Warlord – Ch 63

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Warlord – Chapter 63

It was 11 o’clock as Zero walked in the streets of City of Wrath. Most of the residents had gone to bed by time. Only the front of pub was bright. The energy and resources were very scarce. Although City of Wrath had its own wind power generators but they couldn’t waste the energy on lighting the city.

The lamps close to Ron’s company headquarters were bright all the night. Only the dark red clouds were casting the moonlight that could pass through them.

Zero walked towards Victor’s residence which was written on note. City of Wrath was a rare city that was located on surface. The radiation was affecting the residents of the city and the guests. Zero felt numb feeling from his skin which was the result of radiation affecting him. Zero had tested and confirmed in the last two years that his body was able to fend of the radiation of the surface.

However, others who were exposed to radiation for long-term had at least tissue diseases on them. Especially the residents of the City of Wrath had deformities which were much more than the residents of other settlements and cities. As a result, the doctors who did research on genes and cell variations were very popular everywhere.

Victor’s house was located at the edge of the city. It was not a place where a popular doctor should stay in.

Zero saw a three-story building that was Victor’s residence. The first floor acted as the clinic. He could see the shadows of medical equipment from the windows. Zero looked at the second floor which had lamps lit in it. He stood by the door and rang the doorbell.

The electronic doorbell issued a cheerful cry of a bird. At the same time a rude voice echoed from upstairs: “Get ready to be hit by your balls as you have disturbed the guy who wanted to have a little bit of rest!”

The door opened after Zero heard messy footsteps. A double shotgun was the first thing to poke out and point towards Zero’s forehead.

Zero was motionless as he stood still.

the shotgun was taken back after a moment of silence. A sloppy man came out from the house. He seemed to be around 30 years old. His hair was messy and it seemed that he hadn’t washed for long time. The beard on man’s chin was pruning out. A rich smell of alcohol exuded from the man. Actually he was holding onto a bottle of whiskey.

The man looked at Zero with his bloodshot eyes: “Either bullets or roll away!”

The man was about to close the door when Zero’s voice resounded.

“Mr. Victor, I was sent by Maestro.”

Victor replied in a cold tone: “Come in but I remind you have only 5 minutes.”

Although the room was dark but Zero could see the there was a thick layer of dust on top of tables, chairs and equipment in the clinic. It seemed that Victor hadn’t worked for quiet some time. They directly went upstairs to second floor.

There were leftovers of meals and alcohol bottles on the table. Cockroaches were attracted to them. There was thin sheet covering the old floor. It seemed that Victor’s life was no better than a bum’s.

“Dr. Victor, I was told that you have can treat genes and cells.”

Victor jumped onto the broken sofa and sipped from the whiskey bottle as if he was drinking water: “You have four more minutes.”

Zero frowned: “Dr Victor I need your help. It seems that there is mutation on my wife’s cells.”

Victor’s eyebrows jumped up when he heard the word ‘wife’.
“I don’t deserve to be called a doctor.” Victor said: “Moreover, why should I help you out? Maestro saved me once and I helped him out. So we are quits.”

Zero revealed his trump card: “I intend to make a fair deal with you.”

“What deal?” Victor casually asked.

“I will get your wife back from the Wolf Gang and you will promise to cure my wife. It’s a fair deal, isn’t it?”

Victor jumped up from the sofa. He looked at Zero then laughed: “Alone?”

“I’m not just a mercenary but an ability user. I’m very clear about your situation. Ron’s company doesn’t want to move out its army for a civilian and you can’t pay for Maestro’s forces to act. Probably no other mercenary wants to take this huge risk.”

Zero continued: “Dr Victor, its seems to me you have no choice. We can seal the deal as long as you nod. Don’t you love your wife?”

“I love Catherine!” Victor walked back and forth as he panted. He threw the bottle onto the ground: “Alright kiddo… I promise… But can you really save her?”

“I’ll bring her back as long as she is alive!” Zero looked at doctor’s eyes: “Doctor, believe me. I love my wife as much as you do love yours.”

“I believe you.” Victor nodded: “Bring your wife tomorrow. I’ll have a preliminary check. I will rest now.”

Zero left the clinic. His ears were sensitive as he heard Victor’s cries that echoed from upstairs. Zero was grateful to Maestro who gave him full information about Victor. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to deal with Victor.

However he owed Maestro a request. But it was fair. There was no free lunch in this world.

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