Warlord – Ch 64

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Warlord – Chapter 64

The love story of Victor and Catherine was known to all residents of the city as a boring story.

In this turbulent age, an expired bread was more valuable than love! However, Victor had no regrets…

Victor had met Catherine three years ago. He was an original resident of City of Wrath and Catherine was brought here the same year. Catherine was a slave brought by a businessmen. The businessman was tired of her so he had sold Catherine as a dancer to the pub. Catherine had been humiliated by countless men before she met Victor. However, the moment Victor saw her in pub he had fallen in love.

Most of the residents had told Victor not to get involved with Catherine. The woman was not clean as she had served way to many men. She had been infected with variety of diseases. She was beautiful so she was target of many men when she worked as a dancer. However after her infection she was less valuable than a street dog. Except the mobs from the wilderness no sane normal man would be interested in her.

It was then when Victor took Catherine to his home. Victor had to pay very cheap money to pub as Catherine didn’t have value in their eyes. Victor took care of Catherine and treated her. In the second year Catherine’s disease was cured. At the same time Catherine acted as a responsible wife.

Unfortunately, because of Catherine’s disease was treated way to late she was unable to give birth. Victor didn’t mind and both of them even decided to adopt a child.

The love between the two was like flower that bloomed in winter.

But it didn’t last for long. Cather was captured by Wolf Gang about six months ago.

The Wolf gang was a group of mobs. They were living in the ruins about 500 kilometers south of City of Wrath. They lived by looting nearby settlements and bases. Because of their lifestyles they were named as Wolf Gang.

6 months ago on that day Ron’s army had go to capture mutants and there was a lack of force in the City of Wrath. The Wolf Gang seemed to have planned to raid the City of Wrath so they came to city no long after Ron’s army went out.

The Wolf Gang was very smart as they didn’t go deep into the City of Wrath but attacked the edges of the city. Victor’s house as like the others who lived on the edge of the city was raided. Many people were killed. At the same time, Wolf Gang had captured Catherine.

Victor almost was killed at that time. However Maestro came on time with others and saved Victor’s life.

Victor as a repayment helped Maestro to cure his disease. Victor had asked Maestro to rescue Catherine but he was rejected. Maestro wasn’t a philanthropist and Victor didn’t have much to offer to him.

Moreover, it didn’t matter whether Maestro had a disease or not. A doctor in this era was worth an army of hundred. That may be the reason why Maestro had saved Victor.

Afterwards, Victor had issued a task in union hall but no mercenary dared to take it after six months.

The Wolf Gang consisted of 500 bandits. They had heavy firearms and it was said that the leader of Wolf Gang was a fourth-order ability user. No one knew what kind of the ability the leader had as no one who had seen it was alive.

Victor couldn’t save his wife so he was drinking alcohol all day long to numb his own feelings until the death knocked his door.

All this information was told to Zero by Maestro. Moreover Zero was willing to help such a man like Victor. He knew that Victor was one of few like him who believed in the presence of love in this turbulent era.

Zero turned the corner and saw the hotel owned by Ron’s company in sight. However a small figure stopped in front of him.

Monica was wrapped in a thin blanket. She seemed so petite that as if a breeze could blow away the little girl.

Zero narrowed his eyes as he looked at Monica. She looked a bit taller than the girl at the same age as her. Her chest wasn’t developed yet but a pair of bumps were visible. Moreover the silver long hair that covered half of her face made her look very attractive. Small girls like her sometimes made males go crazy than a beautiful young woman.

“I would have never meet a man who I have deceived alone at night if I were you. That’s definitely not a good idea.” He stretched his hand and gently touched Monica’s little face. Zero’s hand reached her chin and then stopped on her neck.

Monica smiled: “Sire, I know you won’t kill me! You were willing to rescue me even though we were strangers. I knew that you weren’t same as others.”

Zero sneered: “Are you trying to ridicule my naivety?”

“No, sir.” Monica continued: “This time there are no tricks. I’m begging you please take me away with you. Although I’m small but I can make you very comfortable.”

Monica held his hand and brought it between her legs.

“I only need safe environment. I will take care of three meals a day. I just need you to be my protector. Can you? Please?” Monica looked at Zero.

Zero looked at the little girl in front of him. In the old era, a girl like Monica would be taken care of her parents. In this turbulent era she had to pay with her own body for a safe environment.

But, Zero could have helped her if not for the scene in pub… Now…

He took back his hand. He said in a cold tone: “Sorry, but I don’t want a knife stuck to my neck in the middle of night.”

Monica’s eyes flushed with tears. Zero pretended not to see it as he felt very wrong.

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