Warlord – Ch 56

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Warlord – Chapter 56

Zero’s golden right eye constantly adjusted as he checked the nearby environment. A three-dimensional map formed in his mind. He had to find the escape route.

Unfortunately, they were on a plain zone. The road was like a snake which twisted all the way to the end of the horizon. There were few dead trees and stones on both sides but they couldn’t be used as a cover. There was a faint silhouette of a building on his left side. But they had to get rid of Claude and others to get there.

It’s wasn’t impossible as Ralph and T-Rex seemed to be the only ones with abilities. Their abilities were destructive but they lacked speed. The only thing that was problem was several motorcycles and Claude’s car. He couldn’t get rid of the modern vehicles as he had Leah with himself. He had to find a way to destroy the vehicles.

The problem was that an aerial machine gun and ability from the element domain were going to make it very hard for him to complete the task.

Ralph narrowed his eyes as he whispered to Claude: “No need for useless talk. Let’s get started.”

Claude nodded his head.

Zero moved as Claude nodded his head.

He used the explosive speed of second-order agility enhancement to carry Leah with himself. At the same time he used his left hand to grab the M500 and aim at Claude’s car’s fuel tank.

“Damn!” Ralph pushed Claude as he jumped sideways.


The car instantly exploded.

Zero put back the M500 and took out his dagger as he got into the rows of motorcycle group. He used the dagger to slice the necks of the riders. They were very tiny cuts but fatal ones.

The group of riders become chaotic in the blink of an eye. Zero had a super speed which made it hard for amateur riders to accurate aim. Zero had killed three riders when the sounds of the aerial machine gun echoed.

“Kill him! Don’t worry about the others!” Claude shouted as he looked at his car which had exploded.

T-rex had already lifted the aerial machine gun even without Claude’s command.


The aerial machine gun sprayed the bullets at Zero’s direction.

All the hair on Zero’s body erected because of strong sense of crisis. He automatically entered the ‘bullet time’ state and everything slowed up.

Zero clearly saw that the firing of T-Rex had covered everything within 100 meters. But T-rex had concentrated the fire above Zero’s waist. Zero would be torn apart if he the bullets hit him.

He hugged Leah and squatted down. There was air resistance because of his movement. The bullet time finished and the world returned back to its original time flow.

T-Rex saw that Zero suddenly disappeared from his line of sight. The bullets had killed all of Claude’s minions instead of Zero and Leah.

“Damn!” T-rex cursed as he tried to pressure down the muzzle of the aerial machine gun.

At the same time a sound echoed as if wind passed by T-rex. Snip~~


T-Rex looked down to see the aerial machine gun that he had used for so many years break into two. The bullet that was about to be shot stuck in the chamber. T-rex’s finger was pulling the trigger as he hadn’t recognized what had happened. The next moment, the aerial machine gun blew up!

T-Rex retreat back a few steps. There were dozens of bullets that were fired with the destruction of the machine gun. The second-order defense enhancement of T-Rex couldn’t offset all of them because of the distance of explosion. Moreover, everything happened so fast that he couldn’t even utilize his ability.

T-Rex raised his hand to grab his throat. A stray bullet had pierced through it. He wanted to say something but sound wasn’t made as his throat was blown too. He clutched his throat but blood flowed down like a stream of water.

Ralph’s mind went blank as he saw T-rex’s huge body crash down.

Ralph turned towards the location of the attacker on instinct. Few ice spikes formed as they accelerated towards a small tree not far from them. Su went out from behind the tree and waved her sword to strike the ice spikes.

“Slut!” Ralph shouted.

Zero pulled Leah up and saw Su appear from behind the tree.

The sword in her hand was looking different. The blade seemed more fine and sword looked much narrow. The long and narrow sword body reflected the run rays. It seemed that she had used the hard shells of the spider queen to re-cast the sword.

Su approached them as the sword in her hand swayed.

It seemed as if Ralph had forgotten about Zero: “You got money from me yesterday evening! You promised not to intervene in our business! What happened?”

Su indifferently replied: “It’s true that I took your money… But I don’t remember about promising not to intervene in this matter…”

Ralph remembered that she really didn’t promise anything but got the envelope! He shouted: “Are you playing around? Do you know that its not funny when you offend an ability user of element domain?!”

“I know.” There was a smile on her face as she raised the sword towards Ralph: “I’ll have to kill you in here.”

“Are you an idiot? Are you going to kill me with that sword of yours?” Ralph shouted. The temperature was declining around them and it seemed that he had launched his ‘aura’ ability.

“What if we 2 work together?” Su reminded.

Ralph turned towards Zero. Latter was aiming M500 revolver at him. At the same time as Ralph turned his head Su waved her sword.

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    1. Can anyone tell me why Zero didn’t buy grenades? Is it because he can’t acquire it immediately if he purchase one?

      1. No idea, but grenades are no good when he travels with wifu. She isn’t as fast as him and could get cought up in the explosion.

  1. Hahaha lol dean is still a beer gin tho..
    Unlike zero already eaten leah hahahaha 😂
    Yue zhong love loli…
    Tnx for the update

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