Warlord – Ch 57

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Warlord – Chapter 57

M500 revolver in Zero’s hand shot the bullet. A violent sound echoed as the bullet left the barrel of the revolver. In an instant the bullet passed the distance of 100 meters and closed to Ralph’s chest.

At the same time Su’s sword was almost a centimeter away from Ralph’s neck. It was going to slice his soft skin, tear apart blood vessels and cut off his head.

However all of this was just a speculation.

“Don’t underestimate me!” Ralph shouted in anger as an invisible field pushed out from his body.

Elemental force field!

It was a basic ability that each ability user from the element domain had to master. The performance and outburst of the field was different from element to element. Ralph was proficient in water element so his force field was composed of ice that was made from the water. The force field made by Ralph was enough to reduce the strength of attacks aimed at him.

Su’s sword cut through the water field but it was very difficult for her sword to cut through. Ralph bowed his head and reached out towards her.

Dozens of thumb sized ice spikes formed and rotated while they were directed at Su.

Su had to protect herself so she took back the sword towards her chest. Gray light burst out as shock waves accurately hit every ice spike.

The bullet was stopped by the force field. The bullet was frozen on air and dropped to ground.

Ralph wasn’t reacting to Zero as he was focused on killing Su.

Claude who was away from Ralph looked at the battle between three ability users. He realized that ordinary people would become nothing but cannon fodders if they were involved in a battle with ability users. Claude saw that Zero and Su were focused on Ralph so he took the opportunity and escaped. The rest of the riders wouldn’t stay if their boss left the battlefield. As a result they ran away too.

The reality of the battle was that the strength of element domain user was far powerful than a Zero’s and swordsman of combat domain. Ralph’s force field was able to block their attacks so he took the chance to turn offensive mode.

Su bit her lips as the sword in her hand danced around to protect her body. Occasionally she would send a shockwave cut but Ralph was successful in protecting his body with a force field.

“Hide there…Don’t come out.”

Zero pointed towards a boulder for Leah to hide.

The problem was that the bullets in M500 were running out. There were about dozen bullets left and it wouldn’t be enough for two rounds of shooting. His eyes focused on the heavy motorcycle. The ammunition and colt was there. As soon as Leah reached the back of the boulder he ran towards the motorcycle.

Zero felt his skin being pierced by needles when he was about three meters away from the motorcycle.

An ice spear was on air and if he continued to move forward he would be nailed by it.

He didn’t stop but directed the muzzle of the revolver. He shooted and hit the ice spear. It burst into crystal powder on sky. At the same time Zero rolled forward. Four or five ice spears hit the ground he was previously at. The surface of the ground where the frozen spears hit froze up. If Zero was hit by ice spear then his body would be frozen on spot and he would be immobilized.

“Where are you looking?” Su shouted.

Her hand rapidly waved the sword as invisible shockwave cuts swept towards Ralph’s chest.

Ralph knew that the shockwave cut was able to slice off aerial sub-machine gun. He didn’t have defensive enhancement so he couldn’t use his body to protect itself. He moved his attention back from Zero and shouted out. The air in front of him began to freeze at a rate visible to eye. The ice began to entangle together and formed a half a meter thick solid ice wall.

A thin crack as small as a hair began to appear on the surface of the ice formation. The cracks continued to penetrated the ice and stopped when 5 cm were left to breakthrough the ice wall. Kacha~ The ice wall broke into pieces.

Su jumped over. Her feet touched the leftovers from the ice wall and she forced her body to jump higher. She was about ten meters high when she used both her hands to grab the hilt of the sword and attack Ralph as hard as she could.

Ralph was quick in deciding that neither force field or an ice shield could defend such an attack. He rolled towards side. At the same time the ground froze up and turned as smooth as a mirror. His speed of movement increased.

The sword hit the ground and a crack appeared on ground.

Ralph bounced up from the ground. Bang~ He heard the hoarse sound of the shot. The force field rushed out from Ralph’s body. He turned to look back.

Zero used the shotgun to shoot at Ralph once more.

The force field of Ralph trembled in shock as it blocked to bullets send from the shotgun. At the same time few ice spears stabbed towards Zero’s feet. Ralph had underestimated Zero’s perception of risk and speed of reaction. He had already changed his location by the time ice spears were reaching Zero.

There was cold sweat all over Ralph’s forehead and spine. The users of element domain, regardless of which element they were proficient at, had much more destructive power in comparison to other domain users. Even Su who was proficient as a fifth-order cold weapon specialist couldn’t win third-order water element proficient Ralph.

Since the beginning of the fight Ralph didn’t have time to take a breath of relief as he was involved in constant battle. His willpower and mental strength were depleted. He speculated that he could fight against Zero and Su for twenty minutes. But past that he would be a dead man.

Ralph saw that Su was good a swordsman while Zero had excellent marksmanship. He decided that he wouldn’t be able to finish off the opponents in 20 minutes. Fear began to take over his heart. He decided that escape was a better choice.

If there was no will to fight then it didn’t matter how powerful the ability was. Moreover, Ralph was only a third-order ability user which meant that he was far from being called powerful.

Ralph took a deep breath and two groups of ice mist appeared in front of him. He shouted as both groups of ice mist began to move towards Su and Zero. The ice fogs were composed of countless irregular sharp borneols. (google it, refers to the shape)

Su waved the sword in her hand. The vertical and horizontal shockwave cuts chopped each piece of borneol. Zero continuously shooted from the shotgun. The dense lead bullets offset the fog.

Ralph began to desperately flee in opposite direction as he took the advantage while both of them were distracted. He couldn’t run fast but because of the ice path formed underneath his feet he could slide. As a result his speed was not inferior to second-order agility enhancement.

“Kill him!” Su shouted.

Ralph had said a truth before. It was true that it was not a good idea to offend a user of element domain. The man would retaliate if they didn’t kill Ralph today. It meant that they had to be on defense all the time. You may not know even how you would die. You may drink a cup of water and the next moment it may turn into a sharp ice spike in your throat. If an element domain user acted as an assassin then it would be a very big headache.

Su was nervous because of that. Ralph was about hundreds of meters away from them and was beyond the reach of her shockwave cut. The only hope she had was Zero who had colt.

Zero took the Colt and squatted down. He closed his left eye while the silver stripes in his golden right eye narrowed. Ralph’s figure appeared in Zero’s eye. He pulled the trigger.

Bullets shot as the sound of gunshot echoed in the wilderness.

Ralph stopped the moment gunshot echoed. The force field appeared around him. He closed his eyes because of fear. It didn’t even take a second that he opened his eye. The bullet was standing less than 5 cms away from his temple.

If he was a second late then Zero would have taken his soul.

A smile appeared on Ralph’s face as he looked at Zero’s direction. Almost at the same time the sound of second bullet echoed. Ralph clearly saw that the bullet which was stopped on air was hit by something.

The second bullet didn’t have the slightest error in the trajectory. It used the ‘passage’ cut out by the first bullet and hit Ralph’s forehead.

Ralph’s body left the ground because of the kinetic energy of the bullet. The man’s body flew off.

How could this be?

It was Ralph’s last question. Even in death he didn’t believe that someone who was so far away could hit two shots without the slightest error in trajectory. The computers couldn’t do it! However Ralph didn’t have a way to find the answer to his question. His lifeless body fell to the ground. Afterwards his body could at best become food for the monsters of the wilderness.

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