Warlord – Ch 60

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Warlord – Chapter 60

Aaron’s mood was worse than bad. His team had encountered and provoked groups of creatures on their way to Remit.

He was aware that Zero and Leah went to Remit so he directly left Z7 base. Aaron had calculated that they would reach Remit by the second day of Zero’s arrival. He was planning to capture and detain Zero and Leah soon and take them back to Dark Council headquarters.

However life wasn’t as sweet as his plans and calculations.

Aaron was ‘late’ because they encountered a group of migrating zombies on the road.

It was the same group that Zero and Ted had encountered at the outskirts of Silver Tree city.


Aaron was in hurry to catch up with Zero and Leah so he had decided to move at day and night. The wandering zombies heard Aaron’s army’s move so they attacked them. It was the first encounter.

Of course, the migrating zombies weren’t much and couldn’t be considered as a threat to Aaron’s army. The battle finished soon after it began. Aaron didn’t take the battle into heart and ordered his army to move forward. He didn’t think that in the ruins not far away there were thousands of zombies. They had heard the sounds of battle and moved towards Aaron’s army. This time they faced no just hundred but thousands of zombies.

Aaron’s army wouldn’t be delayed if it was just simple zombies. There were lots of butchers, rippers and high level elite monsters in the second encounter. The number of butchers and rippers were about twenty.

The butchers were like tanks. However rippers were short in appearance and looked no different thank ordinary zombies. The ripper were known for their bone variations. Any bone in their body could deform according to the needs to ripper. Their bones could actually easily rip apart the armor vehicles. In addition, their flexibility and speed were far beyond of butchers.

In most cases, the rippers were more dangerous than butchers. In the second encounter half of Aaron’s army was used as cannon fodders and his army decreased by half in matter of hours.

They were able to kill the second group but his tracker came with a new message. Another group of zombies was assembled and was moving in their direction. Aaron knew that they didn’t have the strength to fight against more zombies so he issued an order to retreat back to Silver Tree City. They used the buildings in Silver Tree City to their advantage and had a three-day long battle with zombies in Silver Tree City.

After the battle Aaron didn’t dare to move overnight. They began to move during daytime while hide in the nighttime. At the same time Aaron sent Karen, his tracking expert to gather intelligence. Aaron wanted to know the distribution of zombies on the way as he didn’t want to have another meaningless battle.

Karen found out a very strange situation.

Karen moved along the traces of zombies to a ruins not far away. A region of ruins was protects by butchers, rippers and other high-level monsters. Karen used a nearby high-rise to collect and send information. At the same time the information was send by Aaron to the Dark Council.

Aaron saw something that he would never forget for his whole life.

Countless zombies and monsters ate each other in the building. The intestines, internal organs and brains were all over the floor. The bloody picture could make a normal person starve for few days.
Aaron wasn’t weak but he wasn’t thick enough to turn a blind eye to the situation.

Aaron reported the videos and pictures to the headquarters. It wasn’t his task so he didn’t went to investigate the abnormal activities shown by zombies. Aaron and his army moved towards Remit.

Soon, he received an instruction from the headquarters – ‘Silence.’ Aaron was clear that such a huge number of zombies coming together meant a disaster. Any base or company within the 3000 kilometers of ruins was in danger. Dark Council wasn’t planning to let the nearby companies and settlements know about the zombies and Aaron naturally wasn’t interested in informing the others. It was a backwater place. Even his family(parker conglomerate) had a small mine base in here but it wasn’t of importance.

Aaron looked at Sean but didn’t mention about the biochemical storm that was brewing thousand kilometers behind the Remit.

Right now, Aaron was more concerned about Zero and Leah.

Sean smiled as he looked at the photo: “We will be able to help you…”

It was the best news that Aaron had heard in the last week. A rare smile appeared on Aaron’s face.

Ron company was situation in a place called City of Wrath. The place was located near a seaside. Because of the geological situation the City of Wrath didn’t have underground base. Instead Ron’s company had set up variety of devices to purify radiation to reduce the impact of surface radiation on residents.

The ordinary people had changed in the last 50 years too. Their resistance towards radiation had increased by many times in comparison to people before the Catastrophe. Therefore it was enough for them to barely survive in City of Wrath with the help of purification devices. The only problem was that their life expectancy would be one-third lower than people who lived in underground bases. Moreover they would be infected by variety of strange diseases.

Having a roof over your head was regarded as living in heaven in this turbulent age. So the inhabitants of the City of Wrath didn’t complain about the life standards of the settlement.

Zero and Leah had arrived in this settlement at noon yesterday. There was no entry or exit checkpoints in the city. Ron company had adopted a relaxed system. Only the headquarters of Ron’s company was guarded by soldiers. The security officers in the city only maintained order.

Of course, security officers and sheriffs didn’t care much about order. Normally, they would just walk by the scene of crime. The City of Wrath was a free city… A city of chaos.

Zero rented a room in an hotel run by Ron’s company. The prices were 30% higher than average hotels but no one dared to make trouble in the hotel. Leah stayed in the room while Zero went to the union hall of City of Wrath to register as a temporary mercenary.

Zero was hoping to meet the chairman of union after completing the registration. He was hoping to take the opportunity to approach top tier of Ron’s company to get information about organizations and companies that could cure Leah. However He hadn’t heard any news from the appointment. That’s why Zero had decided to put it aside for a while and find another channel to get information.

The pub of the City of Wrath was a place where he could get information. That’s why at 9 o’clock in the evening Zero was standing in front of the only pub of City of Wrath.

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