Warlord – Ch 62

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Warlord – Chapter 62

The man saw that Zero wasn’t going to back up: “Kiddo, you seen to have tender skin. I have few brothers who would be willing to enjoy you…”

The bottle bounced up and hit the man’s head before he could finish his word. The power of hit was so much that because of the impact the man’s body flew up and hit the wine table.

“Damn it! Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The others rushed at Zero.

A black man was wearing a glove with full of sharp nails. He punched towards Zero. If the hit was successful then Zero’s face would be disfigured.

Zero backed down and the girl automatically embraced him. At the same time his feet entangled the chair and threw it towards the fist of the man. The chair broke into pieces but the black man flied back and hit his companions.

“Hold the guy!” Another one of them took out his dagger as his rushed forward to pierce Zero’s chest.

Zero pushed the girl and put his one hand on the ground. He bounced up towards the man with the dagger.

Zero wasn’t using any enhancement but strength of an ordinary person. His fists hit the man without a stop. The moment Zero stopped punching a white foam flew down the man’s mouth.

Two companions who got by that time used dagger and an iron bar to hit Zero. They didn’t know when Zero had pulled out two M500s which were pointed at their eyebrows.

The silence was dormant in the pub. Even the people making love on the stage had come to stop. Only the heavy metal music was still playing.

The first man that was hit by Zero stood up and grabbed the dagger and went towards Zero.


A loud shouted echoed form the direction of entrance. The white man stopped as the sound was familiar to him. A middle-aged man walked from the door. He had a cigar in his mouth and there were three or four hideous scars on his face. The man came to stop in front of the white man with the dagger. He slapped his hand and the dagger fell to the ground.

“Boss?” The white man shouted.

The middle-aged man grabbed that man’s head with his hand and puffed out the smoke of cigarette onto his face: “I have saved you out right now. Now, get your minions and roll!”

The white man’s face flushed red but he finally settled down.

“Outsider, this pub ain’t a place to show off your guns! Take ‘em down before I call my brothers to waste you up.” The middle-aged man came towards the girl and pulled her up: “And Monica, you! Do this trick once more and I’ll play with your little ass!”

The girl’s face turned pale.

Zero put back his guns but he was surprised as he looked at the girl called Monica.

“Yes, its what you think.” The middle-aged man looked at Zero: “Monica and Johnson are part of the same group. They use this trick to hook sympathetic people like you. Kid, in the wilderness the compassionate ones are first to die. Put away your naivety.”

Zero’s eyes turned cold as he looked at Johnson, his men and Monica. Even the middle-aged man felt the chill. It was like a wolf was staring at them.The lone wolves were more cruel as they didn’t have companions. At the same time they were very vengeful.

“Let them go! Unless you want to stir up trouble.” The middle-aged man was first to recover: “I will treat you for a drink as I see you have good skills. ”

Zero shook his head: “No need as I would like to treat you for a drink Maestro.”

The middle-aged man looked at Zero: “Do you know me?”

“I haven’t met you before but now we are acquainted.” Zero quietly watched John and the rest leave. The girl called Monica was the last to leave. She turned to looked at Zero as she was by the door. It seemed that she wanted to say something but she didn’t talk and pushed the door.

“Hey, did you take a liking to Monica? Although I haven’t tried her but I have heard that she is tight.” Maestro patted Zero’s shoulder: “I can help you out with hook up. What do you say?”

“No.” Zero turned his head and looked directly at Maestro’s eyes: “I was looking for you as I need intel.”

“Everyone wants information but my knowledge isn’t for sale.”

“What do you want?”

“You can’t provide what I want. I already have money and women…” Maestro spoke in a slow manner: “You are a mercenary and I can smell the taste of death on you. Let’s put it this way. You will owe me a request! I will ask for your service when I need it. What you say?”

Zero coldly looked at him and Maestro rephrased his terms: “It seems you are not only mercenary but a shrewd one. Alright, you can refuse if you feel that my task would be unreasonable.”


Maestro lifted a glass and took a sip: “What do you wanna know?”

“I have a friend who has a disease…Gene and cell variation. I want to know which companies or organizations has the ability to heal this disease.”

Maestro put away the cigar and smiled: “I don’t know about any company or organization but there is an excellent doctor in the City of Wrath. He is called Victor and lives in the west side of the City. He will be able to solve out your problem.”

Zero blankly looked at Maestro.

“True story mate. Don’t look at me that way.”

Maestro lifted up his left hand. He was wearing a glove. Maestro took off the glove and pulled up his sleeve. Zero saw that up to his elbow Maestro’s arm was covered with scales. His palm and fingers were deformed. It looked like an arm of a beast rather than a human.

“My body began to transform three years ago. I would have become a monster if not for Victor.” Maestro smiled: “But the man has a bad temper. He won’t heal anyone unless you can get his favor.”

Zero went out from the pub. He had a piece of paper on his hand where Victor’s address was written.

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