Warlord – Ch 52

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Warlord – Chapter 52

Remit’s underground base was still brightly lit at nights. However the generator’s didn’t run for 24 hours. They delivered power to the underground base for the time when the residents stayed there from 9a.m to 9p.m. The generators needed cooling, maintenance and repair too so Remit colony couldn’t overuse them.

After 9 o’clock at night the residents wouldn’t sleep but go up to the surface to live in the houses that they had rented. Most of the people would join the pub for fun.

Dr John’s clinic would stop work at 9 o’clock at night. That’s why Zero had decided to meet Dr John with Leah at 7 p.m.

Zero held Leah’s hand as they walked through the streets of commercial district after the dinner. Lala mostly stayed on Zero’s shoulder but occasionally it would fly over to Leah’s arms.

Leah was wearing a hooded robe to cover her face and body.

She had dedicated her body to Zero in the afternoon. She was eighteen but no man had enjoyed her until then. Zero and her tasted the joy of adulthood together.

There were no legal constraints between them but Leah regarded Zero as her husband. She was like a happy bird that relied on the tree called Zero. Zero was also pleased with everything. He felt that there was sadness and haze in Leah’s heart since the death of old Jack.

Zero believed that those feelings would gradually disappear.

The only problem that they faced now was Leah’s ever-changing body. The check by the Remit colony made sure that Leah didn’t carry the virus. But the dark read patches on her face hadn’t stopped.

Zero didn’t want to admit but intuition told him that whatever had infected Leah wasn’t so simple.

They reached Dr John’s private clinic after two blocks of walk. Doctor had agreed not to receive any patients because of Zero’s payment. The beautiful nurse received them at the reception and took them to Dr John’s office.

“Oh, you are here.”

John was leisurely sitting in the office while two other nurses played games in the office. Leah’s face turned slightly red as she saw two nurses intimately play with each other. John quickly drove the nurses out of the office to talk to Zero and Leah.

“Dr John, I would like to have the results of detailed examination of my wife as soon as possible.”

There was no expression on Zero’s face but his words had caused unimaginable happiness in Leah’s heart. She was happy to see that Zero recognized her as his wife.

“Of course, everything is ready.” Dr John pressed a button under the table. The book shelf behind him moved and a ladder which went underground was revealed.

The inspections or treatments that couldn’t be provided by Remit’s officials could be solved out in the basement. The medical equipment in the clinic was top notch and the charges weren’t cheap either.

In addition to initial deposit of 20$ Zero had paid another 500$ for the check up. Zero had told Dr John that he wasn’t interested in ordinary virus check but genetic variation detection. The costs would be much more if Zero choose the treatment option.

The basement was divided into four areas. The operating room, the examination room, the laboratory and the rest area. The basement was comparable to a small hospital. It was evident that John had mixed well in Remit colony and had deep ties with the upper management.

Dr John asked a nurse to get the blood sample of Leah. Afterwards Leah was taken to examination room for further check up.
Dr John himself took Leah’s blood samples to the laboratory for preliminary analysis. Everyone was busy while Zero sat in the rest area in a bored manner as he checked a magazine from old era.

The nurses that passed by winked at him and tried to flirt with Zero. The nurses, in addition to assisting Dr John, provided different services to squeeze pocket money from guests. They were deliberately wearing mini skirts or showing the top of their twin peaks on purpose to catch Zero’s attention.

Nurses saw that they wouldn’t be able to get extra business so they began to focus on their work.

It didn’t take long for John to come out from the laboratory. He waved at Zero meaning to follow him: “Sir, I’m afraid you gotta see the thing for yourself.”

John scratched his head as they went into the lab: “Sir, what has happened to your wife? I’ve never seen a cell activity like this in my life. We normally try not to get involved with the privacy of clients but it’s a strange phenomenon.”

John sat in front of the computer. The screen of computer was showing the cell activity. John pointed his finger at the screen and explained: “I analyzed the cells from the blood sample. Most of the data are normal but there is a problem. There are two kinds of cells in the blood sample. The first one has characteristics of a human cell and they belong to your wife. However there is a small number of alien cells within the blood sample. These foreign cells act out strangle.. You see…”

John pointed towards the screen. There were cells which had irregular diamond shape. They ‘hang’ together at the edge of the area and quietly closed on other cells as if they were assassins.

The alien cells rapidly wrapped the original human cell and ate them up. They spat out the original cells but they had changed to something similar to the alien cells. The process of swallowing and transforming repeated.

“I don’t know the origin of these alien cells. Moreover they are doing something that is very dangerous. I assume that after those alien cells finish transforming the cells in your wife’s body then she will become something… else…”

The image of Hans and Leah overlapped in Zero’s mind.

Was she going to become a monster like Hans?

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