Warlord – Ch 59

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Warlord – Chapter 59

Sun rays smashed to the ground. The air seemed distorted on the road. It wasn’t known how tomorrow would turn out as the world itself was in turbulence.

Zero’s spine was leaning against the heavy motorcycle. His hands were massaging his own temple. A pain was spreading from depth of his head which made Zero feel very uncomfortable.

It was not very difficult to shoot a target that was thousand meters away. However it wasn’t so simple to make sure that both bullets hit the same point in that distance.

Zero had to calculate trajectory of shot, air resistance, the interference of wind and even the magnetic field to make sure that the target was hit. The first bullet had penetrated Ralph’s force field and second bullet had taken his life. At eye sight it looked like simple operation but it required complex and sophisticated calculations. The problem was that the degree of brain processing power was more than Zero’s brain could bear.

Zero was lucky that he was left with a headache but not a brain hemorrhage. Moreover, it seemed that the working of his nerves and brain had taken a big step forward. He didn’t know what will happen to his brain. He wasn’t aware whether consequences would be good or bad. However he expected that if he had to do such a feet again then he would be able to do it much more faster.

Zero stood up but his body felt very weak. He had consumed a lot of energy during the battle. Leah handed out bread and bottle of water to him. Zero took it without hesitation and began to ate and drink at a fast rate.

Leah was surprised to see Zero act so. She had always seen him be quiet and gentlemanly. It was rare to see Zero eat so wildly. Zero didn’t think much about anything as he ate the bread and drank the water. The amount he had eaten normally was enough for him to survive somewhere from ten days to half a month.

“Are you alright?” Su looked at Zero with curiosity.

Zero felt the energy taken out from the food were spread into his body and limbs. The weak feeling that he felt moments ago was replaced by strength.

Zero looked at Su: “Yes, I was a bit hungry. By the way, thanks very much. We would be in a lot of trouble without you.”

“It’s alright. I wanted to get them for the thing they did back in university.” Su put her sword back in sheath: “I have to thank you. The material that you had given me reduced the weight of my sword by one-third. My attack speed has improved at least by half. This has enhanced my combat performance so it’s fair to help you once.”

Su smiled as she wasn’t planning to cover up her own deficiencies neither her intent on helping Zero. She felt that although they weren’t on friend level yet but they weren’t strangers either.

The notion of friendship was uncommon in wilderness. There were very few real friends. Because of interests and survival there were no friend or enemies forever in this new world.

“Where are you planning to go?” Zero asked as he checked their heavy motorcycle.

Su turned to look at the distant wilderness: “I’ll be wandering around here and there. Get tasks, earn money, buy news, find enemies… I think this cycle will last for a long time…”

The outer part of the heavy motorcycle had some dents but the engine was intact. Zero started the motorcycle and the engine began to work immediately.

Su grabbed Zero’s arm and pulled him towards herself. She kissed him on his cheek. Zero and Leah were stunned.

“Pretty boy, let’s have a drink next time we meet.”

Zero shook his head as he looked at Su who went away. He knew that the kiss meant as a reward. Zero thought that he began to like her regardless of her style.

“Let’s go, our journey is far from end.” Zero looked at Leah.

Leah recovered from her initial shock and got on motorcycle. She hugged Zero’s waist.

She didn’t care where their journey would come to end as she had decided to accompany Zero until the end of her life.

Three days after Zero’s departure a distinguished guest came to Remit colony.

The guest had red hair and was wearing a dark red leather robe. There was a sword and shield pattern on the chest of his robe which represented the most mysterious organization of the Nakasu continent.

Dark Council!

There were rumors that Dark Council was the real master of the continent. Sean didn’t dare to deny the rumors. The Dark Council had unimaginable resources and forces. Their sphere of influence had spread to all parts and corners of the continent. Although there was no clear master-subordinate relationship between any base and Dark Council but no base or settlement was willing to offend the Dark Council. Remit colony was no exception to this rule.

The name of Sean’s guest was Aaron. The man was very young but was already a captain and had his own private army. Sean saw that the equipment that Aaron’s army used was top notch and they could be very efficient at the battlefield. However Sean could feel very vague and faint smell of blood on Aaron and rest.

Sean’s eyes were always keen on small details.

Sean was aware of the rule to never offend a group that has just went out from the battlefield, even if they looked weak. You would never know what would happen if you offended such a force. Especially an army that had direct link to the Dark Council.

“Lord Aaron, what can I do for you?” Sean said with a smile on his face.

Aaron waved an his subordinate brought a tablet which wasn’t thicker than 5 cms. It was a tablet for ‘Crimson Knights’ provided by the Dark Council. It had access to the main computers of Dark Council and had permissions for variety of functions.

The photo storage was one of the most basic functions of the tablet. Aaron stroked his fingers and two pictures popped up: “Tell me where these two are! I know that they had visited Remit so please don’t challenge my IQ in this respect.”

Sean was surprised for a moment as he looked at photos.

It was a pair of man and woman. Sean hadn’t met the woman but vice-chairman Sean recognized the man on the photo. Zero!

Sean looked at Aaron. His mood seemed very gloomy. Sean didn’t want or dare to play tricks with Aaron. Sean liked Zero and his methods. But on the other end of the scale was the Dark Council. Sean didn’t hesitate for a second as he chose his side.

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