Warlord – Ch 58

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Warlord – Chapter 58

Claude returned back to Remit by afternoon.

He was a man who controlled the underground of Remit and engaged in variety of profitable criminal activities. Claude had interests in weapons trafficking, gambling, slave trade and so on. Actually, he hadn’t tried road robbery for many years. He didn’t go after Zero because of 10,000$ or Leah but because of pride and dignity. Claude thought that he had lost face in the Remit.

The problem was that Claude couldn’t take care of Zero in the Remit. Even though he had small strength in the settlement but there were people who were much more powerful than him. Sean who was the vice-chairman of the Remit held onto real power. The man controlled 80% of troops of Remit. Claude wasn’t willing to offend Sean so he planned to deal with Zero after the two left Remit.

Claude had inquired about information on Zero. He knew that Zero was a capable second-order ability user. As a result, he contacted T-Rex and Ralph because they were third-order ability users. Including his own minions, Claude was going to deal with Zero for good.

Claude didn’t think that there would be another ability user who would intervene in his business. The revenge had turned into a joke. Claude escaped and fled back. He changed his clothes outside the base to mask the trace and smell of gunpowder. Claude didn’t want Sean to have any misunderstanding as the ‘retaliation’ took place not far from Remit.

Claude gestured the guards to protect his apartment as he entered it. He was relieved to get back into his quiet room. He didn’t fear Zero’s revenge in Remit.

Claude poured a cup of poor quality red wine and sat on sofa. He drank a mouthful and closed his eyes. Claude wasn’t an ability user but an ordinary man. Although he acted like a merciless villain but he ran away most of the time when he felt that opportunity was lost.

Claude felt fear when he saw the battle between ability users. Ralph’s ice spear and the woman’s swords were out of his reach. The most common shooting ability shown by Zero could take Claude’s life with ease.

He realized that perhaps he shouldn’t have provoked Zero even though he was just a second-order ability user.

Claude rubbed his temple with his hands as there was chaos in his mind. Suddenly, he felt his shoulders sink down as if someone was applying force.

Claude reached out for his pistol in shock but he felt coldness on his neck. He quickly dispelled the idea and opened his eyes. There was a blood red dagger touching his arteries. Claude knew that he would lose his life as long as dagger was gently pulled.

Claude didn’t dare to move. There was an elegant figure in front of his eyes. A man came from side and dragged over a chair. He sat on top of chair. The artificial light fell on his face from the window. The crutch in his hand gently clicked on the ground.

It is Sean!

Claude didn’t expect the vice-chairman of the union to be present in his room.

“Bella, let go of him.” Sean picked up the cup from the table and smelled the wine. He frowned and put back the cup.

The dagger left Claude’s neck and came to stop behind Sean. The woman was around 25 or 26 years old. The dagger in her hand was the same color as her hair. She was wearing black tight leather uniform. There was a golden snake pattern engraved on her chest. Claude began to deeply breath as he saw the pattern.

The uniform referred to the private forces called ‘Cobra’ which were under vice-chairman Sean’s command. The woman’s name was Bella who was the leader of the private army. It was said in rumors that the woman was also Sean’s lover.

Claude knew that only Sean was able to enjoy this beautiful snake and stay alive. Others could only swallow their saliva.

“Mr Claude, I was very puzzled when I got a report that there was a fierce battle near the Essex Bridge which is about two hundred kilometers from Remit. The mercenaries that were involved in mapping the university were fighting there…” Sean smiled: “Can you tell me what’s going on?”

Claude’s face turned gloomy. He didn’t intend to solve out his problem near Remit but there were endless plains after Essex Bridge. He couldn’t afford to pay salaries of two ability users for long so he decided to ambush Zero by Essex bridge.

He thought that Sean wouldn’t be interested if he killed Zero but the facts were prooving that he was wrong. Sean didn’t even come alone but brought Bella with him.

“Vice-chairman, I can explain …”

Sean interrupted Claude before he could justify himself.

“Mr. Claude, I’m really disappointed with your actions. I have all the evidence and proof that you had planned the ambush…” Sean spread his hand and made a helpless expression: “Do you know why you were free to do what you did until now? It was because I needed a villain. A villain who would foil everything and I could come up with strict justice and rules. That was the sole reason why I had tolerated you until now.” Sean continued: “I closed my eyes to your actions as I profited from them. But you went after an ability user. You are nothing but a garbage. However Zero is second-order ability user which I really lack. My Remit… I plan to make Remit much more bigger than it is now. I want it to be the center of the continent!”

Claude looked at Sean in surprise. He always thought that Sean was a modest and gentle man. He didn’t expect that Sean would hold to such an ambition.

“I can’t achieve my goals alone. I need people like Bella and Zero. I wanted the ability users who didn’t belong to any group to join us…” Sean’s voice turned cold: “But who would join us if they think that Remit can’t provide safety for ability users? Mr Claude, your actions touched my bottom line. I hope you understand that its very hard to find ability users while villains are all over the street…”

“Mr Sean, I promise…There won’t be next time.” Claude looked pale.

Sean stood up and bowed: “Thanks for your contribution and cooperation for all these years. The thing is Remit doesn’t need you anymore.”

Vice-chairman turned and left. Bella was left in the room. Claude looked at the sexy woman.

Bella looked at Claude and sat on sofa by Claude’s side. Her face closed to Sean’s head. She stretched out her pink tongue and began to lick Claude’s era.

Claude felt a torrent pass through his body. The flames in his abdomen rose up.

Bella began to lick Claude’s neck. The red dagger fell down and began to cut off Claude’s coat.

She began to lick his chest and went all the way to his waist.

Bella laughed as she pointed the dagger to Claude’s intestine. Claude breathed heavily because of temptation and danger. Bella stood up, opened her legs and sat on Claude’s body.

Because of tight leather clothing it looked as if she was naked. Claude couldn’t hold himself and wanted to enjoy Bella’s body.

Bella’s body touched Claude’s chest.

“Give it to me, give it to me!” Claude shouted.

Bella tongue entered Claude’s mouth. Claude’s desires erupted like a volcano. He reached out and touched Bella’s thin waist. It was necessary to take off her tight leather pants. Suddenly, he felt a coldness and all his desires extinguished.

Bella was still kissing him but dagger had pierced Claude’s chest and minced it apart. Claude couldn’t speak but a mouthful of blood erupted from his mouth. Bella swallowed the blood and drank it.

She was no different than a vampire.

The only one who could enjoy Bella’s body and not be killed by her was Sean who had saved her from mobs. It was like that and it would always be like that!

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