me.” Catherine smiled as blood began to seep out from the pores of her skin and eyes.

Catherine could live for a day or two if Zero didn’t killed her. But because of extra sensitivity she would have to bear the pain that was unimaginable.

He raised the dagger and stabbed. The quick and precise cut was made to Catherine’s heart. It was the fastest way to kill a person with the smallest pain.

An unspeakable sadness burst out in Zero’s heart as if he was carrying a boundless boulder. He quietly wrapped Catherine’s body with bed sheets and tied her corpse tightly around his back.

He would take her back to Victor even if she was dead. Zero decided that her body should be cremated and the fire should clean the dirt off her body. The ashes should be buried by Victor in cemetery so that they can reunite in another life in another place. No matter what, He wasn’t planning to leave her corpse to the wolf gang.

He opened the door to leave but a member of the gang was just back. The gang member reached out towards his gung but Zero’s dagger silently sliced off his throat before he could do anything. Zero kicked the dead man.

Zero was feeling like a wounded wolf because of the grief that burst out in his heart as he went out of the metal house. He roared in pain.

The members of the gang were attracted by the voice. They took up arms as they rushed towards the house.

Zero’s eyes were bloodshot as he reached towards his revolvers.

He was going to take her back and no one would be able to stop him!

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  1. Zero’s gonna be piiiiiiissed when he gets back. Dark council’s gonna have a new hole torn into them in a couple of chapters (I hope).

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