Warlord – Ch 65

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Warlord – Chapter 65

“I don’t!” Monica screamed: “I don’t want to deceive every person who is willing to help me. But Johnson won’t let me go if I don’t act so. He hurts me and leaves memorials that will last for eternity!”

Monica took off the think blanket that was covering her body. Her small and weak body trembling under the cold wind. There were three or four long scars on her body. It was obvious that they were drawn by sharp things. Zero couldn’t imagine what kind of a beast would do that to her.

His fists clenched as he blankly looked at the girl.

Monica wrapped the blanket around her body. She bowed her head as tears flew down: “I want to live! I want to live until I find my mother!”

Monica repeated the same sentence like maniac. Suddenly, she felt hands grab her shoulders. She looked up to see Zero’s eyes.

“You can’t guarantee your safety if you rely on protection of others. If you want protection then you have to become strong enough. You have to take your life into your own hands.” Zero continued: “I’ll protect you until you reach 18 years of age. Until then I’ll teach you how to survive and protect yourself in the wilderness.”

Zero squatted down: “I will throw you to mobs if you deceive me. They would like girls like you.”

Monica nodded her head: “Thank you, sir.”

Zero gently let go off her. Monica disappeared in a dark alley. Zero couldn’t go against his morals as he looked at the body of the child that was trembling in front of him. The picture would become a nightmare to him if he turned blind eye.

His heart wasn’t as cold as he looked on surface.

Leah hadn’t slept when Zero reached the hotel room. Leah looked at him: “Why are you so late?”

She came over and smelled Zero’s body like a little dog: “Smell of alcohol and taste of women’s perfume… I assume bar women are sweeter than me.”

Zero smiled as he looked at Leah who was acting like a jealous little wife. They saat on sofa. Zero didn’t say anything but fiercely kissed Leah’s lips. Leah resisted in a symbolic manner then their bodies entangled.

Leah’s face flushed as she opened her mouth to pant. She would suffocate if she didn’t let go of Zero.

“Give it to me.” Leah grabbed by Zero’s collar.

Zero shook his head: “Nope. Tomorrow I have a task. I need strength.”

“What’s the task?” Leah’s eyes lit up: “Is it for me?”

Zero nodded.

“Don’t go!”

“Don’t be silly.”

“No, I am serious.” Leah stood up: “Zero don’t run around for me.”

Zero’s eyes turned cold.

“Don’t look at me that way! Don’t forget although I don’t have a license but I’m still a doctor.” She sat on Zero’s lap and used his chest as pillow: “I’m very clear about the condition of my body. I accidentally scratched my body when you were out for the task back in Remit. Do you know what happened? My wound restored at a speed visible to the eye. New flesh grew up…the way it happened to Hans… ”

“At that time I understood that Hans’s cells were invading my body. I’ll turn into a monster like Hans at some point.” Leah shook her head: “It’s not a generic mutation! I know as there is no precedent to this type of mutation. There is no doctor or organization that can stop this! Zero, I’ll die! I will kill myself before I become a monster. However let me be your most beautiful wife until then. Don’t take useless risk for me. Please.”

Zero looked at her eyes: “I won’t give up as long as there is a hope! You are my wife. Do you get it?”

Leah wanted to continue but Zero covered her mouth. He hugged her and carried into bedroom. The lights in the room extinguished as the faint moaning echoed out.

Zero and Leah went to Victor’s clinic the next day. Victor had shaved his beard and combed his hair. The man looked much younger.

Leah listened to Zero although she wasn’t willing to go.

Zero took his motorcycle and left the City of Wrath. The road was repulsive and surly. The roads were broken, ruins were all over the place.

Zero traveled alone in the silent wilderness. He was like a lone wolf looking for his own prey.

Zero heard sounds of armored vehicles about hundred kilometers or so after his trip. Zero stopped the motorcycle and removed the eyepatch from his right eye.

Ron’s army was in the city and they were the only power center that could mobilize such a force. His golden right eye narrowed the horizon and he was able to see the armored vehicles. The armored vehicles didn’t belong to Remit colony either.

The coat of arms depicted on the vehicles had pictures of sword and shield. Zero had a limited knowledge of the organizations of the knew era so he didn’t know which company the vehicles belonged. Moreover there was a black car in the middle of two armored vehicles. A youth with red hair was sitting in the car. The youth immediately turned his head to look at Zero’s direction the moment Zero’s eye sight fell on him.

There was a puzzled expression on youth’s face as he couldn’t see Zero.

Zero turned back his head and started the motorcycle to continue his trip. Zero didn’t care who the other party was or which organization they belonged to.

Sometimes fate passes by you so inadvertently that you have to look back after a long time to see its trajectory.

Its just most of the time, its too late.

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  1. its harem anyway there are more to come. losing one is not a big deal. he will gain more sooner or later, the little girl is the proof, Zero just need more strength. I am not interested in the romance anyway.
    Leah is like Rize in TG. They will get her powers to create undying soldiers. Leah will become stronger later on she is an abillity user too I hope。

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