Warlord – Ch 53

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Warlord – Chapter 53

It was 8:45p.m when Zero left the clinic with Leah. The detailed report would be able by tomorrow. However Dr John told him in private that he didn’t have equipment or ability to reverse the process if the alien process transformed Leah’s body. The doctor pointed out that he had never heard of the phenomenon. He noted that it was not a genetic variation or mutation but an invasion.

Dr John told him that only few large companies or conglomerates had equipment to cure Leah’s “disease”. As a result, Zero decide to leave without waiting for report. He was planning to continue to move into depths of the continent in search for a person who could cure Leah.

Zero didn’t inform Leah about the results of analysis. He just told her a lie and explained that it was just a common genetic mutation. After the Catastrophe the creatures on earth mutated and evolved at an unprecedented rate. There was a new mutation every second so Leah didn’t feel strange about the issue.

However Zero’s heart felt very heavy. He didn’t know how long he could hide the truth from Leah.

They bought some fresh bread and water from the bakery at the center of the commercial district. These were meant as food for Leah. Zero could survive on tree roots so he didn’t plan to spend a penny for himself. The money on his credit card looked much but he knew that the curing process would be very high. He speculated that 10,000$ wouldn’t be enough for Leah’s treatment.

Zero needed money.

“Isn’t that the soldier boy? Kiddo, aren’t you dead?”

Zero heard a nasty voice form the back as they were walking towards the temporary detention center.

He turned to see Ralph’s face. T-rex and Ralph stood together. The aerial machine gun wasn’t on T-rex as Ralph was with him. They didn’t need to carry weapons on themselves as Ralph was a weapon on his own.

Zero knew that both of them didn’t have any goodwill. His mind calculated the environment and tried to find ways to kill Ralph.

“You are lucky that you didn’t meet me in ruins of the university. You would end up as food for rock spiders.” Ralph laughed.

“I’m not sure who was the lucky one.” Zero said in a cold tone.

Zero wanted to kill Ralph but Leah was with him so he didn’t want to act rashly.

Ralph snorted and turned towards Leah. Although Leah’s body was covered with a hooded robe but Ralph’s eyes caught the curves of her graceful body. His eyes focused in between Leah’s legs.

Zero went to stop in front of Leah. M500 was in his hand while the muzzle was aimed at Ralph’s head.

“Are you sure you want to fight? Kiddo, we are two people!” Ralph’s lips curled from side to side.

Zero sneered at his words: “You do have soft eggs! Your ability is two levels higher than mine but still can’t face me alone.”

Another voice echoed at the same time: “Nobody can guarantee if he will have eggs by tomorrow.”

Ralph’s mouth twitched as he turned towards the direction of the voice.

Su wasn’t wearing armor. She didn’t even have her sword with her. She was wearing a white t-shirt and short jeans. Ralph’s eyes swept over her slender legs and rounded thighs: “Isn’t this Su? I’m happy to see that you have come back safely. Would you like to drink?”

“Piss off.” Su continued: “Don’t you want to fight? Two on two… ”

She didn’t carry her sword but she could use many things from the environment as a weapon.

The attention of by-passers were attracted by the confrontation of the four people. It didn’t take long for sheriff to arrive with soldiers. Ralph looked at sheriff’s eyes and called out: “We only want to have fun…”

Ralph winked at T-rex. Both of them fiercely stared at Zero then drilled into the crowd.

“You should also hurry.” Su smiled as she looked at Zero.

He nodded: “Thank you.”

Su waved her hand as she stared into Zero’s eyes. She smiled and left.

Zero shook his head. Zero thought that Su decided he refused her because of Leah. He wasn’t planning to explain things to Su so he just pulled Leah and left the commercial district. At 9 o’clock the lights went off and the underground base became darker.

Zero didn’t fall asleep as he laid in the tent. He remembered the situation from a while ago. Both Zero and Ralph were trying to provoke each other. The rule in the colony was that there can’t be any fights in the base. Even the ability users had to abide the rules. However self-protection was another matter. Both of them trying to use language to stimulate the anger of the other to take the initiative.

Obviously, Ralph was angered at the end but he swayed from fight. It meant that Ralph had a plan about them.

Zero touched the Colt. He had decided to see if the bullet shot from colt could pierce the head of the element domain user.

Su was walking in the streets of the Remit. There were no one in the streets. But the buildings were lit by lights. The light exuded from the houses was enough to lit the street. She saw two figures standing at the corner of the street.

“Do you want to teach a lesson to me for meddling?” Su narrowed her eyes.
Ralph laughed: “Of course, no… We are friends. Actually, I was looking for you to talk about a business.”

“What business?”

Ralph didn’t answer but threw out an envelope. The envelope touched Su’s foot. She picked it up and opened to find a credit card.

“1000$ in the card.” Ralph said continued: “We know that you helped the kid because of the unpleasant situation from the university. There is someone who has paid for the boy’s life and I don’t want you to intervene.”

Su smiled as she put the card in her pocket and passed by both of them.

Ralph looked at T-rex: “You see! No one would reject money.”

“We always … …” T-rex frowned.

“It doesn’t matter. We will catch her and play with her. Afterwards we will throw her to the wilderness for mobs to enjoy.” Ralph licked his lips: “Damn it! That woman is good. I can’t wait to taste her. Let’s go to pub and find few chicks to quench our thirst.”

Ralph shook his head as he looked at Su’s body who was shaking right and left as she moved.

“I’ll get her…” Ralph clenched his fists.

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