Warlord – Ch 51

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Warlord – Chapter 51

Zero took the ‘trophies’ given to him by Ben and get back to Su’s side. Su looked at these things without any care as she thought that they were worthless.

Zero explained the value of the things to Su and give the spider queen’s hard shell and one of the eyes to Su.

“Do you want me to accompany you for few nights because of these gifts?” Su looked at two things but didn’t reach out to get them.

“I don’t use cold weapons so the hard shell is useless for me. You should be able to recast your sword with this hard shell. The sharpness and hardness of the sword will increase. As for the gem… ”

“You can sell it and exchange the money for intelligence.” Zero looked at her: “At least you should be able to know where your enemy is.”

Su shook her head: “Are you really form this era? I’ve never seen a guy who pushed out money.”

She picked up the shell but didn’t take the gem: “I don’t need the gem. I have my ways of getting information and my sources don’t need money.”

Zero nodded as he took back the eye. No one would be willing to waste resources in this era. Since she didn’t want them then he was happy to take it back.

Night passed in silence.

After a night of self-treatment the skin on Su’s body was basically healed. Zero’s recovery was much faster and better than Su. In exception to his half-cured ears most of his body had fully recovered.

Both of them left the ground of university. Before going back to Remit Zero went to the plant in the university to get Lala. In the last two days Lala had eaten a lot of things and its body was rounder than before. It laid on Zero’s shoulder and slept. Zero felt that Lala’s weight had increased about 10%.

It was very early when they reached the Remit colony. Leah was still sleeping in the tent. Her body was crouched near the pillow as she slowly breathed. Zero was surprised to see that the dark red patches on her face had extended towards her neck and shoulder.

Zero wrinkled his eyebrows as he was aware that Leah had to be urgently inspected by a professional doctor.
He gently left the tent.

The doors of the union were open at 8 o’clock in the morning. Zero was waiting by the door. Sean was a dedicated vice-chairman. He came to union hall at the same time as the doors opened. He was surprised to see Zero by the door.

“I’m very happy to see you return safely.” Sean tapped Zero’s shoulder as if they were old friends.

Zero wasn’t a good talker neither he was as good as Sean when getting familiar with strangers in a casual manner. Zero tried to open the distance with Sean as he wasn’t planning to stay here for long.

“Ralph and T-Rex came back yesterday. Your map is much more complete and perfect in comparison to theirs. Remit colony is very grateful to you for the completion of task. ”

“It’s just my task.” Zero tried to get the payment for the task as he was planning to see the doctor regarding inspection.

Sean was disappointed when he saw Zero’s cold shoulder. He took fancy to Zero because he knew that Zero less talkative but more productive. Sean was aware that Zero was lacking in terms of abilities to the other mercenaries. But Sean was interested in keeping Zero by his side and making him his right hand man.

Unfortunate for Sean, Zero wasn’t planning to stay in Remit for long. Sean called his secretary and ordered her to solve out the payment.

Zero had 1,800 dollars in his pocket after he left the union hall.

He finished two-thirds of the map which earned him 800 dollars. He couldn’t bring back live specimen but he brought back information about rock spiders and lurker. Remit colony was fair as they paid for the information.

Zero didn’t provide information about death of the spider queen. Zero knew that the parts that Ben gave him were more valuable than the money he got from the task. If he made it public then he would be target of jealousy.

Moreover, for Zero the harvest from this task was much more valuable than dollars. He had got the modified sniper Colt. He had tested it and knew that the maximum range for the sniper was 2 kilometers. It meant that he would be the grim reaper within 2 kilometers of distance. In addition he had gained a new ability called ‘bullet time’ which was from Perception domain. He had gained second evolutionary point after his battle with Hans and now the ability had formed after the battle with spider queen. The ability made his consciousness act ten times faster than his body could respond. It was enough for him to analyze data at critical moments to maximize his response to the situation.

In addition, his body had three more extra evolutionary points. He was surprised. But after reading Ben’s diary he learned that spider queen was a level 5 risk monster. After all, he got one evolutionary point after fighting against Hans. Now it was reasonable to get 3 evolutionary points after the battle with spider queen.

Greater the risk, higher the return.

Zero went to commercial district and found an equipment shop to sell the fragments of the spider queen. He used the skin of the spider queen to get a bulletproof vest for himself. He sold two eyes to a businessman. However he was able to get 8000$ for both eyes. The businessmen bought it 20% lower than the market price. The amount of money was huge so the man gave Zero a credit card. Zero put all of his money into the credit card account.

According to the buyer of the gems this credit card had qualification to be used all over the continent. IT was said that the issuer was a mysterious and powerful organization. Moreover the credit card could be used in 80% companies and bases in the continent. Zero was a bit skeptical. He knew only about Parker conglomerate and Remit so he didn’t want to speculate.

However he was unaware that the skull engraved on the credit card was the code for the ‘Dark Council.’

He went to Dr John’s clinic after finishing his own business. John told him to bring Leah at night for inspection.

It was noon and there were only few women and children in the temporary detention center. Ted just went out from Leah’s tent when Zero joined the center.

Ted was happy to see Zero. He told Zero that Sean had arranged them a job in the arsenal of the Remit colony. The stability of the job and the salaries were very important for them.

Zero knew that Sean was acting so to attract him but he wasn’t planning to stay.

Zero went into the tent. Leah was eating a freshly baked bread. The money that he had earned from hunting was enough for them to get proper food.

“You are back!” Leah had a small piece of bread in her hand which she tried to feed Lala. However the little monster didn’t have any interest for human food but metals! She put down the bread and stood up to take off Zero’s coat. She was acting like a well-behaved wife.

Leah’s eyes flushed red when she took of Zero’s coat. She covered her mouth so that not to shout out loud.

She didn’t expect that Zero would end up with so many scars after the task.

Zero gently whispered: “I’m fine.”

Leah clung to Zero. She didn’t speak..

Lala looked at them strangely. The little monster couldn’t understand what two humans were doing in front of it.

Zero whispered: “We will get inspection tonight.”

Leah nodded as she let go of Zero. Her face blushed like a ripe cherry as she whispered: “Then we have a little time.”

“For what?”

“What did you promise me?” Leah bit he lips.

Leah pulled the zipper of the tent and faced Zero. She took off the clothes from her body.

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  1. I forgot the age of those two(Leah and Zero) already. What happened to their pursuers anyway?

    Zero got new abilities by slaying the queen spider .So that is how to get stronger by slaying monsters and probably abillity users?

    By the way Ben is kinder/friendlier than most characters in Dark King.

    And before I forget THANKS for the chapters.

  2. Thanks for the chapter !
    FrostMOON i think only zero can get stronger by killing strong enemies, i don’t know if your theory implied only zero or all the people

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