Warlord – Ch 55

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Warlord – Chapter 55

Zero checked the rearview mirrors of the motorcycle. Two modified scooters were approaching them. The scooters had two thick rows of pipes extending from them which showed that they were modified for fast speed. Moreover Zero was riding at 200 km per hour but the motorcycles at the back were constantly closing the distance with them.

There was a person riding each scoot. Their upper bodies were bare while they wore tattered jeans. They were wearing helmets but not the caps meant for motorcycles. It seemed that they were made from animal skulls.

One of them took out a sub-machine gun. This kind of firearms were very common and normal people could get them as much as enough money was paid. The sub-machine guns were fast but their range and power were low. Of course, the bullets shot from the sub machine gun would be fatal if the distance was about 100 meters.

Zero knew that the people weren’t planning to catch them but kill.

He somewhere remembered Ralph and linked together two unrelated things.

The muzzle of the sub-machine gun was aimed at Zero. He shouted: “Leah, grab harder!”

At the same moment the black motorcycle make a slight left and right move. The ones following them understood that Zero was planning to change the trajectory of his movement. They nodded at each other as they began to separate.

But the black motorcycle kept moving straight towards the bridge!

The riders of the scooters changed back the trajectories of their drive but Zero’s motorcycle slowed down. A sharp brake sound echoed out and the heavy motorcycle nailed to the ground. Because of the propulsion the tail of motorcycle and rear wheel raised up and fell down. As a result dust burst out.

The enemy riders couldn’t respond on time. Moreover even though there were two hundred meters of distance between them but the scooters were moving at 200 km per hour speed. The distance of 200 meters were covered in an instant. Both of them quickly braked but they had already passed Zero’s motorcycle.

The enemy riders turned to look at Zero. Two M500 revolvers were lifted and aimed at their scooters. Bang! Bang! The bullets left the M500 and hit the gasoline tanks of the scooters. Boom~ Boom~ The scooters blew up!

Zero run the motorcycle as they headed towards the bridge. The bridge was arch-shaped. It was a steel cable bridge which didn’t rely on stone piers. The river flowed under the bridge unimpeded. The color of the water had changed to bridge red because of pollution and radiation.

The motorcycle headed to the highest point of the bridge.

They were in the middle when they saw that the exit of the bridge was closed by a container truck. There were six or seven men standing on top of the container who had sub-machine guns.

At the same time Zero heard a loud whistle coming from behind. He looked at rear-view mirror to see another truck behind them. It was approaching them.

Zero felt that Leah was trembling. He tapped her hand: “Don’t be afraid.”

Zero pushed the throttle as the heavy motorcycle rushed towards the exit.

The truck that was chasing them began to accelerate too.

“Lower!” Zero shouted as he bent as much as he could. It was like the motorcycle and the Zero were affixed together.

The men on the other side began to fire from the sub-machine guns. However Zero constantly changed the trajectory of the motorcycle. The men seemed to be inexperienced as they lacked the judgement that even the ordinary soldiers had.

The motorcycle was about to container behind the truck when it suddenly turned sideways and slided. Leah’s repeatedly screamed as the motorcycle wiped the ground and passed under the chassis of the truck.

“What the fuck!” The men cussed out as they turned to the other side. However they heard the sound of another truck that was rushing at them.

The truck wasn’t something that you could stop at any moment as it was moving at high speed. The driver of the truck opened the door and jumped out from it.

Zero and Leah were on the other side when two trucks hit each other at the exit of the bridge. The truck’s container that was there to block their movement was broken from the middle. The men on the truck screamed as both trucks exploded and flames hit the sky.

“It’s all right.” Zero tried to console Leah.

However he felt the piercing sensation on his skin get more agitated. In addition he felt the air temperature reduce.


The picture of Ralph passed in his mind when the ground motorcycle was on began to froze. The heavy motorcycle wasn’t meant to be driven on ice so the wheels slipped and Zero lost the control. Both of them were thrown out of the motorcycle. Zero grabbed Leah on air and pressed her into his bosom.

The muscles on his spine vibrated as his body hit the ground. The power from the impact was paved out. Both of them slide out for about ten meters before coming to a stop.

Leah was scared and her face had turned pale.

Zero leaned on Leah and stood up. At the same time a car run from the other side of the open road and stopped about two hundred meters from them.

The doors opened and few people got off.

“It’s you …” Claude who was laughing was depicted on Zero’s eyes.

Claude laughed: “We meet again… Soldier.”

Ralph and T-Rex were standing behind Claude. The icy road was the ‘handwriting’ of Ralph. T-Rex had his aerial machine gun with him too. Both of them seemed to work for Claude.

Zero wasn’t surprised as not all mercenaries had principles. Actually most of the mercenaries acted like the two. They could be employed by anyone as much as enough money was given. Moreover there was contradiction between Ralph and Zero.

Zero pulled Leah behind him: “Why?”

“Why?” Claude was perplexed as if he had heard a big joke. He was so angry that he couldn’t breathe. He looked at Zero: “Because of you I lost face in Remit! Because of you I can’t sell that girl! Because of this…”

Claude took out two round things from his pocket. They were the eyes of spider queen that Zero had sold to the shop.

“I know that you have a credit card with good amount of money.” Claude laughed.

There was both resentment and financial interest.


Zero saw that few more motorcycles passed the bridge and reached them. They seemed to be Claude’s minions. The situation was very unfavorable for Zero. He didn’t put the rogue people working under Claude into his eyes. However Ralph and T-Rex were headache!

He even considered jumping into the river to escape. Although the river was polluted but it was much better than being robbed and murdered by Claude.

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