Warlord – Ch 54

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Warlord – Chapter 54

Zero woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning. His body was working like a biological clock. There wasn’t even an error of a second. The performance of his body looked unreasonable but at the key moments they played very important roles.

Leah was still sleeping as she was tired. The night was passionate as they had made love. He took off the blanket and stood up. Zero’s body was naked as he checked the wounds that he had suffered in the university. Almost everything had healed and the scars were disappearing too.

He felt that his body was able to automatically adjust to the best condition. He was like a biological machine.

He knew that he had transformed and memory loss should be the cause of transformation. The world had changed after the catastrophe and he knew that it would be very hard to find information about his own past. Actually he had a little faith in finding anything about his past.

As a result he was focused on Leah’s treatment.

Zero put on his clothes and left the detention center. Although it was early morning but a variety of shops were already open to business in the commercial district.

The first thing he did was to go to the equipment shop that was making his custom bulletproof vest. The soft skin of the spider queen was made in accordance to Zero’s size. The shop staff had done tests after the production and found out that the material had excellent anti-impact(absorption) ability. They asked him to sell the material to the shop if he got his hands on new ones.

Zero visited several weapon shops after leaving the equipment shop. He wanted to order M500 bullets but he didn’t have enough time to wait. Fortunately, standard bullets were used for Colt. He bought three rounds of ammunition. Each round had 20 bullets.

Afterwards, he bought a heavy motorcycle which he took fancy in. The motorcycle was modified for off-road and its horsepower had been upgraded. There were weapons on the left and right side of the rear of the motorcycle. In addition, a sub-machine gun, shotgun, automatic pistol and even a bazooka could be added. However these things would be charged as extras.

Zero bought the bazooka but he didn’t buy the other equipment.

Everything costed him about 1800 dollars. He drove back to temporary detention center.

Ted whistled as he saw the motorcycle: “Hey, buddy! This is so awesome. Is it alright if I ride it?”

Ted stretched out his hand to touch the motorcycle but John caught him. John looked at Zero: “Are you leaving?”

Zero nodded.

John didn’t say anything but patted Zero’s shoulder. Ted put up his thumbs.

Leah came out from the tent. She had packed everything. Actually they didn’t have any luggages but a few pieces of clothes. Leah had backpack which mainly consisted of water and food.

There was an organization called Ron’s company located around 500 kilometers west of Remit. Ron’s company was engaged in trafficking business. There were people who were interested in having many things as pets or for experiments. As a result, companies such as Ron’s company were involved in such business. They had customers who were large companies that used the specimens for genetic research and so on.

Zero had decided to choose this base as the next foothold because of two reasons. The first reason was that he could work as a part-time monster hunter to earn extra money. The second reason was that he could inquire and find laboratories that could solve Leah’s problems through the back channels of Ron’s company.

Zero had purchases anti-radiation protection kit for Leah so that they could travel during the day. The kit included clothing, gloves and shoes. Leah put them on and put on the cloak over the anti-radiation kit. She sat behind Zero and clasped from his waist. They made a simple farewell and the motorcycle left the Remit.

Ralph came out from the shadows as Zero and Leah left the checkpoint. There was a trace of malicious smile on Ralph’s face as he watched after the two.

Modified motorcycle had two fuel sources. One of them was gasoline from the old age while the second one was solar energy.

Use of solar energy was more convenient because of the strong UV lights of the new era. Zero switched to solar energy mode and two small solar panels extended from the back of the motorcycle. They began to absorb the sun lights and convert them to energy. Part of the energy was stored in motorcycle’s battery to be used later on.

The maximum speed of the motorcycle was 240 kilometers per hour. The motorcycle was like a black lightning when the pointer showed the speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Ordinary people couldn’t control motorcycle on the modern (after the catastrophe roads) roads but people with agility enhancement like Zero could. Leah who was sitting behind Zero felt at ease.

Zero almost wanted to shout out as the burning hot wind blowed to his face as the motorcycle increased the speed.

They passed the semi-circular road and bridge appeared in front of their eyes. Bridge was used to pass the river that was thousands of meters in width. Zero could feel the pungent smell that exuded from the polluted river.

Zero suddenly felt his skin pierced by thousands of needles at the same time as he saw the bridge.


The sounds of other motorcycles echoed out from behind at the same time the signal for danger buzzed in his mind.

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