Warlord – Ch 50

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Warlord – Chapter 50

Su saw a confused dream.

She was chasing the person who had betrayed her father. She was running on a gray road that had crooked old trees on both sides as well as white houses. There were grotesque figures sitting on trees that laughed maliciously as they looked at ther.

Although she couldn’t hear any sounds but she knew that they were laughing at her.

The figure in front wasn’t fast but she couldn’t catch up to the figure as fast as she tried.

Her mind was filled with anger and remorse. She issued a mournful cry as she waved the sword.

The figure turned back and Su saw Zero’s face.

The sword penetrated his body and blood splashed out.

“Noooo!” Su screamed in horror.

Su opened her eyes as the dream ended.

She sat up. Her body felt stick because of sweat and blood that was mixed together. The last thing that she remembered was the sonic wave attack by the spider queen. Her eyes focused and she glanced around as she remembered the monster. She found Zero laying on the other side of the track field. He looked very weak.

She wanted to raise her body but she couldn’t move much. She moaned softly because of the pain. Zero’s ears moved and he opened his eyes in reaction to Su’s voice.

The spider queen was gone. The flesh, blood and pieces of shell were scattered all around. Ben was walking around the field. It seems he was looking for valuable things.

“Did you kill it?” Su looked at Zero.

Zero’s eardrums were damaged by the sonic wave so Su’s words felt like meaningless notes to him. However he could get the meaning from the shape of her mouth.

Zero nodded in confirmation.

Zero closed his eyes as soon as he finished talking. He was feeling very weak. The spider queen’s sonic wave attack had damaged the veins in his body. The final explosion had broken his three ribs. There were different degrees of damage to his internal organs. Fortunately, Ben wasn’t just a monster hunter but an excellent first aid expert. He wrapped Zero’s wounds. Zero wasn’t going to die but according to Ben it would take at least a week for him to recover.

The most troubling matter was that Zero’s eardrums were damaged. Because of the spider queen’s last attack he had turned half deaf. It was difficult to rely on his own body to repair the damage. However it was not a problem to fix the injured eardrum as much as Zero was willing to spend some money.

Zero relaxed his body as it was the best state for his own body to repair itself. Moreover, the self-healing ability was surprisingly strong and beyond his expectations.


Zero opened his eyes and it was middle of night. Most of the injuries had recovered.

He had about hundred places on his body with wounds but only pink touches on skin were left. If someone x-rayed his body then they would find out that even the broken ribs were fixed. They would completely heal in a matter of two or three days. He was having slight hearing problems but it seemed they would be fixed as time passed.

He was surprised as the speed of recovery. The process reminded him Hans but Hans’s regeneration ability was at speed which was visible to eye.

He stood up as he leaned against the wall. He looked at Su. The injuries on her body hadn’t even closed yet let alone to recover completely.

Su looked at Zero: “Do you have regenerative ability of combat domain?”

Zero shook his head as he didn’t have any idea about that ability. He picked up the colt that was next to him and walked towards the Ben who was sitting near a fire.

“You are already able to move around… Its good to be young.” Ben threw a bottle of alcohol to Zero as Zero approached him.

Zero shook his head as he knew that drinking was good in his situation. He threw back the bottle. Ben didn’t care much as he opened the cap and drank the alcohol. He coughed up violently.

Ben dragged a bag from the side as Zero sat by him. It was his windbreaker (a kind of jacket) which was wrapped around some things. He opened the jacket. There were the things that Ben had collected.

Ben threw the fragments of spider queen’s shell, a piece of its skin and two large eyes.

Zero was confused as he looked at them. Ben patted his shoulder: “Accept them. They are good things.”

Ben pointed his finger at the piece of the hard shell: “It’s comparable to a good armor in terms of hardness but its lighter and compact. Pay a craftsman to add it to your dagger. Afterwards your dagger would be able to pierce steel.”

The other two things had value to them too. The skin of spider queen was very flexible and could be used to manufacture a bulletproof vest. The eyes of the spider queen didn’t have special functions but they were crystallized after the spider queen’s death. They exuded red light and seemed like gems.

Ben told Zero that the pair of eyes could be sold to gem traders and they would give about 10,000$ or so for the pair.

Luxury existed in all eras. Zero could get ten or hundred times more money from the eyes if he could process them into jewelry. He didn’t have neither time nor skills to craft them. However, even at this point both eyes would bring him more money than the task itself.

He understood that knowledge was wealth!

“I will go.” Ben took his bag after he gave the things to Zero.

Zero didn’t ask Ben his destination. He would love to learn the experience and knowledge of the old alcoholic if there was time. But he didn’t have any right to control the actions or decisions of others. Zero stood up and handed Colt to Ben.

Ben shook his head as he looked at the rifle: “It’s your.”

Zero was perplexed: “Why?”

“Because I’m old but it’s still young.” Ben gentle stroked Colt: “Use it very well! I hope Colt will regain the glory of the past in your hands.”

Ben took out a crumpled notebook from his pocket and threw it at Zero.

“Its my diary. It has the records about mutant creatures, the value of their parts and some stuff that would be useful for you.”

Afterwards, Ben began to slowly drink the bottle as he moved through the track field. It didn’t take long for Ben to disappear from Zero’s line of sight.

Zero thought that the value of the diary was more valuable to him than anything Ben had given to him. Colt would be the exception…

Zero remembered the feeling he got when he used Colt. M500 was far away from Colt.

Zero looked at Colt. There was a line engraved in English language. He read the words under the moonlight.

“My Colt, you are the scythe of the grim reaper!” – Ben Douglas

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  1. mmm, so Ben wasn’t harmed much at all but still left Zero to deal with everything? Seems to me like he was testing him more than anything.

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