Warlord – Ch 66

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Warlord – Chapter 66

Leah stayed in Victor’s clinic after Zero left. He took a sample of Leah’s blood for inspection. Leah obediently cooperated as she was aware that it was a routine check up. However she was surprised as she looked at the equipment within the clinic.

There were few conventional equipment for detection of viruses however everything else seemed from old era. Only God knew how Victor treated the tissue and cell mutation with those devices. According to Leah these equipments at best would be useful in healing common illnesses unless Victor had an ability which could develop formulas for specific medicine and diseases.

Victor went into laboratory while Leah was left in the clinic to rest. Victor came out late from the laboratory and his face was gloomy. It seemed that Leah’s condition was beyond his imagination. However everything was within Leah’s expectations. She was indifferent and quite to Victor’s expression which Victor appreciated as a strong woman.

Lunch was very simple. There was a piece of meat and two pieces of bread. Actually it was a rare food in this era. Maestro helped Victor from time to time as he had cured him. It seemed that Maestro didn’t want the doctor to starve as Victor was the only doctor in the City of Wrath.

Leah carefully ate the meat in front of her. She made sure that even a very tiny piece of meat didn’t fell off. Victor looked at her with interest: “Do you usually eat stuff like this?”

Leah smiled as she shook her head. There was nothing shameful about the poverty. Inner wealth was more valuable to her. Victor carefully looked at her: “You can eat this kind of food every day if you want to.”

“I’d rather follow Zero and eat an expired bread than become someone else pet.” Leah put the last piece of meat into her mouth and carefully chewed it.

“Do you love him?”

“More than you can imagine.” Leah replied.

Victor understood why Zero was willing to go into greater risk to save his young wife.

The sounds of car engine echoed from outside. Victor was surprised as in the turbulent age a car was a luxury that not everyone could afford. The status of the residents who lived on the edge of city was quite low which meant that they couldn’t afford cars.

There was no such thing as cars in the edge of the city of wrath.

Two cars parked outside the clinic. One of them was an off-road SUV. The color of the SUV was yellowish brown which was meant to give a camouflage effect. Victor knew that it was Maestro’s car while the other was an old-style black sedan. The second vehicle was rare. In order to travel in the wilderness in such a car meant that it had to have enough defense to protect it from mob attacks. Although the car had retained original style but it was without a doubt that it had gone extensive modification. A cost of sedan like that would be enough to buy more than a dozen of SUVs.

Sedan was a symbol of identity. It meant that whoever was sitting in the sedan, he or she was certainly a prominent figure.

Maestro jumped off the SUV. Few men followed after him. They were Maestro’s men who were veterans of many battles and ruthless characters. They walked straight to Victor’s clinic. Victor realized that the situation was complex so he want to open the door while he let Leah stay inside the hall.

Maestro pointed towards Leah as soon as door opened. The veteran soldiers behind him went to get Leah.

“What the heck!” Victor shouted as he reached out towards the side of door to get his shotgun but Maestro intercepted him.

There was a helpless smile on Maestro’s face as he shrugged his shoulders: “Listen Victor. You better be silent as there is a big man there who wants the girl.”

“But she is …” Victor said.

“I know that she is that mercenary’s wife. I know that you have a fair deal with him.” Maestro interrupted Victor: “Hell, he even owes me a favor. But we can’t offend them.”

“Let me go!”

Leah screamed and struggled but it was useless as two veterans were grabbing her. One of them used his hand to fiddle with her but Maestro made a gesture for him to stop.

“Give the girl to the man outside without doing anything to her.” Maestro spoke out.

“Who is he?” Victor was disgusted by himself as he watched Leah to be taken away in front of him.

Maestro’s voice echoed as he left the clinic’s door: “The man is from Dark Council. Do you understand me now?”

Victor had heard about Dark Council and knew what kind of consequences City of Wrath would face if they didn’t comply with their messenger. He sighed as he quietly pulled away his hand from his pistol.

Leah was forcefully put into the black sedan. The car turned around and Victor saw a youth with short red hair.

If there was here then he would recognize the youth who he had seen in the wilderness. Unfortunately, Zero wasn’t in City of Wrath but in ruins of a city which was hundreds of kilometers away from the City of Wrath.

Zero was on top of a building which had dozens of floors.

The wind that blew was cold even during the day because of the height of the building. The strong radiation would take the life of an ordinary person at this height after a few minutes of blowing wind. However Zero’s body automatically adjusted to the climate.

The silver stripes on his golden right eye stretched out as Zero’s vision constantly adjusted the sight.

Zero found the ruins of the city which was occupied by the Wolf Gang as the information was provided to him by Maestro.

The Wolf Gang occupied the corner of the city. They had lots of ammunition, firearms and henchmen. Of course, the firearms and ammunition were looted and brought here.

The headquarters of the Wolf Gang was located in a stadium. They had transformed the stadium and built simple houses with metal and wood. The biggest metal house was at the western part of the stadium. It was about four times bigger than the rest of the houses. Zero speculated that it should be the residence of their leader.

People and animals were similar in a sense. Leader of the group always occupied the best place and resources. It was an eternal truth.

The materials that were looted by the Wolf Gang were piled up on the eastern part of the stadium. The members of the wolf gang were smoking and chatting as they sat above the ammunition boxes. It seemed that they weren’t worried that the ammunition under their ass was enough to blow them up to the heavens. There was a fight going on close to the people who were chatting. A group of men had surrounded two who fought. They were laughing and shouting.

The constitution of the members of the Wolf Gang was much sturdy in comparison to ordinary people because of the bad environment they lived in. Each member had a wolf tattoo on different parts of their body which was the sign of the gang. There were about hundred people left in their base. According to Maestro the Wolf Gang was involved in a big deal so the leader and others weren’t in the base.

Even so Zero couldn’t go against a hundred. He wasn’t even planning to save others captured by the Wolf Gang. His task would be completed as long as he saved Catherine.

Zero aimed the cold towards the eastern part of the stadium. He took a deep breath and pulled the trigger.

The high-pitched sound of a bullet shot unique to colt echoed which could be heard from hundred miles around.

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  1. Love is something you should left behind in a world where strength can easily take it away from you. unless you have sufficient stregth.

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